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Scoot: Stop defending Sterling's racism with your excuses

There is ironic justice in the NBA banning Clippers owner Donald Sterling from the Clippers’ games for life, since the punishment resulted from him telling his girlfriend not to bring blacks to his games.
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Sterling’s own demand that certain people not attend Clippers games with his girlfriend led to the NBA demanding that he not attend Clippers games – or any NBA related meetings or functions. The NBA also fined Sterling $2.5 million, which relative to the value of the team and his worth is minor, but the maximum fine allowed by the NBA.
The toughest part of the NBA’s punishment of Sterling for making racist comments will probably be the blow to his ego. Men, like Donald Sterling, do not like to be told what to do and that’s exactly what the NBA did. The NBA publically humiliated Sterling.
Sterling, who owns rental property, was fined by the federal government for refusing to rent property to blacks. His comment about how he gives blacks, his players, houses, cars, etc. reveals the mentality of a man who feels as if he owns and controls people through his wealth. He has now learned that he doesn’t own and control everyone.
Saints and Pelicans owner Tom Benson and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban were among the NBA owners who totally supported the NBA’s harsh punishment of Sterling.
The sad reality in the overall reaction to Donald Sterling’s racist rant is the support some people have expressed for Sterling. Some defend what he said by saying that people like Spike Lee, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson do the same thing in reverse. Lee, Sharpton and Jackson have agendas to advance acceptance and equality for blacks and that could lead to statements that might be perceived as racist against whites, but just jumping to the excuse that others do the same thing is a way of supporting Sterling’s racist rant. 

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One of the first things that must happen if America is going to have an honest conversation about race is that whites cannot assume they understand what it is like being black in America. Though much has changed over the years, even young generations of blacks in America today have grown up with stories from their grandparents about a time when blacks were segregated from society. Racial persecution does not disappear when laws change. There are still many aspects of institutionalized racism in America. Unfortunately, many white Americans have a chip on their shoulder and do not make an effort to try to understand life from beyond their perspective. 
Today, there is too much score keeping when it comes to race.  If “blacks say the same things” then why is only the white man condemned? If blacks can use the “N-word” then why can’t whites?" If there is a "Miss Black America beauty pageant then why isn’t there a Miss White America pageant?"

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The ignorance of those comparisons is revealing. Because of the way blacks were treated in America, there was a need for a Miss Black America beauty pageant, and yet, for many, that is a convenient way to point out reverse discrimination. And the truth is – the Miss Black America beauty pageant doesn’t impact white America – so why is there concern over its existence at all?
When it comes to words – the source of the words – the messenger is always a factor to be considered. Because of America’s history of the mistreatment of blacks, the “N-word” or comments about race will always be perceived differently coming from a white American. That may not be fair, but since we are humans and not robots or computers, we interpret the things humans say.
This is easily explained through an example using stand-up comedy. A thin, well-fit comedian making jokes about fat people is perceived differently than a fat comedian making jokes about that group that he is part of. I once judged a stand-up comedy contest with a young, white comedian saying derogatory things about black culture. The mostly white audience was so uncomfortable that the comedian left the stage before finishing his routine in total embarrassment. If Chris Rock had said the same things, they would have been funny. My point is, the messenger is part of the message’s content.
It may not be fair that the source of words matters as it does – but that is a human reality that will never change.
Before you defend the racist rant by Clippers owner Donald Sterling by saying that others like Sharpton and Jackson say the same kind of things in reverse – think about your own personal reaction to the source of words spoken to you.
One more thing about Sterling’s rant. He told his girlfriend not to bring blacks to his games or to post pictures of her with blacks on Instagram for everyone to see because he didn’t want to get any phone calls. That means Sterling associates with a lot of people who are just like him! 
Putting down others is a cheap way to make some individuals feel better about themselves!

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04/29/2014 7:11PM
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04/29/2014 8:16PM
Democrats provide handouts -! Food stamps, welfare, housing,etc to blacks making them vote democrat despite this ills leading many black men to pris on and drugs
04/29/2014 8:36PM
Republicans provide handouts - taxpayer dollars, loopholes, fat contracts, subsidies to white people and their multinational corporations - encouraging them to vote Republican.
04/29/2014 8:55PM
Can't we just all get along
Spot on
04/29/2014 9:10PM
Stop double standard
Sterling made racist a statement. Sanctions needs to be imposed. There is a double standard pertaining to racial statements. Matt Barnes makes an angry racial statement but is defended by other black players and individuals such as Charles Barkley. Barkley admitted that players make racial and homophobic in locker rooms. Some how his statement is excused by now saying that his intent makes a difference. Who determines that intent. Barnes needs to be fired as well. There is no room to make excuses because he is black. To say that blacks have the right to say racial statements makes no sense.
04/29/2014 9:26PM
obama IS GARBAGE!!!!
04/29/2014 9:44PM
Why is it that the liberal evaluation and opinion seems to be the authoritive , definitive answer that everyone must now bow down to. Everyone is allowed to voice their opinions but in the end it is the biasedunabashed opinion of the liberal left that seems to come out on top. And only the left would believe the NBA" s swift and harsh action has everything to do with racism . I continue to delight in that naive and misguided wisdom of the left. More like Pons in life's game of chess.
04/29/2014 10:01PM
Because being strongly against racism is a horrible liberal concept, right? Some things just aren't right, conservative or liberal. You're not entitled to a society where there's no consequences for horrible intolerance that most peopledon't accept.
04/30/2014 12:10AM
Website sucks
Refreshed in the middle of my response. First, the responses are lost. Now this. Get it right WWL!
04/30/2014 12:11AM
His opinion may be wrong, but that's his right
Just think about it. Lost my last post, so I'm not going to retype the whole thesis.
04/30/2014 12:25AM
White Devil
Are blacks scared of an nba team being all white , college and high schools let all black teams even have there own championship at some levels , but of the white devils do this it's racist ? We have freedom of expression and speech !! So if your offended by the words of 1 man , your an idiot ! Don't buy merchandise or quit his team , , it's sad he is being forced out ! He is an owner ! His comments or beliefs should not matter
04/30/2014 1:09AM
get a pass
blacks can call themselves the n word in rap songs and on the street. They also get away with making fun of white people with various slang words. In addition blacks are highly sensitive. Get over it and act like an adult instead of a whiny child
04/30/2014 1:17AM
Kiss up to liberal media
scoot your thinking an blog writing are socialist and border on communist doctrine
04/30/2014 2:07AM
Is different in context and intent based on who is saying it and the history of the words. And as for socialist & communist - free speech. All modern countries have some elements of socialism and democracy (except the ones that are dictatorships.) Ifpeople in America want more socialized programs or ideals, they are more than free to express or even vote for them. Such is progress and freedom, which the right claims to appreciate unless it goes against their dogmas.
04/30/2014 9:53AM
Right_Wing_ Atheist
NO ONE is defending the racist remarks of Donald Sterling. However, you must face facts. Compare the terms "Racist" and "Rapist". Only one letter is different, but which crime is the most severe? Mike Tyson, a convicted rapist, is welcomed back into the sport of boxing after serving his sentence. He remained involved in the sport until he retired. Serena Williams makes an insensitive comment about the Stuebenville rape victim, insinuating it was her fault that she was gang raped by a group of young black men. She then apologized, faced no repercussions whatsoever, all is forgiven. I guess racism is a far worse crime than rape, and is also one that cannot be forgiven, especially if you happen to be white.
04/30/2014 1:51PM
Double Standards
When America becomes a predominantly black nation and chains up and beats white people and enslaves them to build the nation, then you're more than welcome to complain about reverse racism and how bad white people have it in this county.
04/30/2014 3:05PM
This country will never become a majority black nation (thankfully). You black beast already slaughter and beat whites in the thousands. You've already enslaved whites and invaded Europe for over 738 years during Moorish rule so this has already been done you useless vile Negroid. If the slavery of modern whites has to happen to call you Negroids "racist" then I'm all for segregation from you sub humans. You people should have been slaughtered right after slavery ended. At least we wouldn't have to bother with you beast anymore.
04/30/2014 5:51PM
Obama lies, fraud, and failures have set blacks back a hundred years ... The NAACP has much bigger p
Scoot you are a clown. You are blinded by your hate.
04/30/2014 5:55PM
Scoot Sterling and all you clowns freaking out over this ARE DEMOCRATS ...
what a bunch of HUMAN DEBRIS you àssholes are ...
04/30/2014 5:57PM
The NAACP is a leftist HATE group.
The country is going to hell because of the incompetent clown Obama and all you DemWITS have is more hate and racism to sell. GO TO HELL Scooter. We have had enough of your hate and ignorance.
04/30/2014 5:59PM
Scoot and the DemWits are FACISTS.
04/30/2014 6:06PM
Scoot you and your DemWITS buddies are bigots and once again
you are blaming conservatives for YOUR Democrat guy did. We believe is free speech and property rights and even the right to be a moron. YOU are a hate-monger and race baiter ... sad for you.
04/30/2014 6:11PM
Scooter Boy is in a rage spewing his hatred.
Funny to watch the leftist Democrats all apart. All the Democrats have left is hate and racism. They have fuçked the country with their failed policies and propped up the idiot Obama and his daily dose of lies and now they want to just call everyone that does not pray to their Messiah racist. Laughing at you DEM BIoCHES!!! LOL
04/30/2014 6:35PM
Perhaps Scooter you should stop defending your Messiah Obama and
your þutt sex buddies .. LOL ... actually, defend all you want .. we are not fascists like YOU. You are one arrogant SOB.
04/30/2014 6:37PM
Is not a Democrat. He gave to two campaigns years ago - this does not make him representative of the Democratic party any more than Vitter's use of hookers is representative of the GOP.
04/30/2014 6:52PM
It is apparent that Scoot and most Democrats have a lot of guilt over their own racism.
He and his Democrat buddies are falling all over themselves to declare they are not racist and how much more righteous they are than others. Those of us who are in reality NOT racist do not feel the need to scream at folks to remind them. Scoot is a light-weight—a fill in when sports is not on. He cannot handle rejection and suffers from a low self-image.
04/30/2014 7:05PM
if you're such a psychologist why don't you stop analyzing scoot and analyze why you need to troll blogs for attention
04/30/2014 8:15PM
Obama-Biden vacation tab reaches $40 million...
Obama-Biden vacation tab reaches $40 million... $2.9 million for two golf outings... and most blacks think Obama gives a hoot about them ... LOL.
04/30/2014 8:15PM
Looks like Scott is TROLLING again on his own blog ... LOL ...
guess he is craving attention.
04/30/2014 8:19PM
Scoot's boyfriend comes to his rescue.
oh, my!
04/30/2014 8:24PM
The Democrats defend racist everyday ... they defend Eric Holder and Barrack Obama.
... and Sterling is a Democrat. Sounds like Democrats have a bigot problem.
04/30/2014 9:05PM
Is a registered Republican who gave to two Democratic candidates in the 80s and 90s. Which does not make him a Democrat or representative of the Democratic party.
04/30/2014 9:37PM
White liberals are racists because they do not hold blacks to the
same standards of excellence as they would a white person. Liberals view blacks as inferior and incapable of succeeding without government oversight and assistance. Their support of Affirmative Action is appalling because Affirmative Action is merely government sponsored racism.
04/30/2014 10:32PM
Black congressman stands by comment that Clarence Thomas is an ‘Uncle Tom’
Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) on Wednesday stood by his remark that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is an "Uncle Tom" and continued to suggest that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's (R-Ky.) opposition to President Obama is race-based. Racism is all the DemWits have left ... they are human debris.
04/30/2014 10:38PM
Scoot needs to stop defending déviant behavior by his homomséxual buddies.
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