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Scoot Blog: Hall and Oates rock on at Jazz Fest

Since I do like newer bands and their music, I don’t think I always give enough credit to the music I played over the years of doing music radio. 

Sunday at Jazz Fest, I really wanted to see Daryl Hall and John Oates AND The Black Keys. They both played at the same time at opposite ends of a very crowded Jazz Fest. Still, my goal was to see some of Hall & Oates and then navigate through the crowd as quickly as possible so I could to see The Black Keys. Well, that didn’t happen.

I got so caught up in how great Daryl Hall and John Oates were that I couldn’t leave that show. While I’m a champion of new music, I was emotionally hypnotized by Hall & Oates and the memories of playing their hits on the air. I have lost count of how many times I have seen them over the years, but I know I have seen them at least 7 times and everywhere from the Lakefront Arena to Tipitina’s!

I remember doing a TV interview with Hall & Oates early in their career and we had planned to go to lunch that afternoon. We went to Brennan’s and Daryl Hall was not happy with the fact that we were not waited on right away, he said let’s go. That led to me standing with Hall & Oates on Bourbon St. eating a Lucky Dog! Maybe not the best food in the city but we did get waited on right away!

What stood out to me most as I watched Hall & Oates was how good they looked and how great they sounded. Daryl Hall has always had one of the better voices in pop music with an amazing range and a lot of soul. Hall & Oates personified the term “blue-eyed soul” and I think to date they are the ‘best-selling’ music duo in history.
At Jazz Fest Sunday, they played hit after hit opening with “Out of Touch” and doing “Private Eyes” as the final encore. But they made their hits, like “She’s Gone,” “Sara’s Smile” and “I Can’t Go For That” so memorable because of the diverse ways they go into the songs and at times started playing and singing around the melody and lyrics before the song was recognizable. It was great!

I also thought about Fleetwood Mac at Jazz Fest the day before. They looked and sounded great, too.
At both Fleetwood mac and Hall & Oates the audiences spanned several generations. I saw young people singing every word to songs that were popular before many of them were born. That was another reminder that much of the rock music from the past was so good that it continues to attract younger generations.

When I was growing up I didn’t listen to any of the music my parent’s generation thought was great, but today, many parents and their children share some of the same tastes in music.

The Baby Boomer/Rock Generation, which is now the new Establishment, grew up with the philosophy that being young was everything. Now, we look around and see that we have matured and so have the rockers we grew up with and we all are still rocking on!

I find a wonderful sense of security in knowing that Fleetwood Mac, Daryl Hall & John Oates, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Paul McCartney and so many others continue to look and often sound like the rockers they once were.
It’s nice to know that we don’t have to get old – only older!

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05/06/2013 7:17PM
Scoot Blog: Hall and Oates rock on at Jazz Fest
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05/07/2013 11:46AM
Scoot, I completely agree with your observation that great music spans generations of music lovers! I differ from your experience growing up in that my parents introduced me to their genres of music (and earlier ones, too) from the WWII/swing era/big bands, early N.O. jazz, and music from my grandparents eras, too. It was wonderful. Later on, my parents shared my generations pop/rock music and loved much of it just as I did. Thank you for a great blog.
05/07/2013 12:13PM
Had the same exact plan....
wanted to start with H&O and then get over to Black Keys who i was much more interested in seeing. Could NOT breakaway from the H&O show and felt a bit wimpy about it, but it was AMAZING.
05/07/2013 2:04PM
Great Review!!!
SCOOT, your review is spot on!!! Amazing Act!!! Some much soul and passion!
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