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Scoot: Is dating someone for money a form of prostitution?

The highly publicized death of 51-year-old Google executive, Forrest Hayes, is raising questions about wealthy, successful men and upscale prostitutes.
High-priced prostitute, Alix Tichelman, 26, has been charged with the murder of Forrest Hayes aboard his 50-foot yacht. Hayes died from an apparent heroin overdose, and the young female he was apparently paying for sex is accused of administering a lethal injection of the drug.
Prostitution among rich executives is not uncommon. With busy schedule and very little time for their personal lives, some executives find it practical to pay for sex from upscale prostitutes, and that occurs more under the radar of society than hookers on the street.
The website SeekingArrangement.com is used by men seeking to pay for physical intimacy with attractive females, but it is also used by young females who are willing to trade their companionship for money – sometimes big money!  One young female user of the website admits that she has made connections with men willing to pay her a regular allowance for her companionship, and that is funding her college education.
Is the practice of men paying attractive women for their companionship and sex much different from an attractive young woman dating or marrying a man because he has money?  Is spending money on a lavish, expensive date with the assumption of sex at the end of the night essentially a form of prostitution? Is there any real difference between a young female who dates or marries for money and a prostitute? Many high-class prostitutes develop emotional bonds with the men that pay for their services – does that blur the line between prostitues and those who date and marry for money?
Money buys sex and attractive companionship. That may be an ugly truth that is conveniently ignored or denied by those who participate, but it is the truth. Of course, there are younger, attractive women who honestly fall in love with rich, older men and vice versa – but there is little doubt that in many cases, money has paid for sex and a companion, and yet, that is not considered prostitution.
Transcending age and financial status across mainstream America, there has been the expectation of sex at the end of the night and many males – younger and older – spend money on dates with the idea that sex is part of the date. Even though this is unspoken – does it not fit the definition of prostitution?
Throughout our culture the wealthy are treated differently. The street hooker with drugs is more harshly condemned by society than the high-class prostitute who is paid handsomely for her sexual service to a wealthy executive.
In the case of Google executive Forrest Hayes, the only apparent difference between his prostitute with drugs and a prostitute with drugs walking the street is her fee.
If consenting adults agree to exchange sex for money – whether it is an obvious exchange, or the more subtle exchange of an expensive date – should that be of concern to our society?
Should prostitution be legalized?

Photo via Blemished Paradise, Flickr

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07/16/2014 6:38PM
Scoot: Is dating someone for money a form of prostitution?
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07/16/2014 8:55PM
No I don't think so. Just cause u r dating someone doesn't mean that in anyway fashion or form. Think bout it when u were dating, all u did was go out and enjoy the person you're with.
07/16/2014 10:00PM
Legalize It!
A government should not invade the personal lives of its people. Sex for money is a victimless "crime".
07/21/2014 11:05AM
Joe Moe
Why not mak it legal, at least in Louisiana. I mean it's virtually legal in New Orleans.
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