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Scoot: "Slap Ya Mama" controversy

The first time I saw it during a Saints preseason game, I turned to the person I was watching the game with and said “That’s going to be controversial!”  And sure enough, it has become a controversy!
The NFL informed Cox Communications that placing the logo for “Slap Your Mama” Cajun hot sauces and seasonings into the TV broadcast will no longer be allowed. The NFL stated that “in light of domestic violence issues” the company’s name electronically placed on the field was inappropriate. It is also fair to point out that the NFL is interested in promoting broadcasts of games that include less distracting elements for the viewing fans.
I have to admit that even though I was born and raised in New Orleans, my family never used the phrase “slap your mama” to describe something very tasty.  I’m not opposed to the phrase – I’m just saying that we never used it. So, with no real-life reference to the phrase, it stood out to me when I saw it splashed on the field when the Saints entered the red zone.
Most of the domestic violence cases with professional athletes and the general population involve a man physically abusing his wife or girlfriend – not his mother, but to a general audience, the phrase “slap your mama” may be close enough to be offensive.
Colloquialisms rarely translate outside of the regions in which they became popular.  I may not have used the phrase “slap your mama” – but I understand the intent is not malicious or a promotion of domestic violence.  I do applaud the NFL for stepping in and trying to control gratuitous advertising like a large logo planted on the field as the Saints are close to the goal.
I found the “Slap Ya Mama” logo to be very distracting.  I support the sale of advertising as an integral aspect of our free enterprise system, but I would never underestimate the need to control the desire to overuse the right to advertise.
If large company logos are allowed when a team reaches the red zone – where will it end?  Logos on the field for every 1st down – every 3rd and long?  Every punt or kick-off?  Logos placed on the derrieres of linemen who are down in a three-point stance?  Or a quarterback who is sacked often – logos on the bottom of his shoes!
We are bombarded with enough advertising and I support the NFL’s attempt to keep the field clean of huge logos on the field for viewing fans.
Furthermore, If I owned Slap Your Mama hot sauces and seasonings – I would thank the NFL for the great publicity!  Amazing how a negative can turn into a positive!

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08/25/2014 7:40PM
Scoot: "Slap Ya Mama" controversy
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