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Scoot: Should the Bible be Louisiana's official state book?

It is 2014, and there are still many Americans who do not seem to understand that Christianity is NOT the official religion of the United States. We have NO official religion and I suspect that’s exactly the way our Founding Fathers wanted it!

The 2014 Louisiana legislative session opened today in Baton Rouge, and one of the bills that will be considered by the lawmakers forces the debate about government-supported Christianity once again.  Republican Representative Thomas Carmody from Shreveport supports a bill that would declare the Bible the official state book of Louisiana.

A bill making the Bible the official state book of Louisiana is a superficial and exclusionary way to promote Christianity as an official state religion.  Specifically, Representative Carmody is proposing that the Holy Bible published by Johannes Prevel, which is the oldest Bible in the state, be named the official State book.  This is nothing more than an attempt to elevate Christianity to a level of official designation in Louisiana - which seems to me to be unconstitutional.

As a Christian, I am continually amazed at the countless efforts to promote Christianity - efforts that actually do nothing to promote Christianity.  And I wonder why some Christians as so intent on declaring Christianity a government-sanctioned religion. 

Though they will never admit it, I believe that many Christians are actually very insecure with their faith and feel the need to have some special government recognition of Christianity.  Whether it is a debate about making Christianity the official religion of America, or Louisiana making the Bible the official state book, or the never-ending efforts to place the Lord’s Prayer or the Ten Commandments on public property, there seems to be a general sense that it is imperative that Americans recognize an official status for Christianity.

A bill that would make the Bible the official state book of Louisiana is among the most inane and meaningless contributions to the state and to Christianity I have ever heard of.  

First of all, besides a state flag and maybe a state bird, designating material things as state-approved or state-supported is a monumental waste of time and even suggests that our lawmakers have time to waste of trivial matters.

If the Bible is declared Louisiana’s official state book, does that mean that Christianity is more important than all other religious belief systems in our state?  There is no precedent for having a state book and it almost seems that there is a belief that more people would read the Bible if it is declared the official state book.  Otherwise, what is the motive and what would be accomplished?

I can already hear the argument that if the Bible was our official state book, then Louisiana would become more moral, which is ridiculous!  Those who look for superficial, tangible ways to acknowledge Christianity are subconsciously suggesting that faith is weak and fragile. 

If any Christian’s faith if weak and fragile, making the Bible the official state book of Louisiana is not going to strengthen their faith.  And if a Christian’s faith could be strengthened by something as insignificant as declaring the Bible the official state book - then I suggest that that person’s faith was not that strong to begin with!

Faith comes from within, and true faith is not so fleeting that not declaring the Bible the state book would diminish faith; and declaring the Bible to be the state book will not strengthen faith.

For the record, my beliefs make me a Christian, but I think support for passing legislation that would make the Bible the state book is a desperate ploy to establish Christianity as more important than other religions. It may be to me and to you - but in the United States, or in the state of Louisiana, government does not recognize or sanction religion. and that should never change.

The brave people who started this country were seeking freedom from religious persecution.  The fact that they were predominately Christian does not establish Christianity as the official religion of America.  Superseding Christianity was the desire to be free from a government that supported specific religious beliefs. and even to this day. there are many Americans who still don’t understand that fundamental reality.

I cannot image that Representative Carmody’s region does not have many more pressing issues to be addressed by their elected official than making the Bible the state book!

Maybe the legislature should pass a bill declaring that some legislation is the official joke of Louisiana? 

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03/10/2014 7:17PM
Scoot: Should the Bible be Louisiana's official state book?
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03/10/2014 7:30PM
Catholic bible
Yes it should be. Stop the controversy. Watch Ewtn and learn your catholic religion.
03/10/2014 8:51PM
We are more than Christians in this great state. Why not honor a great author who is from here? As a Christian it bothers me when things like this are even proposed.
03/10/2014 8:54PM
Doesn't separation of church and state mean anything anymore!?
03/10/2014 9:04PM
why not?
The bible speaks to different people in different ways. Its a collection of ancient writings of legend, law, poetry, prophecy, philosophy, and history. It is many thing to many religions and called by many names. Its writings are held sacred by Jews, Christians and Moslems.
03/10/2014 9:19PM
Whatever dude!
What book do you recommend scoot? Dr Seuss green eggs and ham
03/10/2014 9:27PM
Fire this clown!
This Article is silly! It don't make sense! If we make a law book the state book will everyone follow the laws? C'mon man! I can tell you know very little of the founding fathers of our country. Maybe if you would educate yourself on the history of this country you wouldn't write so foolishly! Please wwl replace Scoot with T-Bob!
03/10/2014 9:32PM
Separation of church and state?
Separation of church and state. Really??? Scoot please read the constitution and the establishment clause. Making this particular bible the official book of Louisiana is pointless, but not unconstitutional. Recognizing a particular book does not establish an official religion nor does it restrict the free expression of a competing faith. The words "separation of church and state" do not appear in the first amendment. While I agree that it is a pointless measure, your attempts to dumb down your readers with this false argument is nauseating. By the way, a nativity scene or the Ten Commandments in a public place also do not violate the first amendment. The actual text matters and not what people state that the constitution says. Signed an agnostic.
03/10/2014 10:17PM
What do you suggest
scoot would , like a book gays and same sex marriage his favorite topic in life to talk about. He appears to worship the devil..
03/10/2014 10:21PM
T Bob
Please replace scoot gay boy with T Bob
03/11/2014 7:12AM
Allow equal time. Lets have two official state books. If one must be the bible, then the other should be "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins. Do you see where this insanity will lead?
03/11/2014 8:13AM
No apology needed
Whether the Bible makes it as the choice for a state book an apology should never be needed for putting it on the list of choices. It seems like these days you have to apologize to choose anything connected with being a Christian. It's sad.
03/11/2014 9:53AM
Legislators have too much time on their hands, vote them out
This and reconizing the mayhaw as the official fruit tree are examples of legislators who shouldn't be legislators as this is a waste of time and money to propose foolish things like this with all the problems we have. Don't worry, be happy, spend legislative time in legalizing weed.
03/11/2014 9:54AM
Legislators have too much time on their hands, vote them out
This and reconizing the mayhaw as the official fruit tree are examples of legislators who shouldn't be legislators as this is a waste of time and money to propose foolish things like this with all the problems we have. Don't worry, be happy, spend legislative time in legalizing marijuana.
03/11/2014 11:31AM
This is beyond ridiculous
First, I am a firm believer in separation of Church and State, so NO religious book should be the official state book, in my opinion. But IF we were to have a religious book as the official state book, who is to say this version of Bible is better than the other versions? Or better than the Koran? Things like this is why the rest of the country views the South as ignorant.
03/11/2014 11:34AM
The bigger question is...
Why do we need to have an official state book? I would love to see a lawmaker submit a bill that proposes an official state soft drink just to point out how pointless this is.
03/11/2014 1:47PM
The Bible. An "official book"?
If one truly wants a peaceful way to live and a calm understanding of things that help to stop suffering...try The Dhammapada!
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