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Scoot: Time for a Change

9.20.12 -  Why is it so important for me to be specifically defined as “liberal” or “conservative?”  The past two nights on “The Scoot Show” I have been reminded how some listeners feel the need to “define” the talk show host they are listening to in terms of political affiliation only.  Why?

One of the big news topics the past few days has been Romney’s comment that 47% of Americans don’t pay income taxes and consider themselves victims that are entitled to government support.  In my opinion, Romney made a mistake by saying that, and I have been called by some a “closet liberal” or a “liberal,” as if that’s a bad word.  They’re trying to label me as member of the “liberal media.”  Yet, there were prominent conservative voices who agreed with me.

Anyone who listens to the show at night on WWL-AM-FM or WWL.com knows I have strong convictions and I am never shy about expressing opinions that are not always popular.  If you know anything about me throughout my career, you know that if in my heart and mind I really thought I was a “liberal,” I would proudly declare it on the air!

The truth is, like many, many Americans, I’m not so superficially defined!  I’m not one-dimensional, and I don’t want to be a member of either club.  I take on each issue, not from a political perspective, but from a perspective created by the challenges I’ve faced in my life.

Why are so many people afraid of those they cannot specifically define politically?  Are they insecure?  I rail against hypocrisy and in doing so I refuse to submit, and I mean submit, to being what’s defined as a “true” conservative or liberal.  In reality, I represent most Americans.

In doing the talk show every night, I’ve noticed something that is disturbing.  When I criticize President Obama, liberals react, but not with the vicious hatred that I hear from conservatives when I criticize Romney or a Republican.  I am bi-partisan when it comes to criticism AND praise.

Why is the criticism from the right so hateful?  Isn’t this America?   Don’t Republicans stand strongly on the grounds of free speech?  I fail to understand the hysteria that emanates from some people who believe the only right you have is to agree with their opinion.
It’s time for a change.

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09/20/2012 7:51PM
Scoot: Time for a Change
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09/20/2012 8:44PM
Amen Scoot! Limbaugh and his type, as well as ultra-libs would not want people to find solutions that work for everyone. Then they would be out of a job!
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