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Scoot: Obama criticized for compliments

President Barack Obama is being criticized for describing California Attorney General Kamala Harris as the “best-looking attorney general” in the country!  Was it wrong for the President to compliment a female official’s looks?

President Obama made the comment this week at a Democratic fundraiser.  However, before Obama said Harris was the “best-looking attorney general” in the country, he said, “She’s brilliant and she’s dedicated, she’s tough…she also happens to be, by far, the best-looking attorney general.”  (Of course, as this comment rockets around the internet, Facebook, Twitter and across network television, the ENTIRE quote is not given.)

Democratic strategist James Carville was critical of Obama’s remark, but did say that based on pictures, “it’s probably true!”  Assistant editor of Salon, Katie McDonough, said the comment was “stupid” and “sexist.”  New York Magazine writer Jonathan Chait wrote, “The degree to which women are judged by their appearance remains an important hurdle to gender equality in the workplace.”  He also described the President’s comment as “disgraceful.”
I am quick to criticize the ignorant and sexist statements men often make about women, but I find nothing wrong with what President Obama said about Kamala Harris. There is a significant difference between reducing women to sex objects and simply appreciating a woman’s beauty. And the President did acknowledge Harris’ character before her beauty.

I agree with condemning a man’s instinct to see every woman as a sex object, especially in the workplace, but we should not allow political correctness to rob us of our ability to express appreciation for beauty as long as it doesn’t replace judgment of character and accomplishments – and that goes for women and men.

There are many attractive females here at the radio station and often they are very well-dressed, but I find myself holding back and reluctant to express an instinctive compliment for fear that it might be perceived as sexist.

It’s okay when political correctness raises our awareness about being more sensitive to others, but political correctness is taking away our right to respond to each other as human beings – and that’s wrong!

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04/05/2013 8:43PM
Scoot: Obama criticized for compliments
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04/05/2013 8:52PM
come on
I didn't even vote for the guy, but come on, this is ridiculous, if he thinks she is pretty, why can't he say it, "F" this pc society!
04/06/2013 12:22AM
taken out of context
This is an example of how one sentence taken out of context can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Obama appears to have a good marriage and is a good father to his girls. That might not have been the best comment for a man in his position but was actually only part of complimenting her ability in a job probably dominated by males.
04/06/2013 3:35PM
This is what it has come to!
It has come to this, Scoot! You can't say anything without offending someone.......A few years ago this would not have even made the news at all......it has just gotten ridiculous.. Also, Scoot, if a conservative had said this they would have himin jail by now..... I call to someone, anyone out there...please put a stop to this before it's too late!
04/06/2013 8:17PM
Been slapped by feminist for less
Been slapped by feminist for less than that. Don't you know we are not supposed to compliment women on their appearance in this society? It's the rules THEY want to live by. If I do it, I'm called sexist. Why is it What's his namegets a pass for doing the same thing?
04/06/2013 11:16PM
let's move on
There's a lot more important things to focus on in the world today besides a passing comment by a high profile person.
04/07/2013 12:16AM
Making a mountain out of a mole hill
I agree with Scoot. As long as the president acknowledged her character and work ethic, there is nothing wrong with what he said. It is not sexist and he is not acknowledging her as a sex object. The feminists have gone to extreme here.
04/08/2013 4:29AM
What happened to the "Compliment"?
We need to compliment each other more!! At one time, it was called being nice.
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