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Scoot: WWII vet "Mr Kirby" represents a very different America

I hope "Mr. Kirby," the 92-year-old WWII vet who called “The Scoot Show” last Monday got as much out of being at the WWII Museum today as I did from just being in his presence. See below:


It was an honor to meet a man who is part of a generation that helped create the world we live in today. Kirby Smith worked in defense for 7 years and spent 15 months in the Army’s 104th Infantry Division, known as the Timberwolves, and spoke with sadness about the job he had to do on the front lines in Germany during the war. Mr. Kirby said, “I killed a lot of people,” and when he was handed a M-3, similar to the one he used in the war, a quiet pause took over his face as he inspected the weapon and held it as if he had held it only yesterday.  

During the movie “Beyond All Boundaries,” which Mr. Kirby had never seen, he reached over and grabbed my arm during a scene from Germany during the war at Christmas. He said, “That’s about the time we got there!”

Later in the day, Mr. Kirby lamented that the “Germans were not bad people.” I’ve read stories about Allied troops and German soldiers wishing each other Merry Christmas during the Christmas pause in the fighting. Mr. Kirby seemed to understand that the soldiers on both sides had a job to do – defend their country.
The curator of the WWII Museum also found a few items that were related to Mr. Kirby’s division. One item was the Army dress jacket worn by the Timberwolves division and as he touched the heavy fabric he said, “I didn’t get to wear this very much,” a reference to the fact that his division was busy in the trenches on the front lines and had no occasions to wear their dress uniforms.
Mr. Kirby seemed to be in awe of a Nazi flag the curator unfolded for him – a Nazi flag that had been signed by many members of the Army’s 104th Infantry Division after it was taken following a battle.
As I watched Mr. Kirby’s reactions to the WWII artifacts he was shown, I could only try to imagine what they meant to him and the memories they brought back. This is a man who was proud to defend his country and there was never a question about what his mission.
There was one thing that was more important to Mr. Kirby than the amazing displays at the WWII Museum – Mr. Kirby seemed more interested in talking and telling his stories. There was a small group that included a few listeners of "The Scoot Show," and together we followed Mr. Kirby around and all listened intently to his stories.
Mr. Kirby may be 92 years old, but he is mentally sharp and I was impressed by his confident, firm handshake. This honorable WWII vet represents a generation from a different time in America.
When America was drawn into World War II, our military was not among the dominant militaries around the world, but what we did as a country is something we should be doing today – uniting.
There was a time when being an American was more important than politics, religious differences and opinions on social issues. Before and during WWII, America pulled together as one nation and fought and won a war on two major fronts. I think it is fair to question if this nation could ever unite that way again.
Today Mr. Kirby and all those who are part of that generation that put differences aside to unite and protect this country, sees an America that is divided along many difference lines – conservative/liberal, Christian/non-Christian, black/white, straight/gay and the list is endless. We should be ashamed that we have allowed our differences to so divide us that Mr. Kirby’s generation witnesses who we have become.
In the presence of a 92-year-old WWII vet, I was reminded that we are not the same nation we were before and during WWII. We should all pay attention to how easily we are distracted from focusing on real problems and instead spend energy of the pettiness of division.
I don’t want credit for arranging Mr. Kirby’s visit to the WWII Museum – I simply want to be a reminder that we all have the power to touch the lives of others. It’s not always convenient or easy – but there are a lot of people, like Mr. Kirby, who still need our attention.
But we need them, too.  By just giving your time to talk to those who were part of an America we should work to bring back, you are blessed with the living proof of how great this nation can be!

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05/12/2014 6:59PM
Scoot: Mr Kirby
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05/12/2014 7:38PM
Well, tell your Messiah Obama to quit dividing us for his personal political gain.
Congrats to the vet for his service.
05/12/2014 8:27PM
Mr. Kirby
Thank you for your service, Mr. Kirby. My Dad is a WWII veteran and involved in VFW and American Legion organization. You and my Dad, along with all WWII vets, are truly members of the Greatest Generation.
05/12/2014 8:35PM
Many thanks
Thanks to Mr. Kirby for his service, and thanks to you, Scoot, for sharing Mr. Kirby's story with us.
05/12/2014 9:11PM
Yep liberalism is a B!TCH ... a cancer that is destroying our youth
and has our country in a rapid decline.
05/12/2014 9:17PM
Scoot quit begging. Get your tatoo. No one cares.
You won't live that much longer anyway so have fun.
05/12/2014 9:36PM
liberal boy
Eric is a gay liberal boy who names call
05/12/2014 10:00PM
Michael Sam
The whole announcing “I am gay” thing is just a weapon of the left. Homosexuals grand stand in interviews making a show of their sex lives and then dare anyone to disapprove of their behavior choices ... and if they do, all hell breaks loose. Homosexuals are often the real HATERS in this.
05/12/2014 10:13PM
Mr. Kirby should be saluted by us all - and some of the above commenters should be ashamed about how you're misusing the freedom he fought for you to have. And Mr. Kirby fought for Michael Sam, too. For your information.
05/12/2014 10:16PM
"Saddened" no one has insulted Mr. Kirby. Try not to be so self-righteous.
You will not be getting a gold star trying to sûck up to the host ... LOL.
05/12/2014 10:18PM
Sam is free to have all the þutt sex he wants.
Doubt that is what Mr. Kirby had in mind when fighting for his country, but nonetheless Sam can scréw his brains out. Have fun.
05/12/2014 10:25PM
Scoot opened his show with a diatribe of calling all Repubicans racist and
lectured parents about preparing their children to deal with seeing two men kissing. It is his job to pick fights to generate calls and fill his time slot. Funny stuff.
05/12/2014 10:29PM
Broken homes
Due to selfish men like Scoot lovers of Hollywood and liberal media
05/12/2014 10:35PM
Scoot describes the plight of a 16 year pregnant girl and the shootings
over the weekend then rages that there is no war on Christian values. Funny, he gave us an example of a casualty—the 16 year old girl and the thug shooting at each other. Scoot hates Christians because most do not approve of homosexual behavior. The Dems claim a war is being waged on women, but you will never heard Scoot mock that. all you can do is laugh at him.
05/12/2014 10:41PM
Scoot embraces and celebrates the cultural rot gut and the complains about the results.
Liberalism has consequences and they are not good.
05/12/2014 10:53PM
Actually Scoot is a casualty of the war on Christianity.
He fancies himself as some great Christian while embracing deviant behaviors. He is snared by his own arrogance ... professing himself wise he has become a fool. Sad for him.
05/13/2014 12:07AM
Scoot ha a crush on Michael SAMs.
05/13/2014 12:14AM
thionks mr Kirby
Scoot can you play danny boy for Mr Kirby. I lost my father on nov 1 2013 a koren vet danny boy is a old war song thinks David
05/13/2014 7:09AM
Great publicity stunt for the Scoot Show with Mr. Kirby—he turned out to be a useful tool. Glad he had a good time.
05/13/2014 7:11AM
We are makiing progress.
Well, the NFL is making progress in time they will celebrate having a confessed pedophile playing, They already have wife beaters, drug addicts, and homosexuals in their ranks—certainly and inspiring bunch.
05/13/2014 7:46AM
Michael Sam created the circus he stars in and now will whine that he is a victim of it. Liberals generally destroy their lives and then blame others. Perhaps Sam will eventually grow up and do something productive. Of course the average lifespan of malehomosexuals is not as long.
05/13/2014 8:03AM
As a registered independent I believe in people have choices so long as at most they are only hurting themselves. As long as cigarettes are legal people should be able to choose to smoke them without undue financial penalty. The homosexual lifestyle for boys and men carries with it certain risks. If a person wants to risk inserting his pénis into another person’s réctum multiple times with multiple partners then they should be allowed the take the health risks that come with the choice. Publicly parading one’s sexual preferences regardless of whether one is homosexual or straight is foolish and only serves to get attention or pick a fight.
05/13/2014 8:24AM
Change ... not for the better.
Most in the league tolerate the racism of rich blacks such as Spike Lee and the players themselves, while raising holy hell over the racism of rich whites. The NBA is pretty much a segregated organization in real practice. Certainly they can do whatever they want within the law, but it is what it is. Magic Johnson had sex with practically everything that moved and got AIDS for his troubles yet he is held up as a role model. Johnson was a talented basketball player but never a role model. Sports creates many false gods. Indeed the country as changed since Kirby was in his prime and not for the better.
05/13/2014 8:41AM
Monday’s Scoot show in brief.
Scoot has to generate callers so the easiest thing to do is race bait, insult parents and Christians, and use WWII vets as props. There is nothing new here. It is an attempt to entertain by stirring up controversy and pull at heart string.
05/13/2014 11:00AM
Divide and conquor
We should all pay attention to how easily we are distracted from focusing on real problems and instead spend energy of the pettiness of division. As the media ( in general ) is at least a part of the divide that is happening, it is the media that should begin to unite us. By focusing on what's really important and promoting our freedom. Freedom to have diversity because that is what makes us strong. Too often our diverse opinions are used to stir controversy and spark hysteria to spike ratings. When money is the goal, rather than what is important like you mention more than once, we find ourselves in a country so divided. Start pulling us together rather than tearing us apart. It really is in your hands.
05/13/2014 4:03PM
More Divisiveness
http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/05/13/operation-american-spring-promises-to-drive-obama-from-office-this-friday/ - gun toting militia minded SEDITIONISTS. Just like a lot of the posters to WWL social media.
05/14/2014 12:28PM
Obama supports 'worst prison break in American history'...
Hope that A lot of Obama voters get murdered and/or raped by these criminals Obama released. Would be sweet. Feds released hundreds of immigrant murderers, drunk drivers, sex-crimes convicts... Obama supports 'worst prison break in American history'... 36,000 criminals freed while awaiting deportation...
05/14/2014 3:24PM
When an Obama voter dies,
the world is a little bit better place. Someday Obama will die and that will be cause for celebration—the passing of pure evil.
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