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Scoot: Lying to beat the lines at Disney

The news that families were hiring disabled people to pose as family members so they could go to the front of long lines at Disneyland has ignited a passionate debate about whether this is “rewarding” or “taking advantage of” the disabled.
With new video exposing the practice of paying disabled people for the purpose of advancing to the front of the lines, Disney has reacted by calling this practice deplorable and has issued a warning that anyone found guilty of this practice will lose their Disney pass.

Advertising on Craigslist, “Tour Guides with Disabilities” has successfully “rented out” disabled people to those Disney guests, who want to beat the long lines with their families.  One disabled person, who offers her “services” charges $50 an hour to help families jump to the front of the lines. She says that we live in a capitalist society and does not think it is morally wrong.  A disabled man, who charges $200 an hour to pose as a disabled family member, says he doesn’t care if it’s morally wrong.

If the people with disabilities are being paid, then it may not be fair to say that the disabled are being “taken advantage of,” but it is morally wrong!  Hiring a person with a real disability for the sole purpose of passing others in line for an attraction at Disneyland is deceiving and perpetrating fraud.  How can that be moral?

The most damaging factor ...what lesson this teaches the children of the families that hire the disabled?  The children of these families are taught that if you have money then you are more important than others and you shouldn’t have to wait in a long line.  It also teaches children that lying for the purpose of getting ahead, in a line or in life, is perfectly acceptable.  And to utilize the services of a disabled person to advance a lie only deepens the negative lesson.

Justification that the disabled are being paid does not erase the reality that they are being used for extremely selfish reasons.  The disabled, who are allowing themselves to be hired, are not without guilt.  As a country, we have made many provisions that make it easier for the disabled to navigate through our society, and a disabled person perpetrating fraud only diminishes the reverence we have extended to that segment of society that faces certain challenges.
When the subject of entitlement and fraud become part of a debate, there is the stereotypical person who becomes the target… low-income, less educated and most often a person of color.

The action of hiring disabled people for the purpose of getting to the front of the line reveals that fraud transcends socio-economic boundaries and further passes on a tradition of dishonestly to the children of a new generation.

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06/04/2013 2:20PM
Scoot: Lying to beat the lines at Disney
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