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Scoot: Why we celebrate Mick Jagger's 71st birthday

Mick Jagger has been a symbol for rock music for over 50 years and Saturday, Mick turned 71!  This should be reason to rejoice – not be depressed!
Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones were one of the bands that created the music and the image of the anti-Establishment generation of the 1960s.  That generation rebelled against the Establishment with a general theme of distrust for anyone who was part of it. Reflecting that faith in youth – early in his career - Mick Jagger said that he didn’t want to live past 30! Mick is now 71 and is a great-grandfather.  What a milestone for one of the anointed leaders of a young generation that disregarded everyone who was 71.
The Stones just finished a 21-date tour and the guys are resting before beginning their tour of Australia and New Zealand in October and November. When you think about the way Mick is still strutting and dancing on stage – it’s hard to believe that he is 71!
The anti-Establishment generation of the 1960s is the Baby Boomer generation and they are now today’s Establishment – a position many never envisioned they would one day occupy.
The Baby Boomer generation is about 75 million strong and because of its size – it has had the power to define every era it has gone through.  Boomers defined the 1960s and again defined the conservative trends of the 1980s and today find themselves fighting new massive sized young generations for attention and the power to define the world.
As the legendary rockers, like Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan move into their 70s, Baby Boomers should rejoice that “we made it!”  Today, the Baby Boomer generation continues to define the era it occupies.  Our parents didn’t act like this when they got older. 
In fact, it is the youthful nature of today’s 60 and 70-year-olds, like Mick Jagger, that have forced younger generations to go to great extremes to be different from their parents’ generations.  Extreme hair styles and colors and tattoos and piercings were ways younger generations could distinguish themselves from the new Establishment.  Let’s face it – when I was growing up it wasn’t that difficult to be different form my parents’ generation – there was no one like Mick Jagger who was doing what Mick is doing at 71.
I often describe myself as a “hostile witness to the Baby Boomer generation” – but I am proud of the way my generation has continued to rock and roll and in many cases - still act and look the way they did when they were young.
The fact that Mick Jagger – an iconic member of rock generation of the 60s – is now 71 and a great-grandfather – is both mindboggling and comforting.
Let Mick Jagger and the rockers from the past remind all of us that it is inevitable that we grow older – but NOT that we grow old!

Photo via xiquinhosilvo, Flickr

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07/28/2014 7:28PM
Scoot: Why we celebrate Mick Jagger's 71st birthday
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