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Scoot: Only you and I can change racial tension in America

Four young African-Americans tortured a mentally challenged white male while shouting anti-Trump and racial slurs.  The episode lasted 24 to possibly 48 hours, according to authorities and a portion was seen live on Facebook.

Four young African-Americans, two male and two female, are in custody and are said to all be over 18, but the names of the suspects have not been released.

The young mentally challenged white male was apparently a classmate of one of the suspects and was picked up in one part of Chicago and driven in a stolen vehicle to another part of the city, where he was bound with rope and duct tape placed over his mouth during the physical and mental attack.  At one point the white male was cut with a knife and the suspects laughed and made fun of the fact that he was bleeding.

During the assault of the white male, the suspects are heard shouting, “F-white people” and “F-Donald Trump!”  Police are investigating the crime as a possible hate crime.  It would appear obvious to many that this crime is the definition of a hate crime.

Here it is, unedited. 

An attempt to blame the Black Lives Matter movement surfaced with the hot trending #BlackLivesMatter on social media.  Is Black Lives Matter responsible for four blacks torturing a mentally challenged white male?

The most disturbing aspect of the kidnapping and torture of a young male is that it reflects the impression of a deepening racial divide in America through the media.  Judgment of whom or what is responsible for this crime is not confined to racial boundaries.  Many white Americans and many black Americans are united on the fact that pure hate and anger are to blame, but the media will tend to find a white pundit to represent the young white male and a black pundit to explain the behavior of the four young African-Americans.  In reality, judgment of the kidnapping and torture is not so easily defined as white or black.

Another disturbing trend in America today is the instinct to use a horrible crime to promote or discredit an individual, a movement or an ideology.  Blaming Black Lives Matter for the assault of a white male is an attempt to condemn a movement, but totally dismissing the contribution of the mentality of many within the BLM movement ignores reality.

There has been a general discussion that Barack Obama, as the first black president, greatly enhanced racial tension in America.  Following the election of Donald Trump, there seems to be a new discussion about how Trump’s victory may be encouraging talk about how white and black Americans will manifest their celebration or frustration with violent actions.

The quickness with which Americans blame Obama, Trump, Black Lives Matter or any other individual or group with a specific message may have more to do with America’s judgmental tendencies and less to do with the message of an individual or a group.

President Obama, Donald Trump and Black Lives Matter did not create racial tension in America as much they reflect the racial tension that lives in America.

Only you and I can change that.

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01/05/2017 12:55PM
Scoot: Only you and I can change racial tension in America
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