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Scoot Blog: has Pat Robertson gone too far?

Friday, May 17, 2013 - TV Evangelist Pat Robertson has once again said something that makes you wonder if he really is a Christian! 

The conservative Christian leader has said that hurricanes, including Katrina, are God’s way of punishing cities for the acceptance of homosexuality and has said that tornadoes hit towns because people are not praying enough.

Now, Robertson is saying that married men “have a tendency to wander” and it is the job of the woman to make sure the home is so “wonderful” that men will not cheat. Robertson also implied that with so much pornography and temptation in the world today – cheating is almost expected. He went so far as to tell a viewer of “The 700 Club” that if her ‘cheating husband’ provides a good home, is nice to the kids and is handsome - she should take those things into consideration even if he cheats!

Pat Robertson’s attitude about men who cheat in their relationships reflects the reality that often it is the woman who is blamed if a man is not faithful. Many men and women excused President Clinton’s sexual activity with Monica Lewinsky by blaming her for offering herself to the President – ‘he’s a man, it wasn’t his fault’!

Following a newly-released report from the Pentagon revealing that the number of reported sexual assault cases has risen significantly over the past two years, I have heard the argument presented that ‘men can’t be expected to be in close quarters with women’ and not respond to their sexual instincts. I don’t care where a man is – in the military, in a bar or on a beach – you are expected to act appropriately!

It takes two people to have an affair and both participants are responsible, but isn’t it amazing that even with the quest for gender equality, more men than women get a pass for cheating.

And for a conservative Christian leader, like Pat Robertson, to suggest that a man’s tendency to stray in a relationship is somehow understandable and that women bear the responsibility for a man who cheats, completely ignores the idea that ‘sin’ is gender neutral.

Is it time to seriously question – Is Pat Robertson really a Christian? Doesn’t the devil come in disguises?

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05/17/2013 10:32PM
Scoot Blog: has Pat Robertson gone too far?
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05/18/2013 9:32AM
Out of contents
Aaaaagain, Scoot. Takes things out of contents. Needs to listen to the entire conversation for all the parties.
05/18/2013 1:27PM
Don't write articles about stupidity
Anybody who believes God works like that is an idiot.
05/18/2013 6:22PM
That is precisely what Jesus meant by "bleached bone ".
05/18/2013 11:33PM
What Bible does Pat Robertson read?
One of the ten commandments talks about not committing adultery. It doesn't excuse it for a man. The next thing you know is that he might justify a man slapping around a woman and say that's her fault too. I wonder what his attitude would be if he had a married daughter with a straying husband. It's not okay for either party to cheat. Get out of the marriage before you have other partners.
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