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Scoot: Soda ban ruling is a victory for personal accountability

A ruling by New York’s Court of Appeals should be celebrated as a major victory in the battle to keep the government from invading our personal lives. The court ruled that New York City’s proposed ban on all sugary drinks over 16 ounces is illegal!
The proposed ban on all sugary drinks over 16 ounces was the idea of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg – who promoted ways for the government to control the decisions made by individuals.  But the proposed ban on large sugary drinks was flawed from the beginning.
Mayor Bloomberg decided that one way to fight the growing obesity problem in New York City would be to ban the sale of large sugary drinks, which contribute to obesity, but the proposed ban essentially continues to make the government our guardians.
A ban on the sale of sugary drinks over 16 ounces would not have stopped those who wanted a larger sugary drink because there would not have been a ban on buying two, three or four 16 ounce drinks.
Attempts to pass laws that replace the personal responsibility of individuals will not achieve their goals and such laws are dangerous. Through the acts of banning what we consume – food, drinks, entertainment, etc. – the government is sending a message to citizens that it knows what is best for us and we should support and abide by its various bans. But over time Americans will develop a sense of believing that the government knows what is best for them - and if something isn’t banned – then it will be perceived to be ok.
The government can educate citizens about the things that are good and bad for them – but citizens should be encouraged to maintain the responsibility of making good decisions. It seems as if our government – with the support of politicians and many citizens – continues to erode the importance of personal accountability. Decisions should never be based on whether something is available for consumption – decisions should be based on what is in the best interest of each individual.
The attempt to ban sugary drinks over 16 ounces, the idea of holding bartenders and wait staff responsible if a customer gets drunk and causes an accident on the way home and efforts to control the content of entertainment - all diminish the concept of personal accountability – which is an integral factor in a civilized society.
The one thing that is grossly overlooked - but yet has been a destructive force throughout American society – is the loss of personal accountability.
If America has taken a wrong turn – this is the wrong turn we have taken. There was a time when individuals from teens to adults – were taught that they would be held accountable for their actions and decisions – regardless of what was available or what they were exposed, too.
A new demand to hold individuals responsible for their actions and decision is the best and most practical way to turn this country back in the right direction!

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06/26/2014 9:49PM
Scoot: Soda ban ruling is a victory for personal accountability
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