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Scoot Blog: Talk Show Host Wants to Shoot Hillary in the (V-word)!

The right to free speech in America also grants every individual the right to reveal their ignorance!

Pete Santilli, a right-wing Internet talk show host, has attracted the attention of Secret Service after he said that he would like to shoot Hillary Clinton in the (V-word) and look her in the eyes as she died a painful death because she has been involved in the killing of America troops. Santilli accused President Obama of ‘running drugs’ and described the killing of Osama bin Laden as a “fake hunt down” and because the Navy SEALS knew the truth, he had them killed. I assume it’s fair to point out that Santilli respects our system of justice enough to say that Clinton should be tried and convicted before she is shot in the (V-word)!

There are some people who are members of a ‘fringe’, hate-mongering right-wing cult who agree with Santilli, but shouldn’t we recognize that this is yet another example of the intense hate that is now part of everyday political discourse in America? And the pathetic truth is that mental midgets, like Pete Santilli, actually feed the political appetites of like-minded mental midgets with a hate-filled rally cry akin to inciting a crowd to grab their pitchforks and run hysterically to the town square for the lynching!

WARNING: Before you defend the hateful intent of this right-wing Internet talk show host – imagine if a left-wing, liberal female talk show host announced on that she wanted to shoot George W. Bush in the (D-word) after we went to Iraq and did not find any WMDs?

We can celebrate and defend freedom of speech while understanding that, like all freedoms, freedom of speech comes with responsibility. Anyone in the media deserving respect should accept the responsibility to express their opinions without the use of blatantly violent imagery. If an Internet talk show host has the proof to convict a former Secretary of State or the President of being directly involved in killing American soldiers – then let that person come forward with the proof and the legal strategy to make the case. Otherwise, it is cowardly to launch violent verbal bombs and then run and hide behind the guise of being a meaningful political show host.

There will always be some people who disagree with my opinions or the opinions of others, but that is the healthy by-product freedom of speech. Though I can be quite passionate on the air, I always try to express opinions free of the pure hate that many radio and Internet talk show hosts espouse. And this is why I always say it is unfair to judge a group by the behavior of a few within a group – whether Muslim, Christian or talk show host!

Let’s celebrate freedom of speech as a Constitutional right that allows the ignorant and hateful to reveal themselves to the rest of us!

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05/21/2013 6:40PM
Scoot Blog: Talk Show Host Wants to Shoot Hillary in the (V-word)!
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05/21/2013 8:43PM
Bill - Mandeville
This guy is doing a great job at being nuts while seeking to improve talk show ratings!
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