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Scoot: Why priests should be allowed to marry

History has shown that traditions are not always right, however, it is not always easy to change traditions.

Many Catholics cling to the traditions of the Church as if they are the support beams that hold up the church.  Though established through history - the tradition of the vow of celibacy for priests in the Catholic Church continues to be an active debate among Catholics and clergy.

Should Catholic priests be allowed to marry?  There are reasons that many continue to support the celibacy of priests – ranging from the mobility of priests to their devotion to the church to the issue of a financial responsibility the Church would have for a priest’s family.  But none of the reasons supporting celibacy address the ultimate question – how would married priests negatively impact the Catholic Church?

The Catholic Church currently has married priests – so the argument that married priests could not function in their role is a moot point.  For example, Episcopal priests who are married and convert to the Catholic Church – are welcomed into the church as married priests.  If being married conflicts with God’s wishes or the functions of being a priest – then the Catholic Church should not accept married priests from other demonization.

The Catholic Church continues to face a shortage of priests and the New Orleans Archdiocese is preparing to welcome four new priests into the church.  Archbishop Gregory Aymond said, “Studies show that if there was not the discipline of celibacy that we certainly would attract more men to the priesthood.”  How could the Catholic Church benefit from a rule that potentially prevents qualified applicants from even considering the priesthood?

The vow of celibacy is a vow to never marry and since having sex out of wedlock is a sin, then the vow of celibacy is a vow to never have sex.  Sex is a function of the human body and as part of a loving relationship – sex is the physical manifestation of two becoming one.  To deny that human experience to priests – and nuns – seems to defy one of the emotions that separate humans from much of the animal kingdom.

Pope Francis has implied that the requirement of celibacy for priests is open for discussion and that was unsettling to many Catholics around the world.  But why is the idea that priests be allowed to marry unsettling?

If you are a Catholic, what aspect of a priest’s duties would be adversely affected if a priest was married?  As a Catholic, I can’t think of any.  And if you are Catholic, would you refuse to accept Communion or go to confession if the priest in your parish was a married Episcopal priest who is now a married Catholic priest?

Clinging to traditions simply because the traditions are accepted and established is not the right reason to maintain any tradition.  Within our society and within the Catholic Church – there have been changes in traditions.  Recently, some of the wording in the Mass was changed and if that hadn’t happened I am not sure how many of us would ever have used the word “consubstantial,” which is now part of the Nicene Creed.

I respect many traditions – in society and in the Catholic Church – but it is important to reassess some traditions that no longer fit into a society and a church that continue to evolve.

At the time when the man-made rule of celibacy became part of the Catholic Church – the need may have reasonable.  But in the context of the world in which we live – I don’t understand how the continuing requirement that priests remain celibate benefits Catholics.  Celibacy disqualifies countless young men who have great talent at expressing their spirituality and inspiring a congregation.

In my opinion as a Catholic – it’s time to remove the requirement of celibacy and open the door to the many young men who could – and should – be the new leaders in the Catholic Church.

However, no priest should be forced to get married – that might lead to an even greater shortage of priests!


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05/28/2014 9:13PM
Scoot Blog: Why priests should be allowed to marry
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05/28/2014 10:00PM
Not Gonna Happen
Will not happen because there is no chance that a married priest could ever become a Cardinal; and therefore possibly elected Pope. The Pope is supposed to be a human reflection of God's will and spirit. A Mrs God is never mentioned in any bible.
05/28/2014 10:22PM
Pôrn may be messing with your head.
Explains why Democrats are déviants. http://news.yahoo.com/pôrn-may-messing-head-202420648.html;_ylt=AwrBEiTURoZTxyoAwHHQtDMD
05/28/2014 10:25PM
Democrats still cling to their welfare and unlimited umemployment benefits.
Perhaps it is time for them to let go ....
05/28/2014 10:28PM
Well, perhaps the church should be run by homosexuals.
The priests could have unlimited þutt sex and marry each other. That would make Scoot happy and he might quit trashing Christians and the Catholic Church ...
05/28/2014 10:43PM
..."then the Catholic Church should not accept married priests from other demonization." I think you meant "denomination," not "demonization." LOL!
05/28/2014 11:40PM
Please inform yourself. Your view of Catholicism is very shallow and misinformed
05/29/2014 8:42AM
Scoot wants God and the church to accomodate his world view.
Scoot is wasting his time claiming to be a Christian. He is not. He views his so-called faith as the equivalent of being in a county club where he can vote to change the golf cart rules every other month. No one is making Scoot be Catholic or any other form of Christianity. If he does not believe in faith and the Bible then join something else. Scoot has no faith. He merely enjoys trashing those do.
05/29/2014 8:46AM
Scoot should just spend his free time promoting homosexuality.
It is the one thing he really believes in. He trashes conservatives and Christians for sport and just to get a rise out of people and get them to call. Scoot is a clown that spends a lot of time celebrating himself and going on self-righteous rants.
05/29/2014 8:51AM
Democrats are always demanding that others endorse their deviant behaviors.
Scoot if you want to suck diçk, have at it. You do not need everyone’s approval.
05/29/2014 11:31AM
Poor Scoot always the victim. Everything is about him.
He is being persecuted by Christians and the church he claims membership in. Scoot is constantly whining that people do not approve of him and his desired behaviors. Poor baby.
05/29/2014 12:45PM
Sarah Silverman .... just so much “goo”
In an interview with Bill Maher on Friday, comedian Sarah Silverman spoke about her few of unborn children ... “It’s goo. It’s goo that they’re so worried about. And they’re born, and it’s you’re on your own, slût.” So, some frank adviceto Silverman: If you want pro-life Americans to respect your views, you may want to come up with a more respectful name for their unborn children.
05/29/2014 12:50PM
The Nanny BIOTCH Michelle Obama is at it again ...
05/29/2014 1:34PM
The buffoon in the White House
Obama has no executive ability and no ability to manage himself out of a paper bag. He can only celebrate himself and campaign. He is the most incompetent, disengaged president in modern history.
05/29/2014 4:34PM
Well, liberals have achieved utopia ... we are ALL racist now.
05/29/2014 4:35PM
Well, now Scoot can sue the entire world for slander since everyone is now a racist.
05/29/2014 4:38PM
The government does not protect patients' health care rights: Obama wants bad health care for e
If you happen to be one of the millions of patients who receive medical care through the Department of Defense, the Department of Veteran Affairs or any federally funded clinic, how much do you know about the quality of your doctors? I would venture to say very little, other than what you’ve gathered from individual personal experiences with any one provider. But if you wanted to get access to information on the quality of care, government-instituted sanctions, or malpractice history of any given medical provider in those federal services, you’re out of luck. http://www.foxnews.com/health/2014/05/29/dr-manny-government-does-not-protect-patients-health-care-rights/
05/29/2014 5:16PM
Well, only one more night of Scooter cràp and it LSU baseball time.
While scoot boys is about marrying a priest, the rest of us can listen to some LSU baseball ... yahoo!
05/29/2014 5:23PM
The far right neo nazi parties that recently gained power in EU elections from England and France are most assuredly racist, anti immigrant (within the EU, even) and anti Jewish. They are not what America considers "conservative" - they are radicals that ran a campaign based on hate. Do your homework before endorsing neo nazis, anonymous poster throwing anything against the wall to see if it sticks.
05/29/2014 5:32PM
^^^^The Lunatic above has gone into a rage ... LOL He need to join Scoot for some relaxation ...
No doubt it would do Scooter and the lunatic poster above good to take three or four days off. Scooter has gone through so much persecution from God, the Catholic Church, and Christians in general, while the Lunatic above is being persecuted by Nazis. Spending some time with their buddies at the bathhouse lighting candles, sucking some diçk and really reconnecting with their feminine side would be refreshing for them. Take a break guys it will be good for you.
05/29/2014 5:38PM
Great job!
Funny blog. Keep up the great work gang. GO TIGERS!!!!
05/29/2014 5:42PM
Thought ObamaCare was supposed to end racism around the world.
Guess not.
05/29/2014 5:48PM
No Dude. You got it wrong.
Eric Holder is ending racism by no longer prosecuting black criminals. ObamaCare was designed to get rid of old people so 26 year old still children living at home in a bad economy could have healthcare … LOL.
05/29/2014 5:58PM
The Commerce Department on Thursday revised down its growth estimate to show gross domestic product shrinking at a 1.0 annual rate. The government had previously estimated GDP growth expanding at a 0.1 percent rate. It is not unusual for the Obama Administration to lie and then make sharp revisions to GDP numbers when the truth can longer be hidden. The economy should be booming but Obama is a chowderhead.
06/04/2014 10:23PM
I agree!
Your article makes perfect sense to me and may it be God's will that it happens soon. I wonder how many of those traditionalist would accept God's will if it was 't what they though it should be.
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