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Scoot Blog: FCC Approves of profanity on TV!

So, it appears FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski will not be in favor of fining the FOX network after David Ortiz of the Boston Red Socks said, on live TV Boston “is our f---ing city!” live on television as he addressed the home fans in Boston. The FCC essentially approved of profanity being used on live television in that situation. Here is the Tweet from the Chairman:

This is not the first time profanity has flown out of the mouth of an athlete during a moment of excitement. After the Super Bowl in New Orleans, Ravens QB Joe Flacco dropped the F-bomb live on television with 100 million people watching. And there have been a few times when live broadcasts following sporting events have been laced with profanity.

If the job of the FCC is to monitor the broadcast media, should the FCC have fined TV stations for Ortiz’s outburst? While not appropriate in situations where a mass audience, including children, is watching a sporting event, shouldn’t profanity be excused in these moments?

It is impossible to protect your children from hearing profanity in the real world, so why get upset if they hear it live on TV in the context of a moment of intensity? Hearing the F-bomb, or any profanity, should never be an excuse for anyone to suddenly start using foul language. It is more important for parents to teach their children to do what is right regardless of what they see or hear than for the FCC to censor and fine profanity that is part of a live moment on TV.

The only thing that bothers me about all those who will be quick to give someone, like David Ortiz or Joe Flacco a pass on dropping the F-bomb live on television is that many of those same people would be highly critical and demand punishment of a network if a rock star said the same thing in a moment of excitement.

I think the FCC made the right decision by not fining TV stations for the Ortiz bomb drop, but I also think it is important to point out that if you do not condemn a star athlete for using profanity live on television – you CANNOT condemn a rock star for doing the same thing.

Unless, of course, you are willing to label yourself a HYPOCRITE!

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04/23/2013 8:57PM
Scoot Blog: FCC Approves of profanity on TV!
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04/23/2013 11:17PM
Stupid decision on the Red Sox management
David Ortiz is an athlete,and the Red Sox management should have had somebody like the GM instead of Ortiz. Oritz loves Boston, and he was just showing his passion for the city. He made a terrible choice of words to express it.
04/23/2013 11:19PM
Red Sox should have selected somebody else
GM or somebody in management, not a player.
04/24/2013 12:32PM
The decline of America continues
This country is doomed. No values. Absolute zero.
04/25/2013 1:27PM
Here's the deal...
"Your comment contains profanity or content that was analyzed as spam." It would not let ME say my piece with passion!!
04/30/2013 6:26PM
FCC Aproves Profaniity
Next the President will use profanity on live broadcasts. Do we really want that? Hell yes!!!!!
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