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Scoot: Is the power of the Pope in the robes or the man?

I’m Catholic and I’m confused!
Pope Francis told a Catholic woman who is married to a divorced man that she is welcome to take Holy Communion and that her parish priest was wrong to deny her communion.
Jacqui Lisbona wrote a letter to Pope Francis telling him that the priest at her church told her that every day she was “living in sin” and he refused to give her communion. Pope Francis called the woman and told her that she is free to take communion, but that goes against the teachings of the Catholic Church, which says that those who are divorced or married to a divorced person are not welcome to communion unless the original marriage has been annulled. This has been a rule many Catholics worldwide have vehemently disagreed with and has caused many to leave the church.
Does the Pope telling a Catholic woman married to a divorced man that she is welcome to take communion indicate that the Catholic Church is changing church doctrine? The Vatican has issued a statement saying no!
The Vatican statement read in part, “That which has been communicated in relation to this matter, outside the scope of personal relationships, and the consequent media amplification, cannot be confirmed as reliable, and is a source of misunderstanding and confusion.”
The Vatican is trying to say that if Pope Francis has a personal conversation with an individual – whatever is said in that personal conversation has no bearing on the church or Catholic Doctrine. But that leaves only one obvious conclusion – the power of the pope lies in his robes and not in the man.
Again I say – I am a Catholic and I love going to church – but I do not agree with all of the actions and teachings of the church.  Many Catholics have been alienated by some of the man-made rules that seem to contradict the spirit of what we have been taught about an understanding and forgiving God.
From the beginning of his reign as Pope, Francis has made controversial statements, including statements about accepting gay priests and that atheists can have a path to Heaven. When the pope, who is the leader of the Catholic Church, tells a Catholic that she is welcome to communion even if she is married to a divorced man and the Vatican quickly responds by distancing church teaching from what the pope says in a personal conversation, it is easy to get the impression that the Catholic Church is more interested in rules than in humanity.
If what Pope Francis says in a personal conversation is not congruent with Catholic teachings and the Vatican dismisses what the Pope said, then the power of the pope lies not in the man – but only in the superficial robes he wears. This mentality further exposes the Catholic Church’s desire to control its flock with an abundance of rules set by the hierarchy of the Church.
It is almost as if the church rules are more important than what is in the best interest of the congregation. The manner in which the Catholic Church has handled the countless cases of sex abuse by priests is another example that protecting the Catholic Church is more important than doing what is right. Moving priests the church knew were sexually molesting young boys to different parishes and working to keep those horrific sins a secret from parishioners and law enforcement served only to protect the Church and not the congregation of humanity.
If Pope Francis told you something in a private conversation – would you accept what the Pope told you – or would you reject what he said and revert to the man-made laws of the church?
The Vatican’s dismissal of Pope Francis telling a Catholic women married to a divorced man that she is welcome to take Holy Communion confirms what so many have come to believe – the Catholic Church is a bureaucratic institution and not a living body made up of human beings.

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04/24/2014 7:41PM
Scoot: Is the power of the Pope in the robes or the man?
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04/24/2014 8:29PM
Scoot loves to attack the Catholic Church because he loves the gay lifestyle of sin and selfishnesss
04/24/2014 8:52PM
Re: Troll
Scoot's intellectual inquiry and examination of hypocrisy or confusion within his chosen faith community is perfectly legitimate and not borne of hostility. Keep asking the questions, Scoot, and exploring the answers and angles. Kudos.
04/24/2014 9:25PM
Closer to God, closer to Jesus
Is the power of the Pope in robes or the man...it's both.
04/24/2014 9:28PM
Drowing in a cup of water
It's abundantly clear that Scoot has a very shallow understanding of Holy Mother Church, both in her mission and her function. I know because I was for a very long time a marginal catholic. Sometimes you don't know, what you don't know.
04/24/2014 9:39PM
Ex Cathedra
Since the pope was speaking in a one-on-one in a pastoral situation where we don't have all of the facts. His personal opinions are just that. It would be necessary for him to intend to instruct on a matter of faith and morals in union with the Magisterium of the church. That is with the bishops of the world in union with him (in what is referred to as from the chair of Peter)in order for such teaching to be binding on all the faithful. It is in only those instances where the doctrine of papal infallibility (Research: papal infallibility) would inure. As it is not until such a proclamation is made that the such a proclamation would become official church teaching. BUT... papal infallibility, dictates that the Holy Spirit would actually prevent the pope from teaching error. I love the church!!!
04/24/2014 10:46PM
my 2 cents
You're right Scoot, the Church is an institution of rules. You see if the Church ever made or admitted a mistake it would biow it all apart because the authority of it is based on the claim of infalability. Notice that when a catholic authority answers a question he always refers to church teaching and not to the Bible as other believers do. In the O.T. Judaism became a religion of rules and laws. This was because they lived in the natural and not in the Spirit as we can today. In the N.T. we are free from the law. Our relationship is with Jesus and not with a church. We are not saved by a church and no church can keep us from heaven if we know Jesus. From Jerry@ jdwpopiel@gmail.com
04/24/2014 10:53PM
I challenge you to watch the quality programming geared at Catholics before discussing a topic like this.This network was founded by Mother Angelica.
04/24/2014 11:27PM
Internal Forum
Pope Francis was a pastor using the internal forum about which many Catholics are unaware. See http://astro.temple.edu/~arcc/marriage.htm
04/24/2014 11:40PM
Is on both cox and Att/uverse
04/25/2014 12:08AM
A different 2 cents - In Re Ex Cathedra
As Christ to Simon Peter... You are rock and upon this rock I will build my Church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it. And I give to you (a man) the keys to the kingdom of heaven, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven. (authority) Christ meant to, and did establish a church. Some may want to dismiss its viability to in turn replace it with their own theological constructs Jesus also said to his apostles(men), as the Father has sent me, so I send you. ___ So have a problem with rules. But everything in life has rules. There are rules to play a guitar, rules of the road, IRS rules. The Ten Commandments are rules. All of our laws are rules... The movement of the planets have rules. Laws of physics... Darn so many rules!
04/25/2014 9:42AM
It is all about þutt sex for Scooter ...
Scooter Boy is always trying to get Christians, the Catholic Church to endorse deviant behavior. Scooter trashes and slanders and then cries when his hands are slapped ... he is a clown.
04/25/2014 9:51AM
Will be a good day when wwl gets a clue
and replaces this moron with a sports show.
04/25/2014 10:03AM
All Scoot’s spewing is rooted in his support for homosexual marriage.
If you do not support homosexual marriage Scoot calls you a hater, racist or whatever leftist slander of the day is. Scoot, himself, gets enraged when folks think he is a homosexual. Guess his homosexual buddies would not find that too nice.
04/25/2014 10:05AM
Previous comment about internal forum
Scooter's confusion is understandable. As was noted in the previous remark,most Catholics do not realize there is an "internal forum solution" to some of these marriage problems.
04/25/2014 10:08AM
The Bible gets it right ... rules may save your life ...
Canadian pro-homosexual group called Canadian Rainbow Health Coalition has admitted these elevated health risks ... The life expectancy for gay and bisexual men is 20 years less than the average Canadian man; GLB people commit suicide at rates ranging from twice as often to almost 14 times more than the general population; GLBs have smoking rates ranging from 1.3 to three times higher than average; GLBs become alcoholics at a rate 1.4 to seven times higher than the general population; GLBs use illicit drugs at a rate from 1.6 to 19 times higher than other Canadians; GLBs experience depression at rates ranging from 1.8 to three times higher than average; Homosexual men comprise 76% of AIDS cases and 45% of all new HIV infections; GLB populations are at a higher risk of lung and liver cancer; Homosexual and bisexual men suffer a higher rate of anal cancer than heterosexual men; Lesbians report a higher rate of breast cancer; GLBs experience verbal and physical abuse at a greater rate than most Canadians.
04/25/2014 1:57PM
Scoot is always demanding that God, the Catholic Church or Christians
of various groups agree with his world view. If Scoot does not agree with Christians, he needs to join some other organization or no faith group or perhaps worship Obama. Some say he is the Messiah. I would imagine that God ignores Scoot's demands and sticks with his rules for living.
04/25/2014 6:59PM
scoot. Thanks for coming on stage at the bourbon street topless bars. Those dollar bills are appreciated
04/26/2014 9:44AM
Obama Library ... I will donate urinal cakes with obama’s photo on them .
04/26/2014 3:19PM
Mary Landrieu still spreading her legs for the facist Obama.
04/26/2014 9:35PM
Scooter, have all the þutt sex you want with your buddies, ENJOY!
Of course your behavior will not be endorsed by God ... guess that makes God a racist ... Homosexuals activists are some of the most hateful people you could ever run into. Never take a child to a PRIDE event.
04/26/2014 9:41PM
Scoot boy said Ted Cruz was on a Cruz to nowhere ....
turns out Ted was right and Scooter was the DUMBàss.
04/27/2014 9:26AM
Bottom line Scoot Fruit
You trash, mock, and insult those you hate and you get trashed back. Get a clue and quit crying. ENJOY!
04/27/2014 12:43PM
Racist Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Is a Democrat ...
just giving Scoot a heads up before he makes an àss of himself calling Republicans racist ... LOL.
04/27/2014 1:04PM
The NAACP is a leftist hate group ...
just look at how they TRASH conservative blacks ... they are a joke and nothing to respect.
04/27/2014 10:21PM
From the start, support for Obama often had a cult-like
atmosphere. He sensed it, began to believe it and became comfortable demanding total agreement as the price for the favor of his leadership. That he is now the imperial president he used to bemoan is no long­er in dispute. The milking of perks, from golf trips to Florida to European vacations for the first lady, is shockingly vulgar, but not a peep of protest comes from his supporters. The IRS becomes a political enforcer, but that, too, is accepted because nobody will risk their access by telling Obama no. You are either with him or you are his enemy. The evidence is everywhere that his ideas are flawed, that his view of economics, diplomacy, the military, history, science and religion are warped by his own narcissism. He doesn’t even talk a good game anymore. Yet it remains a fool’s errand to hope he will correct his ways. He is not capable; he looks in the mirror and sees only a savior. It is equally clear that those who shielded him from facts and their own best judgment did him no ­favors. Out of fear and favor, they abdicated their duty to the nation, and they must share the burden of history’s verdict. After all, America’s decline happened on their watch, too. .. Michael Goodwin
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