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Scoot: The Holiday Season Is Difficult for Some People ? It Was For Me!

The Christmas or holiday season – whichever it is to you – is a joyous time of happiness and cheer, but it can also be a very difficult time of year for many people.

Christmas and the holidays rekindle the innocent joy of being a child and many of us have wonderful memories of decorating the Christmas tree with our family and all of the gatherings that accompanied that time of year.  And not much in life compares to the anticipation of Christmas and waking early on Christmas morning to discover the presents that Santa Claus left.  But those warm, sentimental memories can also lead to challenges in navigating through the physical and emotional reminders of what this time of year once meant to us.

Anyone who knows me and has been close to me anticipates my mood this time of year.  I am a very sentimental person and every year I struggle with my own memories of the holiday season.  In many ways, I had a very good childhood, but as a sentimental person, I instinctively block out the past, which is difficult to do with the memories of Christmas so strongly printed on my heart and mind.

There have been years when I was positive and loved the holiday season, but there were also many years when I fought the sad emotion of lamenting about the past and thinking about the things that were missing in my life any particular year.  I remember how hard it was to even go to the grocery store or any retail store and fight my emotional response to hearing the Christmas carols.  Even church presented a challenge for me.
After I moved back to New Orleans following the break-up of a 16-year relationship, I have vivid memories of wanting to avoid anything and everything that was related to Christmas!  That year, I had nothing to give anyone and was not with so many people I loved…so I just wanted to be away from it all.  I had a free airline ticket and a voucher for a hotel room.  What I thought was going to be a terribly sad Christmas turned out to be a very happy and memorable Christmas.

At 6:30pm on that Christmas Eve a few years ago, I was on a flight to Las Vegas!  I’m not a gambler, but I love the escape of being in Vegas.  I looked around me on the flight and thought about who I was sharing this Christmas Eve moment with – who else would be on this flight to Vegas?  There were a few passengers, who appeared to have started the Christmas party prior to boarding the plane and appeared to be looking for their escape from Christmas – not because they were sad but because they had time off and this was a good time to party!   I also noticed an unusual number of Asians and continued to see a disproportionate number of Asians while in Vegas.  It occurred to me that many Asians would not celebrate Christmas; therefore this was a perfect time to go to a place like Las Vegas.

That Christmas Eve, I felt totally alone and that was where I wanted to be at that point in my life.  I didn’t know anyone and no one knew me, but I did sense that I was still sharing a moment with others who either didn’t want to recognize Christmas or were trying to escape all the emotions of the season.  After walking around a few casinos, I decided to do what I always did on Christmas Eve – I walked to a nearby church and went to midnight mass.  The church was packed!  And I actually felt like I was at a midnight mass in Las Vegas.  
In just 23 hours, I had flown to Vegas, gone to midnight mass, flew back to New Orleans and accomplished my goal of hiding from the sentimental aspect of Christmas.

If you are having a difficult time this Christmas season and if some of those traditional Christmas carols and the visuals of the season are causing you to fight those emotional feelings, trust that it will not always be this way.  You, too, can find a way to escape the deep emotion of this time of year with the knowledge that your perspective on life will change and you will once again look forward to the holidays.
My life has changed and for the past two years I have embraced the Christmas season with a youthful enthusiasm.  I still fight some of those sentimental feelings, and I will not be with everyone I would like to be with this Christmas, but I am blessed that I got through those tough holiday seasons and find myself again enjoying the unbridled joy of this wonderful time of year.  

In fact, because of the recent course of my life, I am better now than I ever have been when it comes to dealing with the sentimental emotions of Christmas.  I can even hear the most traditional Christmas carols, like The First Noel, without reaching for a tissue!

Whatever you are dealing with this Christmas – I’m here to let you know that you will get through it.  So just accept this holiday season for what it is - knowing it will not always be this way for you!
Merry Christmas!

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12/11/2013 8:05PM
Scoot: The Holiday Season Is Difficult for Some People – It Was For Me!
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12/11/2013 10:09PM
Merry Christmas
Thank you Scoot. This time of year has been especially challenging for me and I appreciate you sharing something so personal and meaningful. Sometimes it helps just to hear we're not alone, and someone else has been there. I appreciate your positivity and fairness as a host and your honesty with your listeners. Merry Christmas to you.
12/12/2013 12:14AM
Thanks to the taxpayers Obama’s life has never been better ...
First President to go on 17 lavish vacations, including date nights and Wednesday evening White House parties for his friends paid for by the taxpayers. First President to have 22 personal servants (taxpayer funded) for his wife. First President to keep a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000 a year at taxpayer expense.* * * * First President to fly in a personal trainer from Chicago at least once a week at taxpayer expense.* * * * First President to repeat the Holy Quran & tell us the early morning call of the Azan (Islamic call to worship) is the most beautiful sound on earth. Gee, who are the clowns that voted for this piece of SH!T?
12/12/2013 12:19AM
Looks like another episode of the Scooter Winfrey Radio Show ... the cast of
victims gathers to cry together ... what a bunch of wimps and pùssies ... LOL
12/12/2013 2:50AM
Looks like..
Someone just doesn't know when to let it go and let other people appreciate something. Sad, really. But since you insist on being a hostile piece of work, let me just point out this:"Several weeks ago in a good speech, President Bush referredto the Koran. - BUSH:Let me quote from the Koran itself. "In the long run evil in the extreme will be the end of those who do evil."
12/12/2013 8:59AM
Tis the season....
I too go through this mood shift at this time of year...it just comes over me at any given time. I have LOTS to be thankful for health, great family, great career, etc. Maybe it is because I am such a "routine" oriented person. This time of year is anything but routine with pressures of shopping, decorating, going to social functions that most really do not wnat to be at anyway...not to mention all of the commercialism...that is sickening. Hopefully I will be able to start focusing on all of my blessings and ignore all of the things that are screwing up my routine. Thanks Scoot...totally enjoy your show. Merry Christmas to you and yours!
12/12/2013 1:34PM
So sad ... so many victims struggling ... perhaps Obama will visit Scooter and
his gang of suffering and give them a hug and some food stamps ... so sweet ....
12/12/2013 1:37PM
Thankfully Scooter and his crew of pitiful clowns were not required to
win WWII ... such a pathetic group.
12/12/2013 2:45PM
Top Ten Preview ... on the Scooter Winfrey Radio Show ...
Sad Menopause Stories ... call and share your sad tale tonight ...
12/12/2013 2:52PM
The Scooter Winfrey Radio Show Telethon for Suicide ...
Scooter’s radio audience is depressed. YOU can help save these troubled, dysfunctional people with one call to the Scooter Show and your donation of just ten dollars. Call this week and save Scooter’s radio audience. It may be the last chance for most of them ... Feeling gloomy and doleful and Scooter is not on the radio call the HOTline today ... Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
12/12/2013 3:04PM
An important question to help depressed people get their minds off their depression ...
Why Does Anál Sex Cause Constipation? http://www.gutsense.org/constipation/anal_sex.html
12/12/2013 3:15PM
Oh, the horror ...
I watched Sleepless in Settle at a friend’s house seven times straight through and it is just all so depressing until the ending but then it was depressing because it really didn’t happen and well, while I was watching my friend’s cat defecated in my purse and ruined my last book of food stamps and now, well it is all so depressing … saying prayers to Obama ….
12/12/2013 3:26PM
12/12/2013 3:46PM
AP--The Scooter Winfrey Radio Show audience on suicide watch ...
host expected to wear blue socks to work all week ... Obama to send Secretary Kathleen Sebelius ... Many expected to die after she arrives ... lol ...
12/12/2013 4:09PM
Is Scoot really enough ???
Woman claims listening to Scoot’s radio show saved her from climbing Mt. Mauna Kea and jumping off ... CBS investigates.
12/12/2013 4:12PM
Scoot -
- don't let these fools bother you. Small minds at work. I appreciate your blog, your thoughts, and your show. Merry Christmas!
12/12/2013 4:15PM
Drew Brees declines invitation to visit Scoot Show to encourage depressed
audience members .. Brees says some folks just need to “SÛCK IT UP and keep grinding.”
12/12/2013 4:21PM
Alabama head coach Nick Saban says he is “too busy recruiting” to attend
Saturday’s Rally for the Depressed to be hosted by New Orleans Radio station WWL. He added that Texas coach Mac Brown would likely be free to attend.
12/12/2013 4:35PM
Psychiatric hospitals discover miracle cure.
Psychiatric hospitals all across the country are now installing Obama Dart Boards in patient recreation areas and getting amazing results as patients find release from their depression playing Obama Darts. The boards are not covered by ObamaCare but the results are so astonishing most are willing to pay out of pocket.
12/12/2013 5:56PM
Very creative and funny! I see there was one poster who is so depressed he
does not get it. Great job! Seems the depressed are greatly helped when they stay busy like Saban and learn to laugh ...
12/12/2013 5:59PM
HA!. Yea, liberals are very small-minded.
head x-rays of leftists seldom show much.
12/12/2013 6:05PM
Scoot claims to be a postive guy so he likely enjoys the fun banter rather
than the sad sack losér liberal who tries to sùck up to him.
12/12/2013 6:09PM
A quick heads up the Sad Sack Liberal here.
Depression hurts, but a cyanide pill will work faster for you. Merry Christmas ... LOL.
12/12/2013 6:16PM
Q: What do Barack Obama and Tiger Woods have in common?
A: They are both trying to scréw everybody.
12/12/2013 6:18PM
Q: Why is Healthcare reform so important to the enigmatic Barack Obama?
A: His pregnant mom was turned away from many hospitals and was forced to give birth in a manger.
12/12/2013 6:31PM
Very clever!
Scoot is better when he plays the straight man and lets the posters have fun with it. Hot Blog.
12/12/2013 6:41PM
Well, the depressed liberal here should be cut some slack.
I mean if you put all your faith and hope in Obama, you would really depressed too.
12/12/2013 6:42PM
Yea, and fortunately Scoot does not has as many followers as Jim Jones
so the suicide numbers should not be near as high. LOL
12/13/2013 12:46PM
Well, this is exciting news ...
With so many liberals being depressed and perhaps following through with suicide, the coming economic collapse may be slowed a bit. Certainly it will be great news if a few thousand liberals decide to put a bullet in their mouth. Certainly something we can celebrate. Hope all you leftists stay really depressed ... LOL ....
12/13/2013 2:55PM
The Grinch That Stole The Scoot Blog
You're a mean one, Mr. Troll. You really are a cad.
12/13/2013 8:16PM
A Quick Freudian Analysis
Mr. Troll you doth protest too much. Sometimes when a person rants and raves about certain activities they are just repressing the desire to engage in that activity. Happy Holidays!
12/13/2013 11:00PM
LOL ... well, we may soon have our first suicide ... the Liberal trolls are raging ..
and spewing ... funny to watch ...
12/13/2013 11:03PM
It is no wonder that the two liberal trolls here voted for Obama ...
they are so easily led by the nose like dogs on a leash. They are so uptight they SH!T diamonds ... they are always raging and hating and never happy ... perhaps suicide is the best solution for all liberals ... LOL ..
12/13/2013 11:26PM
Well, we are wrapping up another week of the Scooter Winfrey Show.
Christmas is getting closer and the depressed will get even more depressed. Come back next week for more stories of woe and tears from Scooter Winfrey. There is sure to be a group hug that leads to an orgy so don’t miss all the fun coming next week.
12/14/2013 12:57AM
Liberal Trolls
Not everybody that responds to Mr. Troll is a liberal troll. No group hugs for Mr. Troll. Just like a small child throwing a tantrum. The louder and more negative he acts he gets negative attention. Like parents dealing with a small child it might be just be better to ignore negative behavior. Have a nice weekend. No group hugs for Mr. Troll.
12/14/2013 2:03AM
To whoever at WWL handles the Scoot podcast - please note that neither Thursday or Friday's shows were posted. Some of us listen via podcast subscription at a later time and miss having the show when it isnt posted. Thanks.
12/14/2013 9:40AM
Part Two of Scooter Winfrey’s Christmas Depression Series ...
starts next week and will feature Biological scientist Frederick von Lickman discussing his theories on how a sexual relationship with a pet can cure short term depression. Don’t miss Scooter’s second week of depressing shows.
12/15/2013 12:17AM
Well, the Liberal Troll is so jealous that his banter is not clever ...
Funny to watch the Liberal Trolls here suck up to Scoot. Scoot can handle himself. He mocks and makes fun of people he hates all the time. Scoot picks fights and can handle himself .. funny stuff.
12/15/2013 12:23AM
Actually Scoot loves the attention.
If folks did not make fun of him, he would rarely have more than one or two blog responses. The Liberal Trolls here just lack a sense of humor and are angry all the time.
12/15/2013 11:59AM
REPORT: Colorado school gunman 'very opinionated Socialist'...
Democrats are killers ... LOL
12/15/2013 1:09PM
and black worship Obama .... LOL ... no wonder Dems are now favoring Mexicans.
12/15/2013 1:16PM
Well, Obama is out exploiting dead children again for his political agenda ...
what a piece of rat SH!T.
12/15/2013 1:26PM
Spare Me
There are kooks on all sides and no sides. Mental illness doesn't happen because you're a Republican or a Democrat. It happens because you're mentally ill and need help. There are white supremacists and kooks on the right - anders brevik, david koresh, timothy mcveigh and you don't seem to be going "Right wingers are killers" - so spare me the outrage. The issue is the sanity of the individual, not his political affiliation. There are lots of conservatives who have abused drugs, abused their spouses, and done other horrible things and I don't come on here saying it's because they vote or hold office as a Republican. I think you portray some signs of mental illness, obsession, and flat out disgusting language and thinking - but I don't claim it's because you're conservative. You should however seek help for your inability to exercise self control.
12/15/2013 3:20PM
Congrats to the Scoot Comedy Blog and all the cast of characters .. Well done!
Sad the “Spare Me” kook is so angry and in a rage he does not get it ... Some people really do need to check themselves into a mental institution. “Spare Me” please spare us all of your ignorance and hatred by getting help.
12/15/2013 3:28PM
“Spare Me” apparently sat on a very large naval orange and is suffering
some anál discomfort. Naval oranges can get quite large. Perhaps the Scoot audience will hold a candle-light prayer service for “Spare Me”. Probably won’t help but it is the thought that counts ... http://www.gndaily.com/english/attachement/jpg/site2/20121128/00eb0103be43121fcb7808.jpg
12/15/2013 3:37PM
Spare Me may face disembowelment surgery
or evisceration is the removal of some or all of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract (the bowels), usually through a horizontal incision made across the abdominal area. Does ObamaCare cover this?
12/15/2013 3:46PM
With Scooter audience on suicide watch this past week ...
and so many lives at stake, we congratulate the Scooter Comedy Team for coming through with a week of fun and laughter and misdirection that no doubt saved many lives from the tragic results of Christmas depression. Great job guys!
12/15/2013 4:05PM
Well the Sad Sack “Spare Me” now has something else to depressed about ...
Saints are losing 14-0. LOL.
12/15/2013 4:29PM
You don't know what anger is. I post facts and you assume I'm angry. I'm not. I simply believe in sharing the facts and showing that you'd rather troll than address them.
12/15/2013 7:19PM
“Anger” ... is raging LOL ... he still has no clue ... too funny ...
hope he does not slice his wrists but then there would be one less lazy person to support ... LOL ...
12/15/2013 7:22PM
“Anger” ... you need to get your head out of your áss and take a breath ...
you have apparently already suffered way too much brain damage. LOL .... guess you tried to eat the orange stuck in there too ... LOL ...
12/15/2013 7:25PM
Well, the black folks blew it …
They can no longer be counted on to keep their voting numbers up. They are leading the nation in abortions and youth on youth murder so liberals are going to replace them with Mexicans. Amnesty is about creating a new generation of food stamp, bottom feeder, Democrat voters and Mexicans offer the best hope for the future for Democrats.
12/15/2013 7:34PM
So which Scoot or Scooter will show up here next week.
Will Scoot be telling Saints fans to man up and take the loss to St. Louis and move on, or will Scooter Winfrey be leading Saints Nation in a group hugs and prayer vigils? LOL … should be another wild and whacky week on the blog.
12/15/2013 8:06PM
no clue
What "clue" are you getting at with your rants and crudeness? What is the takeaway we're supposed to extract from your rantings?
12/15/2013 8:08PM
The orange in the rear end thing is hilarious. Great blog.
Like the fighting here.
12/15/2013 8:35PM
The anticipation is building ...
and you can feel the tension in the air as thousands wait glued to their desktops, laptops, tablets, i-phones, etc. to read Scoot’s next blog … ok, maybe six people, but still the suspense is very real …. LOL.
12/16/2013 12:52AM
Obama continues to embarass himself and the US ...
My bookshelves sag with encyclopedic volumes arguing that America and the West are in decline. But proving that a picture is worth a thousand books, the “selfie” seen ’round the world ends the argument. It’s official — the government of the United States of Obama consists of boobs and bores and is led by a narcissist. It is no consolation that Great Britain joins us in racing to the bottom. President Obama’s flirting with Denmark’s prime minister would be shameful on any occasion. That it happened at the memorial for Nelson Mandela only adds to the embarrassment. But the “selfie” episode also symbolizes the greater global calamity of Western decline. With British prime minister David Cameron playing the role of Obama’s giggling wingman, the “look at me” moment confirms we have unserious leaders in a dangerously serious time.
12/16/2013 1:17AM
America is in Decline
Ever looked at Canada, New Zealand or Sweden? Society's advanced in other places, just not in red states. (see, trollboy, I can do hyperbole and massive generalization too.) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/12/13/jon-stewart-megyn-kelly-s_n_4440054.html?utm_hp_ref=mostpopular Fox's idiotic war on the war on Christmas continues!
12/16/2013 11:39AM
REPORT: 'ObamaCare Navigators' caught lying, encouraging patients to lie...
not surprising they are only doing what Obama does every time his opens his mouth ... LIE.
12/16/2013 11:41AM
“America is in Decline” is trolling again ...
he prays to Obama daily ... well, we can at least thank Obama for demonstrating that liberalism is SH!T.
12/16/2013 11:49AM
Well, seems the liberal ássholes are at it again ... liberals need to get their late term abortion
5th Grader Stripped Of 1st Place Ribbon In Speech Contest For Discussing Religion... Student suspended one year for hugging teacher...
12/16/2013 11:53AM
Yep, when any liberal, anywhere dies for any reason the world is a little safer
and better place.
12/16/2013 12:30PM
Just hillarious!
Great to see a blog where the host does not take himself so serious as though he is curing cancer. Scoot plays the straight man well. You do have to feel bad for the easily fooled who think this blog is supposed to be taken seriously. Great comedy!
12/16/2013 1:08PM
Fox News
Panders to morons and can't survive anywhere but the US. This suggests to me that other countries may be more advanced because they don't buy into the alarmist BS of people like Megyn Kelly and Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, etc. America is being held back by its ignorant and fearful.
12/16/2013 1:37PM
Louisiana Media Refuses to Hold Tony Perkins to Account
12/16/2013 1:37PM
Limbaugh Says Liberals Would Eliminate Christmas
12/16/2013 1:38PM
Limbaugh and Kelly Agree - Santa Is A White Man
12/16/2013 1:39PM
Catholic League Cool With Rush Attacking The Pope
12/16/2013 1:40PM
Fox Uses the Newtown Anniversary To Push Lies from Gun Extremists
12/16/2013 1:44PM
Rush The Dunderhead Thinks All Shooters Are Liberals
12/16/2013 2:01PM
Rand Paul & Erik Erickson Endorse Secessionist Wacko in NC Senate Race
12/16/2013 2:09PM
GOP Lawmaker Suggests Armed Rebellion Might Be Necessary
12/16/2013 3:32PM
Well, the Obama Zombies are out trolling and spewing again ....
seem they all have a bad case of diarrhea of the mouth ... LOL ... too funny ... they will soon be chanting and dancing around trash can fires praying to their Lord and Savior Obama for more food stamps ... LOL ... what a bunch of human debris ...
12/16/2013 3:35PM
The only good liberal is a dead one ... LOL ... now that will get them all stirred
up and soiling themselves in a rage ... LOL .... liberals are so easily led around by the nose but then they are merely government chattel—useful tools of their master Obama ... LOL.
12/16/2013 3:36PM
Liberals = human debris.
Enjoy ... Obama is dog SH!T and Mary still spreads her legs for him ... LOL .... Keep having fun with this comedy blog ...
12/16/2013 3:41PM
Love the liberal rage.
Perhaps more of them will have heart attacks this Christmas. Could be a big year for funeral homes ... hope it happens ... LOL ....
12/16/2013 3:54PM
Not Enraged
Just disgusted.
12/16/2013 3:56PM
DEFIANT: 479 Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce New Laws on Gun Control...
Well, the ásshole Obama breaks his own laws every day ... LOL ... Nice to see the little petulant DÎCK-tátor and his crew of leftist thugs be ignored ...
12/16/2013 4:05PM
Law Enforcement
Their job is to enforce the laws. The courts decide what is law, not officers. If you cannot uphold the laws and do not agree with them, resign. Do not take it into your own hands or do the job of the Supremes. That is why we have a multi level system. The oath of a sheriff is to uphold the law - not write or undo it.
12/16/2013 7:20PM
Media matters is a liberal cess pool ... nothing legit about it ...
just more leftist féces and lies.
12/16/2013 7:21PM
It is also Obama’s job to enforce laws and obey them ... but then the liberal trolls
here think Obama is a King and worship and pray to him ... pretty pathetic ... LOL ...
12/16/2013 7:25PM
2013 RATINGS CHAMP: FOXNEWS Draws More Viewers Than CNNCNNHNMSNBC -- Combined!
Not surprised. MSNBC viewers are mostly ignorant bottom feeders.
12/16/2013 7:28PM
Obama is such a lawless pùnk that it would not be surprising if more people
break laws and just ignore them to follow his example. Obama has black skin so he is not held to the same standards of excellence as a white skinned President would be. Liberals are racist when it come to that.
12/16/2013 7:43PM
STUDY: Pot messes up teen brains... explains why Obama is a lunatic.
... and why he depends on having a union educated base.
12/16/2013 7:45PM
Media Matters
So you're disputing the parties made these idiotic statements just because Media Matters leans left? Check the audio. Rush Limbaugh and Megyn Kelly said those ignorant things. It's audio of their own broadcasts. Facts facts facts.
12/16/2013 7:47PM
Fox Viewers
55 caucasian, lots of ads for ED meds, gold and insurance type products.. not exactly hitting the younger multiethnic demos or advertiser demands anymore. Why think it gets any better for Fox News - ratings are one thing revenues are another and demographics are destiny.
12/16/2013 7:51PM
Lies and Intimidation; The Tools of Media Matters ..
12/16/2013 7:52PM
Knew the Fox post would get the Obama Zombie to soil himself ... LOL ..
liberals make us laugh ...
12/16/2013 7:55PM
What the liberal troll here wants for Christmas ...
http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_0_8?url=search-alias=aps&field-keywords=obama blow up doll&sprefix=Obama bl,aps,241&rh=i:aps,k:obama blow up doll
12/16/2013 7:58PM
Obama LIES and trashes people so often about so many things
it takes an entire website to keep up with them .... http://obamalies.net/
12/16/2013 8:01PM
Fox Post
Fact. Fact fact fact. Do you work in media and understand demographics? Nothing I said was untrue or angry, it is a reality.
12/16/2013 8:12PM
Well, we can now conclude that ObamaCare was passed so millions would NOT
have health insurance, or not be able to afford it. Way to go Bam and Mary. Dems are stupid.
12/16/2013 8:22PM
This is hillarious! Way to go guys!
Scoot’s blog is more entertaining than his show for sure.
12/16/2013 8:28PM
Some of Us
Like and listen to Scoot - and find the people trolling his blog to be neanderthals.
12/16/2013 9:16PM
“Some of Us” tries to suck up to Scooter and hopes to get a mention on the show ...
LOL ... Liberals are into idol worship——very sad.
12/16/2013 9:18PM
Guess “Some of Us” just trolled this blog.
and likely will again. Oh, my!
12/16/2013 9:31PM
Well. it may be time for Scooter Winfrey to do another blog on Sodomites
and why he and Obama support þutt sex.
12/16/2013 10:05PM
First Time Advice for Gay Anál Sex ... this will help get the discussion going ...
12/16/2013 10:07PM
Scoot Listener
You're a pervert. I just enjoy listening to Scoot's show and have for years. I don't think your comments are productive or adding to anyone's knowledge or the debate on serious topics.
12/16/2013 10:24PM
Seems Scoot’s boyfriend is posting again.
Well, we can understand his need to defend the one he loves.
12/16/2013 10:26PM
Scooter Winfrey will be upset that “Scoot Listener ” called gay men perverts.
So much hatred and gay bashing. Really shocking.
12/16/2013 10:29PM
I think “Scoot Listener” still does not realize Scoot is a fill in for when sports
is not on WWL. “Serious topics?” ... Naw, scoot is not saving the planet just filling a time slot on the radio. “Scoot Listener” has such a low self-esteem. He grovels over a radio host.
12/16/2013 10:39PM
All you people are nuts, but in a funny way.
I thought the suicide watch thing was funny. Of course Democrats and Republicans hate each other, but this is hilarious!
12/16/2013 11:00PM
I'm Not
calling gay people perverts. i'm calling you a pervert because of what you say on this blog to shock people and stroke your own ego. and i don't "grovel" over Scoot, i've just always enjoyed his style of radio - I listened back on B97 and now on WWL, so as a broadcaster I just find him a much more enjoyable listen as compared to some other shows out there. If you think that's "groveling" - so be it, but you might want to use a dictionary.
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