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Scoot: "Noah" movie is out and the Book was better

“Noah” opened this weekend and was the number one movie at the box office!  The controversy surrounding the movie leading up to its release obviously sent a lot of people to the theaters to see it and decide for themselves if it lived up to the controversy.

Whenever heathen Hollywood takes on the Bible, there will be controversy, and “Noah” is no exception. The story of the movie was taken from the Biblical story of Noah and his ark from Genesis. The criticism came from Christians who said the movie did not accurately tell the story of Noah in the Bible, and the word “God” was never used. "Creator" was the reference to God, but that was in accordance with the way people referenced God during those times.
Interestingly, much of the criticism came from Christians who hadn’t even seen the movie and based their condemnation on things they had heard about it. Sadly, that is expected from many overly sensitive Christians who are looking for excuses to bash Hollywood and the media for misrepresenting their faith. It’s a movie, and no one should be going to a movie expecting a Bible lesson. Movies are for entertainment.
Ty Burr, movie critic for the Boston Globe said “Noah” is “equal parts ridiculous and magnificent” and Russell Crowe was “perfectly cast in the title role.”
Ann Hornaday with the Washington Post wrote that the movie is “clearly deeply respectful of its source material but also at times startlingly revisionist.”
David Blaustein from ABC News said “Noah” is a “deft and daring exploration of Noah and his family, a film teeming with meaningless artistic choices that both lauds and curses faith in the very same breath.”
I saw “Noah” over the weekend and I think a better title for the movie would have been “The Bible Meets the Transformers!” To quote the Bible, “In the beginning…” the story in the movie was boring and a bit complicated for anyone who is not a Biblical scholar and has not memorized the family tree of Adam and Eve. But I was very surprised that “Noah” catered to sci-fi fans.
The Watchers, in the Bible, refers to angels, but in the movie, “Noah,” the Watchers were the Rock People – piles of rocks transformed into living, angelic creatures that help Noah and his family. Even with the suspension of reality, it was difficult to accept that these giant creatures made out of rocks had feelings and could even be killed. I didn’t think a rock could be killed!
There was some criticism of the movie for addressing climate change before the rain began, but frankly, it was so subtle that the criticism of the use of the movie to promote the liberal agenda of climate change is unwarranted.
The problem with the movie was that the meaningful messages were disguised in all of the animation and sci-fi ambience. The Creator (God) punishing man (and woman) for unholy behavior and for not taking better care of the Earth that God created may have been a worthy message, but you have to struggle to find it. Man’s vengefulness against one another and man’s responsibility to protect the innocents – the animals – were strong messages that were distracted by a man communicating with rocks!
At one point in the movie, a man making a sword-like weapon in fire was wearing a welder’s helmet! The movie was set in the first book of the Bible – there were no welder’s helmets!
Since art and entertainment are subjective – I hesitate to tell you not to go see “Noah,” but unless you are a Bible and a sci-fi freak – you might want to pull up to the movie theater – throw $10.00 out of the window of your car – and go home. You’re still out the money – but you didn’t waste your time.
Another criticism of “Noah” was that Darren Aronofsky, the director, is not a religious person. If he was religious, he might have prayed about whether he should have done the movie, and the God I know would have instructed him not to bother!
By criticizing a movie about a Bible story, I realize that there will be those who will interpret my criticism as condemnation of the Bible.  That possibility explains those Christians that looking to bash the media for attacking their Christianity. My faith leads me to define myself as a Christian and my criticism of “Noah” is criticism of a movie – not the Bible.
There were a few times during the movie when I caught myself thinking – “This is just unbelievable” – and then I had to consider that there are many, many stories in the Bible that are hard to believe from our modern-day reference to life. I cannot be critical of the movie “Noah” presenting an unbelievable story – but I can be critical of it for being a bad movie.
If movie-goers read a book before seeing a movie based on a book, they often say, “The book was better than the movie.” In the case of the movie, “Noah” – the Book is definitely better than the movie!

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03/31/2014 9:09PM
Scoot: "Noah" movie is out and the Book was better
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03/31/2014 9:36PM
Noah is a global warming propaganda film.
The creators of it intended it to mock Christians while hoping they fork over their money to see it. The man-made global warming crowd watches too many cartoons and movies. This movie is just more leftist feces.
03/31/2014 9:38PM
Speakng of feces ....
there is Barrack Obama ....
03/31/2014 10:12PM
Yea, Mary Landrieu loves the smell of Obama’s àss.
She votes with him 97% of the time. Time for the leftist WH0RE to go.
03/31/2014 10:19PM
its entertainment.....not politics
Movies are made to entertain.....if they do this well, it will sell tickets....make a lot of money and a sequel. Lets just use our brain for a moment.....why would a movie mock the very core audience it wants to attract....The President of the United States is not in the movie...This takes place over 2 thousand years ago...no global warming then....no left wing....no right wing....its ENTERTAINMENT!!!!
04/01/2014 7:03AM
Finally someone gets it. 'its entertainment.....not politics'
If I wanted to be gain biblical knowledge I'd go to bible study class not my local theater....IT'S ENTERTAINMENT.
04/01/2014 8:53AM
What do Obama and Landrieu have to do with the movie?
Let's stick to the topic of the movie with no substance expecting special effects and suspension of reality not exercise of faith to attract an audience and share a story.
04/01/2014 11:15AM
It is ALL politics .... you ignorant fools have not clue .... LOL ....
You folks our useful tools. Too funny.
04/01/2014 11:18AM
Well, I agree.
Some folks who see the film may view it has entertainment, but it was made as a leftist propaganda film. If you like political movies then go see it.
04/01/2014 12:26PM
Propaganda is most effective when see as entertainment.
A generation has been raised on cartoons touting the man-made global warming hoax and the evils of business and industry thus, junk science and socialist economic views are accepted as fact. Many people even refer to movies as their source of information. Media conditions people to believe lies so most do. There is VERY little objective reporting going on in this country at the network level. It all agenda based. Scoot uses his platform to promote his homosexual agenda, which is his right to do.
04/01/2014 2:44PM
The Right Wing Nuts Of WWL
Do only right wings nuts post on this site? Its only a movie movie! Its fiction! Like Fox News...
04/01/2014 3:34PM
If I wanted to brainwash people, I'd hire attractive young "anchors" and promote myself as "fair and balanced." Oh wait.
04/02/2014 2:37AM
if you want truth and entertainment please watch EWTN. It is the only Tv station worth watching
04/11/2014 12:23PM
Gardeners of the Earth
we are all off kilter. We have descended to a place between heaven and hell. The Rock people knew what they had to do , then went on their way. I am one of the Rock people in different form.
04/11/2014 12:29PM
Gardeners of the Earth
I, too shall soon being going home. Let the Light shine down above you.
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