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Scoot: Still haunted by my night in the ring with a midget wrestler

I hope this does not prove to be a “spoiler” for anyone, but there is a strong possibility that WWE wrestling is staged! I have caught a few moments of matches over the years and while I can’t prove it, I think it might be great theatrics and not really a sport!
This weekend, the WWE’s Wrestlemania is in New Orleans. It is the Super Bowl of professional wrestling, and this event will have a huge impact on the local economy.  Wrestling maniacs and celebrities will fill downtown and the French Quarter this weekend, and it will be an exciting time in New Orleans.
There has been a longstanding debate about whether or not professional wrestling should be classified as a “sport.” Should the wrestlers then be referred to as “athletes?” The wrestlers are in amazing shape and obviously train hard for what they do in the ring. There is competition in the ring between two individuals, and sometimes teams, and doesn’t that define it as a “sport?”
If you actually think about the debate over whether or not the competition in an event like Wrestlemania is “sport,” and whether or not it’s fair to consider the participants “athletes,” it is all pointless because it doesn’t really matter.
There is competitive drama in NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB games and fans cheer for their favorites with the outcome unknown. Doesn’t that describe Wrestlemania?
An honest analysis of why any fans go to any sporting event leads to one conclusion – it’s entertaining! And doesn’t that describe Wrestlemania?
In professional sports, like the NFL, there is actual competition based solely on preparation and head-to-head performance toward an unknown outcome – which are not part of the spectacle of Wrestlemania. But there are enough parallels between Wrestlemania and any professional sporting event to blur the lines when the question is asked, “Why do people watch Wrestlemania?”  The answer may be they watch for the same reason people go to any sporting event.
Professional wrestling is theatrical and provides entertainment for those who choose to attend or watch on television, and the same can be said of any professional sport. So what if it’s staged? Wrestlemania gives the fans what they want, which, again, is true of any sporting event.
And now for my personal experience in the ring with a professional wrestler.
I think it was 1980, and part of a big wrestling event in the Superdome was “Midget Wrestling!” I was asked to interview one of the “midget wrestlers,” who were actually dwarfs – not midgets.
I thought it would be great publicity if I challenged one of the “midget wrestlers” that night in the dome, so it was arranged, and in advance of the interview, it was worked out that I would challenge midget wrestler Cowboy Lang on the air to face me in the ring!
There was a lot of taunting during the interview with me saying things, like: “I can beat you in wrestling – you don’t have a chance!”  And Cowboy Lang would say something like; “You will never beat me in the ring!” That went back and forth and the taunting actually became aggressive.
The night of the big wrestling event in the Superdome, I pulled up in a white limousine and I was wearing a white top hat and a red cape. A bodyguard escorted me to the ring. I do recall Cowboy Lang looking rather angry at the spectacle I was creating – but hey, this was fun publicity for Scoot!
The bell rang, and Scoot and Cowboy Lang sized each other up as we circled in a crouched position. It was prearranged for me to allow the midget wrestler to pin me and win the match.
Now, since the midget wrestlers were dwarfs – they had strength – particularly upper-body and arm strength. I’m sure he would have beaten me even without the plan, and I knew it would be bad for my image if I did beat up a midget wrestler, so I wanted to be the loser and that was clearly arranged in our meeting.
And then as we both continued to assess each other in the ring – I suddenly noticed that Cowboy Lang’s attitude had changed. He began snorting and grunting and the look in his eyes was terrifying. All of this sounds hysterical now – but it wasn’t funny for me as I sensed that our predetermined plans were no longer part of the staged event in the dome!
Cowboy Lang made first contact and he immediately maneuvered himself behind me with his arm around me neck, which was locked in the crevasse of his arm.  As he used his other hand to pull tightly the arm around my neck – I knew this was not going well!
The pressure on the front of my throat continued to increase – the referee was there, but I was on the verge of passing out. I wanted to pin myself, but the midget wrestler had positioned himself behind me making it impossible for me to get my back on the mat in order to end this horrifying moment in my career. The pressure on my throat was so intense – I was rendered incapable of even reaching out to grab the referee, who was next to me watching this drama unfold.  I remember the crowd was screaming and cheering – apparently for Cowboy Lang to beat me in the ring.
I started to see the lights in the dome going out and realized I was about to become unconscious. At that moment, I felt my eyes start to roll back in my head and that was an obvious clue to the referee to stop the match! He did – but not until after the harrowing experience.
Afterwards, I struggled to stand up and seem to recall needing help to walk out of the ring and back to my big white limo. I really don’t remember much more about what happened right after I was losing consciousness in front of a large crowd of wild wrestling fans in the dome, but I did know that Cowboy Lang turned on me in the ring that night!
The next morning – I had a difficult time talking and I immediately went to the doctor. I was diagnosed with trauma to the larynx and was off the air for 3 days while I healed!
I guess I can say that in the case of the only wrestling match against a professional wrestler in my career, it was real. Cowboy Lang did not follow the choreographed moves, and I was nearly rendered unconscious in the Dome that night!
I haven’t seen Cowboy Lang since he tried to kill me in the ring – but if I EVER run into that b*****d again, I will keep my distance!
That night for Scoot – professional wrestling was real! As I think back on that night and how the attitude of Cowboy Lang suddenly changed in the ring – I realized that he took offense with my taunting him on the air and with pulling up to the ring in a white limo and he was going to put me in my place – which he did!
I guess you can understand that it is difficult for me to watch Wrestlemania because I am still haunted by the night in the ring with a midget wrestler!

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04/04/2014 12:12AM
Scoot: Still haunted by my night in the ring with a midget wrestler
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04/04/2014 3:13AM
Good point
Wrestling and pro football are both full of drama and steroids
04/04/2014 6:42AM
Is this true?
Great story. I would like to see this whipping for myself. Hilarious!
04/04/2014 9:05PM
Scoot the gay boy ...
copped a feel.
04/04/2014 9:08PM
The Scoot Show ..
homosexual pórn ...
04/05/2014 3:00PM
America is NOT great because of diversity.
The leftist diversity propaganda is merely another way to divide and conquer. Separating groups by various categories and getting them competing against each other and hating each other so that DemWits can buy more votes.
04/05/2014 4:18PM
Democrats always smell like feces
because the always have their heads up their butts.
04/05/2014 7:46PM
Look at darren sharper who doped up all those women he raped. Prove wrestling is worse than that
04/06/2014 12:48PM
Obama may be up for another Nobel Peace Prize for his work in ...
promoting þutt sex around the world.
04/06/2014 9:01PM
Obama is a prime example that EVIL often wins ...
Obama is DOG SH!T.
04/06/2014 9:06PM
This was great ... a bunch of students telling the BIOTCH Michelle Obama
to basically go to héll for telling them how to eat. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/04/05/students-fed-up-with-michelle-obamas-school-lunch-overhaul-menu-item-snapshots-spell-out-why/
04/07/2014 11:20AM
LOL ... poor Scooter ... if he did not ghet trashed no one would care about
this silly blog ... Scooter trashes people all the time and then acts self-righteous when is mocking is returned ... poor little clown ....
04/07/2014 11:21AM
Obama is a walking load of feces. It is no wonder that the Secret Service carries shovels and wears
LOL ... and who are these primates that still worship this tyrant? ...
04/07/2014 11:30AM
Homosexuals trash and hate those who do not support homosexual marriage.
They are some of the most hateful folks you will find ... attend a Gay Pride Day and you will see the deviant rage on parade ...
04/07/2014 11:35AM
Speaking of Obama HATE ...
Obama to Headline Al Sharpton’s NAN Conference ... http://www.truthrevolt.org/news/obama-headline-al-sharptons-nan-conference
04/07/2014 11:37AM
Obama is a walking load of feces. It is no wonder that the Secret Service carries shovels and wears
04/07/2014 11:41AM
Stay tuned for more homosexual pórn stories live
on the Scooter Show! Enjoy!
04/07/2014 11:47AM
Obama lies and slanders people every day ...
he won his first election by publishing his opponents divorce records and yet Scooter respects this piece of dog SH!T. Too funny.
04/07/2014 12:08PM
BREAKING ,,, Midget wrestler to replace Scoot on WWL ....
Scoot confesses to taunting a midget. NAACP sues WWL and demands an apology as Scoot mock proportionate dwarfs on his blog.
04/07/2014 12:11PM
Scooter is influenced by the fascist Obama's intimidation.
Scooter show is political correctness on parade.
04/07/2014 12:20PM
Obama is the MOST HATEFUL man ever to hold the office of president (small p)
in the modern era .... his wife is a BIOTCH.
04/07/2014 12:30PM
According to Scoot and WWL if you do not support homosexual, midget
þutt sex, you should be shut down ... LOL ...
04/07/2014 1:06PM
As each page of the book is turned,
we’re finding out slowly that a proud Chicago bathhouse member and racist Community Agitator isn't smart enough to be president without looking like a fool on the world state of politics.
04/07/2014 1:50PM
Scoot you are free to have all the þutt sex you can stand ...
we just don not have to endorse your behavior ... ENJOY!
04/07/2014 8:06PM
By April 21,
Americans will have made enough to pay the $3 trillion in federal taxes and $1.5 trillion in state taxes — more than they will spend on food clothing and housing combined.
04/09/2014 2:25AM
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