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Scoot: Surviving Thanksgiving Madness

The conventional vision of a traditional Thanksgiving gathering includes family and friends gathered around a table with a turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, yams, pumpkin pie and whatever else is part of your Thanksgiving feast.  The setting is one of reflection where thanks is given for the feast and the company of family and friends who are gathered at the festive table.  But that thankful, peaceful image is far from the chaotic reality most experience at Thanksgiving dinner!

The ordeal begins with just getting there.  If traveling by plane – a winter storm leads to delays and cancellations.  This is also the time of year when amateur travelers board planes – many with kids who don’t know how to act on a plane.  For the record, it’s not that society has become less tolerant of children – it’s that society has become less tolerant of parents who can’t control their kids while traveling.  DO NOT let your child kick the seat of the passenger in front of them.  DO NOT allow them to lie in or run up and down the aisle.  And we all expect your children to be courteous.  It’s simple – control your children or stay home!  Other cultures do a better job than Americans when it comes to controlling children in public settings.

If traveling by car – prepare your children for the reality of the trip.  With today’s phones, tablets, etc. and games, movies, Facebook and texting - no child should complain about sitting in one spot for hours - isn’t that what they do at home?  If your child does complain about being bored – use that opportunity to teach them that life can be boring at times – learn to deal with it!  Teaching kids to deal with being bored sometimes is preparing them to deal with life.  You might actually use the opportunity of being together in the car to have a real conversation with your kids and give them a chance to talk to you.  Make time to just talk with no distractions from electronic wizardry – and that means you stay off the phone, too!  Talk about the trip, the sights and talk about America.  Tell them things you think about and ask them what they think about.  You might be surprised what your kids are thinking.

And then there’s the madness of the Thanksgiving dinner.  The house will be crowded with family members, who don’t see each other often and family members that don’t get along.  Not everyone in the same family shares the same views on political and social issues.  Political ideology is thicker than blood!

Watch football, and if one of those commercials promoting Obamacare comes on during the game – run to the bathroom, check the turkey or do anything to stay out of the impending discussion that will erupt!  Everyone will want to tell you what they think. 
There are countless things that will inspire debates about politics at the Thanksgiving table… from the price of the turkey…to someone asking for “the right wing” or the “left wing”…to the fact that the cranberry sauce is the color of conservative states!  Relatives feel the need to set other family members straight on their political thinking, and the longer it has been since you’ve seen a relative – the more they want to set you straight.  Beware – you cannot change their minds and they probably can’t change yours.  So, admit that the only result of those Thanksgiving debates will be strained feelings and ill-will.  No matter how right you think you are – and I’m sure you are right – DO NOT engage in political, social or religious debates during the annual gathering that is supposed to be a peaceful moment to be thankful.

Try to be tolerant of the relatives who feel the need to brag about their lives and their kids.  And, though it’s terribly rude, try to tolerate even the family members who must talk loudly on their cellphone to make sure everyone hears their conversation.  And since you can’t train their children during this brief gathering, and you can’t give them a lesson in parenting, ignore the behavior which makes it obvious they really have no control over their kids.  Whatever you observe will make for a great conversation on the trip home.

In life, our expectations often supersede reality.  Rather than envision that traditional, peaceful Thanksgiving setting with family, friends and a bounty of food spread on the table, be realistic. Prepare yourself and your family for the collision of differing personalities and opinions that you inevitably encounter once a year.
The phrase we use when a storm is approaching may be good to remember this Thanksgiving – “prepare for the worst and hope for the best!”

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

11/26/2013 6:18PM
Scoot: Surviving Thanksgiving Madness
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11/26/2013 6:20PM
Good Stuff
Thank you Scoot, I really appreciated this and will be sharing it with friends. Have a great Thanksgiving too!
11/26/2013 9:49PM
Team Obama: Thanksgiving meal is time to talk health law ...
Really? Obama wants people to talk about his sorry áss. NOT!
11/26/2013 10:05PM
With the Liar Obama Presidency crumbling in disgrace,
Amazon is offering Obama Blow-Up Dolls really cheap ... a three for the price of one special. Obama Zombies can still get them in time for Thanksgiving with Amazon’s PRIME Express. Get yours today and enjoy the Holidays with Obama and get off with yourfellow Zombies.
11/26/2013 10:13PM
The Real Zombie
Is the idiot posting constantly about blow up dolls. Get your mind out of the gutter. Your name wouldn't happen to be Woody Nelson would it? The guy who owned that failed shock jock AM station in Georgia that reinvented himself as an anti-Obama badge seller and scammed a bunch of Joplin tornado victims?
11/26/2013 11:19PM
Good news the Amazon website actually works!
LOL ...
11/26/2013 11:23PM
“The Real Zombie” ... love to see you are in a rage and so upset ....
perhaps you will have a heart attack soon ... one less person on the food stamp rolls ... LOL ... learn to laugh ... You are already mentally ill due to your lùst for Obama. LOL.
11/26/2013 11:32PM
“The Real Zombie” poster is actually the head of a Lésbian Polticial Action Organization
that tries to convert college co-eds into their lifestyle ... they claim to be doing the Lord’s (Obama) work. LOL.
11/27/2013 12:05AM
Obama’s call to close Vatican embassy is ‘slap in the face’ to Roman Catholics
http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/nov/26/obamas-call-close-holy-see-embassy-slap-face-catho/ Well, the Muslim tyrant Obama is at it again ... LOL ...
11/27/2013 1:31AM
Liberals SUCK Obama diçk
and eat Marxist SH!T. LOL.
11/27/2013 10:51AM
Mary Loretta Landrieu laughs at you backwoods whites and ignorant blacks ...
she see you hayseeds as mere useful tools that are stupid enough to send her to Washington so she can hang out with her leftist buddies. She does not care about you. She is too busy spreading her legs and getting on her knees to service Obama. You peoplewill die fools ... LOL
11/27/2013 1:10PM
We take the occasion of Thanksgiving to thank God
for the gift of freedom, capitalism, and free enterprise. Capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than anything man has ever engaged in. We thank God for exposing the tyranny, lies, and deceit of liberals who seek to rob us of our freedoms and our uniqueness as individuals.
11/27/2013 2:08PM
We take the occasion of Thanksgiving to thank God
For the genocide of native Americans, slavery, corporate cronyism, pollution, sexism, domestic abuse, gun violence and internet keyboard jockeys who spew racial and sexist statements about our elected officials while not respecting the votes of others. At least we aren't European, right?
11/27/2013 4:00PM
Gee, the liberal person who posted above should just put in gun in their mouth and end it.
She/He HATES America almost as much as Obama does ... maybe more. Sad this liberal that HATES America, freedom and free enterprise so much. Sad this person had parents who did not have the good sense to abort them.
11/27/2013 4:02PM
Obamacare sign-up for small businesses delayed a year... seems Obama
is trying to save Mary Loretta Landrieu’s sorry áss. Will the ignorant Louisiana voters fall for it again? Mary hopes you do. She is counting on you STUPID cows being herded again. LOL
11/27/2013 4:05PM
Obama is abusive, a liar, and a petulant pùnk. There is NOTHING to respect
about him or Mary Loretta Landrieu. These clowns abuse people and they should be mocked and laughed at. They are human debris.
11/27/2013 4:08PM
Blind Patriotism
There are two sides to everything in history. Free speech includes the right to call America on its crimes and sins as well as its successes. I am personally thankful for my life in America but you post a platitude about free enterprise like that's the end of the story. There are two sides to everything, and blind patriotism is not patriotism! You shouldn't post platitudes like they're the be all end all answer to everything. Oh, Landrieu ahead by six points - she does her job for this state, deal with it.
11/27/2013 4:09PM
Tell the leftist above to go live where there is no capitalism, but then he/she
is likely already a ward of the state living on welfare and food stamps and hating and blaming everyone for her/his failure. Obama loves victims. They are easy to control. Liberals are government chattel.
11/27/2013 4:12PM
The leftist clown above would have followed HItler off a cliff.
Ignorance and idol worship are common among the stupid.
11/27/2013 4:14PM
So called "socialist" countries are happier
So who’s the happiest? As has been the case the past five years, that distinction goes to countries that enjoy peace, freedom, good healthcare, quality education, a functioning political system and plenty of opportunity: Norway, Sweden, Canada and New Zealand. The saddest, least prosperous? War-ravaged countries under the thumb of greedy despots and theocrats, where freedom of expression is limited, education nonexistent, violence the norm: Chad, Congo, Central African Republic, Afghanistan and Yemen. - Sounds like the USA under a theocrat like Ted Cruz, Michelle Bachmann or Rick Perry!
11/27/2013 4:15PM
The above was from FORBES - by no means a lefty rag.
11/27/2013 4:19PM
Funny that lierbals complain about corny capitalism and they have have a president
in Obama who has set records for engaging in it. Obama is an enemy of small business and free enterprise. ObamaCare was NEVER about improving health or insurance. It IS and always will be about the government taking over another 1/6 of the economy. The leftist clown posting here is just too STUPID to know that Mary and Obama are sticking it to them up the rear and laughing at them. But, he/she likely enjoys Obama’s insertions.
11/27/2013 4:28PM
Obama allowed his ambassador to be killed and the lied about it repeatedly.
Obama IS a Marxist and left unopposed would do GREAT damage to this country even more so than he has done. He broke the rule of law again today by delaying the ObamaCare signup for small businesses. He has no authority to do that. Obama is a tyrant wanna-be.
11/27/2013 4:35PM
The so-called GREEDY are leftists who use government to steal from
productive citizens in the name of charity to give to the non- productive. Real GREED today exists primarily in Washington and among the healthy poor. You can see that our leftist friend has been conditioned to HATE achievers. Obama demonizes achievers all the time. The leftist clown here thinks all business have piles of money, they hate their employees and abuse them, and they hate their customers and even steal from poor people. Such ignorance is why American is failing and if the trend towards government control of the economy is not stopped, we will be just another failed European state and worse. Socialized medicine is rationed care and is a failure. Move to England and you will find out the truth.
11/27/2013 4:38PM
Well, we can only laugh at the fools who believe the lies of Obama and Mary.
Stay ignorant and below average. Chattel are eventually led to the slaughter. Stupid people usually die that way and sooner rather than later and that can be a good thing for all concerned.
11/27/2013 4:39PM
The piece of SH!T Obama has finally be exposed and only the Zombies
still worship him. LOL.
11/27/2013 4:46PM
President Obama's War On Women And Minorities ...
http://www.forbes.com/sites/peterferrara/2013/03/10/president-obamas-war-on-women-and-minorities/ numbers don’t lie. And what the economic numbers show is that it is President Obama who has been conducting the war on women. Compare how women have fared in the economy in Obama’s first term versus how they fared in Ronald Reagan’s first term. Obama faced a recession when he entered office. But it was already 13 months old at the time, and the longest recession since the Great Depression previously was 16 months. In fact, Obama’s recession ended just 5 months after he entered office. So for almost all of his first term was after the recession was over ... eal median weekly incomes for females rose 32.1% in Reagan’s first term, compared to 6.6% in Obama’s first term. Employment of women rose by 4,460,000 in Reagan’s first term, while women suffered a net loss of 354,000 jobs during Obama’s first term. Conversely, the number of women NOT in the work force rose by 4,458,000 in Obama’s first term, compared to 345,000 in Reagan’s first term
11/27/2013 4:51PM
Funny the left-nut media called 4.9% unemployment under Bush a recession
... they hail Obama’s 7-8-9-10% unemployment with now over 90 million out of the workforce as a boom ... brain-washing has a big effect on the already ignorant.
11/27/2013 4:55PM
In the end, the reality is that Obama and his Zombie followers are always accusing
others of what Obama is ACTUALLY DOING to people and the country. No one should EVER believe a single thing the clown Obama says. Only fools do that.
11/27/2013 5:26PM
Conservative Idols
Sarah Palin, Seer of All Things Russia Michelle "Crazy Eyes" Bachmann Ted "Looneybird" Cruz Rush "Oxypoppin'" Limbaugh Sean "Great American" Hannity Christine "Not A Witch" McDonnell Rick "N_word Ranch" Perry - who is still trying to remember the third department he wants to cut. George Dubya Bush Herman "Beckibeckistan" Cain Rupert "Phone Tap" Murdoch Steven "Senate Scandal" Harper Rob "City Hall Makes Me Wanna Smoke Crack" Ford
11/27/2013 5:27PM
Claim the government can't fix jobs or economics and then claim Obama is to blame for unemployment rates. LOL!
11/27/2013 6:04PM
Rush Limbaugh
His mind is so addled with drugs he thinks this type of BS is funny: http://mediamatters.org/blog/2013/11/26/rush-limbaugh-gets-his-satire-from-racist-sexis/197070
11/27/2013 6:05PM
Rush Limbaugh And Conservatives Now Hate the Pope
11/27/2013 6:05PM
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