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Scoot: Politicians, please stop running on "Christian" values!

When politicians run campaigns that are based on Christian, family, or moral values, I always get the impression that they are saying they are better than everyone else.  Touting moral values is a self-righteous implication that you are the only candidate with such vales – and we are again reminded that is not true.
Freshman Congressman Vance McAllister is now asking for forgiveness following the release of the video showing him kissing a congressional staffer. It is obvious that this was a sensual kiss and not just a friendly gesture. 

Republican Representative McAllister ran his campaign on “faith, family and country,” and as a Republican, he promoted that his Christian values would guide him as an elected official.  Known for their Christian values, the Duck Dynasty family endorsed him.
Since the video of Representative McAllister kissing a congressional staffer has gone public, the congressman has said, “There’s no doubt I’ve fallen short and I’m asking for forgiveness.  I’m asking for forgiveness from God, my wife, my kids, my staff and my constitutes who elected me to serve.”  McAllister also promised “to do everything I can to earn back the trust of everyone I’ve disappointed.”
Should a politician who promoted Christian values and got caught kissing a congressional staffer be forgiven?  Of course, he should be forgiven.  But this is yet another example of why it is wrong to run a campaign on Christian, family, or moral values.  The temptation to do so is usually overwhelming for many republican candidates who are trying to appeal to the moral right, and the moral right has been guilty of believing that one of their own is better than others.
It is not wrong to have Christian values. It is not wrong to be a moral person. But it is wrong to campaign on moral values as if to suggest that you are a better person than your political opponent. And it is also wrong for voters to accept the words of a politician who promotes morality as a campaign issue.

The arrogance of many right-wing, Christian Republicans who have broken moral decorum should serve as a lesson that politicians must stop acting like they are morally superior to their opponets - and voters must stop accepting talk that is cheap.
I have always been bothered by politicians who run on Christian, family or moral values because I know they are all human and not without sin.  But I don’t blame them for using morality as a campaign theme because many voters are so willing to accept it as truth. The other problem I have is, exactly what are Christian, family or moral values? They obviously don’t mean loyalty to wife and family – they don’t mean honesty in representing voters. So, exactly what does the issue of moral values mean?
Representative McAllister promoting his Christian and family values and getting caught kissing a staff member should tell us that no matter what politicians say about their moral values – they are just human.
Whether it is about homosexuals or anyone else, the Christian right that is so quick to judge the sins of others should take a look at themselves and realize that their harsh judgment of others is wrong.
Congressman McAllister should be forgiven for falling short – because we all have.  But it is time for voters, even Christian-right voters,  to stop bragging about how they are morally superior – when we know they are not!

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04/08/2014 6:33PM
Scoot: Politicians, please stop running on "Christian" values!
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04/08/2014 8:14PM
The homosexual Scoot thinks he is better than everyone else ...
he lectures again ... LOL ... what a pathetic clown.
04/08/2014 8:22PM
Between what they say they are, and their own actions and deeds, ye shall know them. Hey Vance, you not only blew it, you stink worse than they said you would. Remember how you said your opponent should be 'ran out on a rail' from La because he didn't have La values? Buddy,,, Vance.. do you need to buy a clue, or can we help you pack?
04/08/2014 8:46PM
Show N Tell must stop
Politicians should be willing to recognize merit of TV videos/photos during campaigning and same videos or photos after elected to office. Stop the Show N Tell ! Bill - in Mandeville
04/08/2014 10:00PM
Politicians all self serving
None of them are for the poor working class. This is why the us economy is going down the tubes
04/08/2014 10:27PM
Step Down
The man should step down. Done with him. Move on.
04/09/2014 2:27AM
This politician has got nerve. He should resign
04/09/2014 6:54AM
Well said Scoot. They can't legislate Christian, family and moral values. The best thing they can do is lead by example.
04/09/2014 9:59AM
Your Fix Is Backwards
The proper fix is to follow through with those values, not to give up on them. If this guy puts faith and family before country, and he does this to his family, imagine what he'll do to he country. He has the right order, but the wrong values.
04/09/2014 10:16AM
Where Are The Comments Going?
04/09/2014 10:07PM
Why are posts not taken
04/21/2014 8:37PM
The Democrat party ...
was founded upon hatred and division. Democrats fought for slavery. Democrats continue to fight for economic slavery. Democrats founded the Klan to terrorize freed blacks and their republican supporters. Democrats hung both blacks and republicans after the civil war. Democrats still believe that they own the minority class Any minority that dares to leave the democrat plantation is severely whipped politically, until they return to the plantation. Democrats opposed desegregation Democrats opposed the civil rights act Well into this century, the highest ranking member of the democrat senate was a Klan member.
04/21/2014 8:41PM
Scoot trashes Christians often ... it is the PC thing to do.
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