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Scoot: Sterling's rant reminds us that racism is still alive

Ignorant expressions of racism are still alive! Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, is accused of telling his one-time girlfriend, V. Stiviano not to bring blacks to his games and to stop posting pictures with blacks on Instagram. If you haven't yet, listen to the conversation between Sterling and Stiviano below, courtesy of TMZ.

Outrage to the comments was immediate and widespread. Michael Jordan and LeBron James were only two of countless NBA and former NBA players that condemned the comments by Sterling.
President Obama said, “When ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you don’t really have to do anything, you just let them talk.”
State Farm, KIA, CarMax and Virgin American were among the major sponsors that immediatly pulled their sponsorship deals with the Clippers.
It is perplexing that anyone in 2014, but especially someone who so benefits from the hard work of his black players, would have such a prejudiced mentality. During the conversation on tape he defends how he feels about blacks by telling his girlfriend that he gives the black players on the Clippers their cars, homes and money – almost suggesting that he owns them.
The Clippers are in the playoffs, and lost a game last night to the Golden State Warriors. With the series tied at 2-2, Chris Paul and the Clippers return home to play game 5 against the Warriors Tuesday night. Several hours prior to the game, the NBA is expected to make an announcement about its investigation of the alleged racist tirade.. Apparently, there are limits to what action the league can take against one of its owners.
Some have said they are not surprised by Sterling’s racist attitude and say it reveals his true character.  How sad.
The first thing that comes to my mind is the statement this incident makes about the desire for money. Donald Sterling apparently had a girlfriend and a wife. Did the wife stay with him because she didn’t want to lose her plush existence? And was the very attractive and much younger girlfriend just with a paunchy, older rich man because he has money?
Many women will sacrifice looks and infidelity for money – the key word being “sacrifice!”  During the conversation in which Sterling allegedly criticized his girlfriend for promoting her association with blacks, there were times that she says she is sorry for making him angry and what can she do to make things better. His girlfriend is black and Mexican – why would she have a relationship with a racist?  Does money trump mentality?
I grew up as part of a generation that criticized the Establishment and stood for equality. It is always embarrassing to discover another member of that generation that continues to promote a racist mentality.
Ironically, Donald Sterling was set to be given a lifetime achievement award by the NAACP in Los Angeles – he will no longer receive the award.
And before fans condemn the apparent racist mentality of the team’s owner – they need to ask themselves how much respect they give black people who are not in uniforms. I’m sure there are many fans of the Clippers and even the Saints, who do not see color when blacks are wearing their team’s uniform, but are racists at heart.
I disagree with conservative pundit Bill Kristol, who said Sunday on “This Week” that while the comments were “bigoted,”  the reaction has been “hysterical.” Reaction to blatant racism is never hysterical. In 2014, the racist mentality of a wealthy white man who bases part of his fortune on hiring blacks is simply ignorant and unacceptable.
If we have learned anything as a country, we have learned that it is wrong to judge a person by the color of their skin. There is absolutely no justification for the judgment of blacks and anyone who judges an individual by the color of skin reveals a deep-rooted insecurity within themselves.
The good news is – we may not be able to pass laws that ban racism – but allowing unbridled freedom of expression is a great way to expose the ignorant.

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04/28/2014 7:49PM
Scoot: Sterling's rant reminds us that racism is still alive
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04/28/2014 8:07PM
Why are people so sensitive, consider this mans selfish egotistical ways and narcissism. He is probably an atheist
04/28/2014 8:21PM
Discrimination is fair
Against gays and their deviant lifestyles
04/28/2014 8:53PM
gay music
Please stop playing that gay music in between commercial breaks
04/28/2014 9:15PM
Leftists love racism. They have a hard-on for it ...
they hope it gets worse and never goes away ... leftist use hate to divide and conquer ... Frankly, while I have no objection to everyone trying to make some good coin, this Clippers thing is about a bunch of rich folks calling each other names. Funny to watch so-called NBA tough guys fall apart over what some old guy said. They live in a country where they make excellent coin playing a game and they have a black-skinned president ... gee, grow a pair and get some thick skin ... whining is not working on us sane people. You clowns just look like clowns ...
04/28/2014 9:20PM
Labron James voted for the race-baiter Obama and gave him money.
These incidents just expose the hypocrisy of many in the black community and give them a chance to spew their hatred back at whoever the latest Democrat racist is ... it is sad but funny to watch.
04/28/2014 9:27PM
Scoot, while I know you freak out when some think you are a homosexual ...
and you privately hate it, at least it gives you better ratings if you come across as gay and the folks in the homosexual community you pander to like you better ....
04/28/2014 11:09PM
Gay Republican under attack from gays in CA...
Liberals are such HATERS ... http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2014/04/28/california-house-race-no-one-puts-gay-republican-carl-demaio-in-corner/
04/28/2014 11:12PM
is what Obama has done to further damage the black family ... but Scooter and his gang of Obama Zombies are more worried about some old Democrat that punked some NBA rich guys ...
04/28/2014 11:14PM
... meanwhile Mary Landrieu is still spreading her legs for Obama ... LOL ...
04/29/2014 10:06AM
The racist Obama and his party of human debris skid to new lows ...
05/01/2014 8:03PM
give scoot the boot!
wwl please, please, please rid your airwaves of this assbag. i implore you.
05/03/2014 3:50AM
There's other radio stations - does your ignorant a$$ need a lesson in how to use a radio? If you are so ticked off by Scoot, find another radio station where your ignorance will be echoed back to you by another angry white guy with more money thanbrains. WWL isn't for single-cell organisms.
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