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Scoot: Vegas shooters no better than suicide bombers

It’s hard not to stereotype, but have you noticed that those who proclaim to be anti-government, anti-law enforcement, and fanatical about the 2nd Amendment - all seem to look alike?
When I heard about the tragic shooting in Las Vegas over the weekend, and heard the police talking about the married shooters’ political ideology, I immediately envisioned what they looked like. When I saw their pictures after they were identified I realized how many of those types fit a stereotype.
Las Vegas police say that Jerad Miller, 31, and his wife, Amanda Miller, 22, had strong anti-government views and they expressed their hate for the government by walking into a pizza parlor and killing two police officers. Officers Alyn Beck, 41, and Igor Soldo, 31, were having lunch at a local pizza parlor when the Millers walked up and shot one officer in the back of the head and when the other officer started to react – they shot him in the throat.
After shooting the 2 police officers – the Millers dragged their bodies out of the booth they were sitting in and laid them across the floor – leaving behind a yellow flag with a coiled snake and the words, “Don’t tread on Me,” a swastika, and a note that read, “This is the start of the revolution.”
The married couple took the officers’ handguns and fled to a nearby Walmart where Jerad Miller fired one shot and shouted to everyone to get out of the store because this is a “revolution.” 
A Walmart shopper, Robert Wilcox, 31, was carrying a concealed weapon and approached Jerad Miller with the hope of stopping him – but as he walked by Amanda Miller, she shot him in the ribs. 
During a shootout with Las Vegas Police, Amanda Miller fired several shots into her husband, Jerad, and then shot herself in the head.
As the investigation into a motive began, police discovered that the killing couple had handed out white-power propaganda, and Jerad bragged about supporting Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and had gone to his ranch to join a group that was preparing to stop government agents from confronting Bundy over his illegal use of government land for his grazing cattle. Bundy, considered “extreme” by most standards, actually kicked Jerad Miller out because his views were too extreme and he had a criminal record. If a man like Cliven Bundy says you’re not welcome because of your extreme anti-government views – you must have VERY extreme views!
A Facebook post from Jerad Miller the day before the shooting read, “The dawn of a new day. May all of our coming sacrifice be worth it.” Just two days before the shooting, a post read, “The police have never attacked a pro-gun rally. They have no problem attacking a peace rally. Attacking armed people has consequences.” But the Millers attacked two armed police officers and a citizen with a concealed weapon. Obviously, being armed didn’t help the three people killed Sunday.
At the Walmart crime scene, police found evidence to indicate that the killer Millers were planning to continue killing in the name of their anti-government views.
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Assistant Sheriff Kevin McMahill said there is no doubt the suspects had “ideology along the lines of militia and white supremacists” and police believe “they equated government with Nazis.”
There are individuals and groups that profess a strong anti-government, separatist, white supremacist mentality, and are so motivated by their crusade against authority that they will act on their hate by killing innocent people in a cowardly fashion. And these fanatics almost always end up killing themselves. Jerad and Amanda Miller, and those who have committed murder to exact their hate for the government are no different than suicide bombers. They kill innocent people and take their own lives.
While talking about the mentality of the Millers on the air, there were a few incidents of listeners to the show who bordered on supporting their maniacal crusade. A caller said that as long as police use their force against citizens then the frustration that motivated the Millers will never end. A text challenged me for saying that a witness reported that one of the Millers shouted, “This is a revolution” – criticizing me for trying to be overly shocking to get ratings and that there was no proof that statement was made by the suspects. I replied by saying, “That’s why I said a witness reported it – which meant it was not fact.” However, there has been more evidence indicating that Jerad and Amanda Miller were trying to start a revolution.
The idea that some people will kill because of their anti-government views, and that others will instinctively support them should send chills throughout America.
Fortunately, these radical individuals make up only a very small minority of America – but the hate that has become so prevalent in today’s political debate and the overt contempt and disrespect for the current administration seem to have pushed some to the point of acting on their hateful thoughts and words.
Even though the fantasy of standing up to the government with guns has become a way of life for some Americans – the reality of actually taking on the government with guns is completely inane and recent cases prove this point.
Disagree with the administration, disagree with the government, hate the government – that is protected by the First Amendment. But there is no amendment that protects ignorant radicals with an unreasonable view of their ability to act on their hate and contempt by killing people.
The acceptable ways to challenge and oppose government are through voting and becoming active in promoting policy changes and candidates – not by killing a few people and then yourself as you proclaim, “This is a revolution.”
The Jerad and Amanda Millers of this country are our version of suicide bombers, and they fit an all-too-familiar stereotype!  Before you stereotype again – look at the Jerad and Amanda Millers of America – do they look like people we all know?

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06/10/2014 9:47AM
Scoot: Vegas shooters no better than suicide bombers
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