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Scoot: Lil Wayne Steps on American Flag

Rap star Lil Wayne is being criticized for walking on a huge American flag during the filming of a music video in New Orleans this past weekend.  Lil Wayne was working on a video for his new song, “God Bless Amerika,” and footage of a segment where the rapper walks on the American flag as he sings…hit the Internet and drew instant criticism.  According to an article at FOXNews.com, one tweet read, “That’s disrespectful to the extreme,” and went on to call Lil Wayne an “idiot” who should be “locked up” and suggested a boycott of his music.

In the video, Lil Wayne is singing his song “God Bless Amerika,” when a huge American flag drops down from behind him to reveal a group of people representing the “Hood.  Lil Wayne defended his actions in this Facebook post, “It was never my intention to desecrate the flag of the United States of America.  I was shooting a video for a song off my album entitled ‘God Bless Amerika.’  The clip that surfaced on the Internet was a camera trick clip that revealed that behind the American Flag was the Hoods of America,” he went on to say, “In the final edit of the video you’ll see the flag fall to reveal what is behind it…but will never see it on the ground.”
After watching the controversial segment of the video, I think Lil Wayne’s intent must be left up to those who view it.  He definitely walks on the American flag, which hits the ground, but I understand enough about the making of music videos to know that performers keep going even if something unexpected happens.  Was it Lil Wayne’s intent to desecrate the flag or was he continuing his performance after the flag unexpectedly ended up on the ground at his feet?

The other question to be asked is whether the release of this segment of the video was done for the sole purpose of getting publicity for his new video.  Rock or rap performers doing anything that might resemble disrespecting the American flag fires up instant controversy and instant publicity and that rarely proves to be a bad thing.  When I see something like the Lil Wayne video I can never rule out the possibility that it was planned to start controversy.

Desecration of the American flag is an on-going debate in America.  Many believe the flag should be honored and protected from burnings, trampling or any other form of physical disrespect.  Others, even many veterans, may not think it’s right to desecrate the flag, but understand s our freedom of speech protects someone destroying and disrespecting the flag to express an opinion about this country.  Courts have sided with the right to desecrate the flag as protected by freedom of speech.

It is not hypocritical to despise any disrespect of the flag, but to respect the right to do so.  As I watched the footage of Lil Wayne stepping on this huge American flag as he continues to perform his song, “God Bless Amerika,” and I can’t tell whether he is trampling on the flag out of disrespect or if he is simply continuing to perform when the flag fell at his feet.  And if the final cut of the video does not show the flag touching the ground, then in that moment of the flag on the ground and Lil Wayne walking on it during the shooting of the video, the flag serves only as a prop in the video.  Imagine how many American flags have been destroyed during the making of films, even patriotic films, over the years.

And the suggestion that Lil Wayne be “locked up” for walking on the flag during the filming of his new music video defies the very rights the American flag represents.

Judge for yourself.

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06/19/2013 10:18AM
Scoot: Lil Wayne Stomps on American Flag
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06/19/2013 10:58AM
L Wayne
The flag bit doesn't bother me nearly as much as the full 3 second genital grab at the start of this video. HIP HOP Is the trashiest genre in the history of music, absolute GARBAGE. and isn't LW a wonderful role model for young black males!!!
06/19/2013 11:20AM
Lil Wayne is a pig with no respect to our nation. All he cares for is just to make a few more dollars to his new album to get by. Being in the military and see this disgust me.
06/19/2013 4:29PM
Do you ever
Do you ever talk about anything OTHER than rock and rap stars? It seems you are still stuck in your 80's DJ days with everything you talk about....this....Gino Vanellie...please. WWL when will you stop recycling this old has been host and bring in some new life to the station.
06/20/2013 12:05AM
"sad and disgusting at the same time"
The performers statement about the final version comes after the fact of his performance that shows him slowly walking back and forth over the flag. The video opens up with the words "goin to jail" and a crotch grab. What a wonderful example for the Hoods of America. He had ample time to stop and redo that video. How sad for families of young men whose pictures are shown on the evening news in uniform that have lost their lives serving their country.
06/20/2013 8:25AM
LW = Garbage
No respect for anything or anyone. Little Wayne is trash. If he doesn't like being in America then LEAVE. Go find another country that will put up with you and your entourage and stay there. America doesn't need or want you.
06/22/2013 1:35PM
Step on a flag in another nation and see you later baby
Advice to this vile artist. Go ahead and stomp a flag in another nation that is not as tolerant as America and it will be "See you later alligator." I am an immigrant from a small Central American nation and I do not like it here go I would go somewhere else. Lil Wayne you ought to be ashamed of yourself. You are a vile person that gives our enemies reasons to lampoon New Orleans.
06/22/2013 6:07PM
old glory cried
His PR. person was a genius. But his next stage act will disgust his non-fans even further. He new how far to push the legal eagles.
06/22/2013 6:45PM
His RIGHTS are protected by Veterans, includeing urinate,deficate,spitting,burning OLD GLORY.Shameful society that would allow these actions. SEMPER FI
06/23/2013 4:37PM
Yet you FEAR free specch you disagree with ... LOL.
Yet you FEAR free speech you disagree with and try to shut it down ... LOL.
06/23/2013 8:53PM
Find a new home
If a person thinks so badly of the country that they are a citizen of that they have to degrade its flag maybe its time for them to go reside in a different country.
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