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Scoot: What America should learn about the border crisis

Republicans and President Obama using the humanitarian crisis at the U.S. border was part of our discussion last night on “The Scoot Show” on WWL, and today that became the focus of much of the daytime programming on CNN. As the crisis continues and with both parties blaming each other for the human tragedy, more Americans are beginning to pay attention to the embarrassing nature of politics today in America.
This is a time when we should refuse to applaud those fighting for our political beliefs and we should demand that politicians, on both sides, work together to find a solution. It seems more important to the political parties to use the crisis to promote their agendas, rather than appear willing to solve the problem.
There is much Americans can learn from those who are willing to make the long, dangerous trip to the United States. We cannot take care of everyone who wants to come to America, but it is the ultimate compliment of this country – especially considering the life-threatening trip that must be endured with no guarantee of arrival in this country.
When I see the families and especially the young, unaccompanied children desperately trying to come to this country, I think about the things we take for granted and how we, as a nation, complain that things aren’t perfect.
We complain about the state of our school system, the price of food and gas, crime, our justice system and numerous other concerns that arise daily. Compared to what so much of the world deals with in life – we have it made!  And the depth of our complaining suggests a feeling that we – as Americans – are entitled to a perfect life.
As we witness the daily exodus of so many desperate people trying to make it to America, we should be more appreciative of what we do have. If we did more to work together to fix our schools, watch our neighborhoods, be parents, buy what we need and stop wasting so much food – this country will change. But it is the political divide – fed by the media and in particular, the talk media that represents political extremes – that prevents us from focusing on changing rather than complaining.
This is America and we have a right to use our freedom of speech to complain – but when the complaining turns into political battles and is celebrated as a game of who won and who lost – we are not appreciating all that this country represents.
As I wrote in the previous blog – we encourage politicians to make a game out of controversies and tragedies because we take sides. The best message we can send to politicians – Republicans, Democrats and Independents – is that as Americans and as humans – we demand that they do the jobs they were elected to do which is act in the best interest of the American people and not in the best interest of the party.  We should expect politicians to work together to find a solution to the border crisis – and every crisis we face.
We can now only wonder how great this country would be if we used our energy to change rather than complain.

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07/10/2014 6:53PM
Scoot: What America should learn about the border crisis
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07/11/2014 6:34AM
Right On.
Let's become the solution rather than feeding the problem.
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