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Scoot: LeBron back to Cleveland - there's no place like home!

NBA star LeBron James announced he is returning home to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers.  When LeBron left Cleveland for Miami, many Cavaliers fans felt like he was turning his back on the city in his home state. Not only did LeBron leave Cleveland, but he did it in grandiose style with what seemed like an impersonal announcement on national television.
LeBron is now going home to Cleveland and Cavs fans started honking their car horns and celebrating upon hearing the news! Cleveland is welcoming back the prodigal son.  Imagine if Drew Brees left the Saints to play for another team and then returned to the Saints? Any animosity toward Drew would turn to elation with the news that Drew was returning to the Black and Gold.
In announcing his decision to return to Cleveland, LeBron talked about his love for his home state and how it was important for him to go home. When he left Cleveland for Miami, it appeared that money and the chance of winning NBA championships were more important than hometown loyalty. Even though the Cavs are now a young team with great promise, it does seem that LeBron has come to a point in his life and his career when being home is important.
When I moved back to New Orleans a few years ago, I understood that being home was important and special.  I left New Orleans in 1996 because the station I worked for was changing formats and I no longer had a job. Since there were no immediate career opportunities in the market – I hired an agent and that led to a offer in Philadelphia. From Philly, I went to Miami then Seattle, Portland and onto Denver. I feel blessed that I had the opportunity to move around the country and live in really great American cities. But I realized that none of those wonderful cities were home.
After the experience of living in some amazing cities, I have come to appreciate many things about New Orleans that I didn’t appreciate as much before I moved.  I always loved New Orleans and was proud to be from this city, but there were things about living in New Orleans that I didn’t fully appreciate.
The food in New Orleans is exceptional! There is good food in every city, but there are many things that are unique about the flavorings and the preparation of our food. Our food has a personality that reflects the personality of our culture.
While I saw beautiful oceans, rivers and snow-capped mountains in other cities, I have come to be just as impressed by the natural beauty of New Orleans and Louisiana. The French Quarter is both historic and exciting and is captured in time. When I’m driving the I-10 and 310 I now pay attention to the incredible beauty of the moss dripping from the Cyprus trees in the swamps. Any trip through the bayou communities of South Louisiana is a reminder of the authenticity of this part of the country.  I live downtown and everyday I realize I am in a city that is one of the world’s best tourist destinations – and it’s my home!
Yes, you can go back home!  If you have moved away from your home and had the opportunity to return, you know what I felt when I moved back to New Orleans and what LeBron James will feel when he moves back to Cleveland.
With much to compare it to – I understand what is meant by “there’s no place like home!”

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07/11/2014 7:50PM
Scoot: LeBron back to Cleveland - there's no place like home!
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07/12/2014 8:49AM
You are so right!!
After being displaced by Katrina, I am finally coming back home to New Orleans. Despite some challenges (that all cities have) I am still in love with my city! Thanks for reminding us! Love your show.
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