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Scoot: Pop music and positive attitudes

Last night, I witnessed confirmation of a new trend at the show by the band American Authors.

American Authors is a relatively new, young group that began their tour last night at House of Blues in New Orleans.  The music video for the band’s big hit, “Best Day of My Life” has recently been featured in the VH-1 “Top 20 Countdown” and the song is being played on radio stations across the country, including B97. I use the song in and out of breaks on “The Scoot Show” on WWL.

“Best Day of My Life” is from one of the groups that is defining this decade of music. It’s an upbeat, positive song with a melody reminiscent of the 80s’ sound and the style of the band, American Authors, is similar to many of the young bands that are becoming popular today.

What I noticed at the show last night is something I first noticed at a concert by the young band from Ireland, Two Door Cinema Club, which was also at House of Blues last year. There is a young generation that is dancing and singing to the music with their hands-in-the-air and their energy is positive!

In previous blogs and on the show, I have talked about how young generations have adopted the music of the 80s as their own – crowding into “80s Nights” at clubs around the country – including One-Eyed Jack’s in the French Quarter every Thursday night.

For the past 10 years, young adults too young to have been born when the songs that defined the “80s sound” were hits on the radio have been dancing to and singing every word of the songs we all remember from the 80s. The music of the 80s was generally upbeat, very danceable and positive and reflected a good time in America when the economy was booming and Americans felt good about the future and everything seemed possible.

It can be argued that every young generation is positive because they have their whole lives ahead of them, but much of the music of the 60's carried heavy messages along with a negative view of the future. The same can be said of the young generation that the grunge music of the 90's spoke to.

New artists like American Authors, Two Door Cinema Club, Imagine Dragons, Bastille, and Bruno Mars have been creating new music for a new generation that reminds me of the 80's sound. It is obvious that a young generation’s appreciation for the actual music from the 80's has inspired new artists to make new music that sounds like the 80's – and this is the music that will define the music of this decade. There are also similarities between some of the hair styles and fashion of the 80's that are now part of a “new look and sound.”

What I love about much of today’s popular music and the fashion is that it seems to represent a positive attitude of a young generation. Considering the job market and the economy, political debate that has become so hateful, the ever-present threat of terrorism and growing social and political tension here and around the world – I think it’s wonderful to see signs of a positive attitude coming from a young generation. Music is reflecting attitudes that remind me of the attitudes of a younger generation when the 80s were raging with hot music and a positive view of life.

I realize it is easier to be positive when you are young and you don’t have a big mortgage, car payments, health issues or the many problems that burden today’s Establishment generation, but I also think we should all learn to be more positive about today and the future.

As a radio talk show host, I hear how negative many Americans are about everything from Obamacare to the future of America. Approaching life with a negative attitude can only invite negative results.  Without being naïve to the realities we all know, we should stop looking for reasons to be negative.

The rhetoric from the right about Obamacare paints a picture that everyone has been hurt by it – and the truth is – not everyone has been hurt. And that’s a fact. There is hateful rhetoric from the left when it comes to condemning everything conservatives stand for – and that’s wrong.

The attitude of Americans may be changing, but we are still deeply divided along political lines and both sides seem more interested in advancing their party’s agenda than in doing what is best for America.

If you have bought into the common mentality that there is “no good music” out today and if you have failed to sample some of the new songs and groups with an open mind – then you may be robbing yourself of an opportunity to embrace the positive wave that is rolling across young America.

American society is NOT being destroyed by issues like same-sex marriage, as so many are predicting. America’s economy DID NOT collapse with the re-election of President Obama in 2012. In fact, there are many signs, locally and nationally, that the economy is greatly improving.

Don’t ignore your responsibilities – but maybe it’s time to stop living in the past and buying into all the dismal predictions about our future and learn from the music of a new young generation – be positive about life!

Are you positive about life – and America?  Why?  Or – why not?

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03/25/2014 6:57PM
Scoot: Pop music and positive attitudes
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03/25/2014 7:28PM
crossing the Goal
Very positive show starring Danny Abramowitz for today's young men. Emphasis on prayer and stearing clear of the many negative influences promoted by the liberal media. Check out ewtn.
03/25/2014 8:48PM
Today's weak music
today's music is very weak. bring back Lynyrd skinner,Boston, Jethro Tull and the Doobie Brothers
03/25/2014 10:22PM
Dont forget about
The band 311 that just had their huge concert here. Their lyrics are incredibly positive
03/25/2014 11:34PM
pre conceived
You are a pre conceived supporter of Obama and any liberal who supports gays
04/02/2014 5:27PM
Pop music is regurgitation
Scoot, what are your thoughts on the evolution of music and songs over time having a lot of exact similarities to other songs from the past? Couple that come to mind: Huey Lewis & the News - I Want A New Drug/Ray Parker Jr - Ghostbuster's Theme, The Beach Boys - Surfin' USA/Chuck Berry - Sweet Little Sixteen, Lady Gaga - Born This Way/Madonna - Express Yourself, and last but not least Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines/Marvin Gaye - Got to Give it Up
04/02/2014 6:24PM
The last comment as really weird
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