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Scoot: Is There Really a War on Christmas?

Every year we hear about the war on Christmas – is it real or is it media hype?

One could easily get the impression that the war on Christmas is escalating and is but one battle in a bigger government war on Christianity.  I often write about the media and its relationship with society – something I have talked about throughout my career.  The news media benefits from controversy, therefore creates controversy.  Over the years, there has been a growing fear that the government is attempting to remove Christianity and God from American society and the perceived war on Christmas fits that trend perfectly.

Blaming the ills of America on the removal of school-led prayers from public schools in the early 1960s has only become more popular with many Americans.  Political correctness has often been misinterpreted as a liberal attempt to sanitize America of God and individual freedoms, when it originally was nothing more than an attempt to establish criteria for a more inclusive America.  Political correctness has gotten out of control, but it should not be seen as a force that has the power to rob this country of all that makes it unique.

As polarizing talk radio and cable TV network news channels have redefined the modern news media, controversy has become the industry’s most valuable inventory.  The head cheerleader for the war on Christmas has been FOX News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly, who every year fans the flames of fear that Christmas is being taken from us.  This is not an attack on Bill O’Reilly or the FOX News Channel, but they have been one of the prominent sources promoting the idea that there is a war on Christmas, which placates a specific audience that is prone to accept what they want to be real.  And both sides of the political spectrum are guilty of believing what they want to believe, rather than seek the truth.
For the record, the current war on Christmas can be traced back to 1959, when the right-wing organization, the John Birch Society, issued a pamphlet titled, “There Goes Christmas.”  It warned of a communist plot to remove all Christmas decorations from American society and replace them with United Nations symbols.  The concern was that the United States would be taken over by the United Nations.  Interestingly, aided by today’s social media, the fear that the United States is positioning itself for a United Nations take-over has become part of current controversies, for example, the gun control debate.

The American Family Association, along with other groups and individuals, condemned the use of “Xmas” in place of Christmas arguing that it is another attempt to remove “Christ” from Christmas.  The current-day interpretation of “Xmas” ignores the real meaning behind it.  “Xmas” was originally a simple abbreviation.  The “X” does not cross out or replace Christ, the “X” is the Greek letter for chi, which is the first letter in the word “Christ.”  Yet, those who are prone to paranoia and hysteria have accepted the modern – but inaccurate –interpretation of “Xmas.”

Every year during this season, there is general criticism of the use of “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas.”  The American Family Association used this to further spread the war on Christmas hysteria.  This year, the AFA is calling for a boycott of all Radioshack stores because their website uses “Holiday” rather than “Christmas” in promoting “Holiday Deals,” “Holiday Gift Guides” and “Holiday Cash.”

There was criticism of Wal-Mart when the company first directed all of the store greeters to say “Happy Holidays” to customers as they entered the stores.  While I agree “Merry Christmas” should not be offensive to those who don’t celebrate Christmas, I can also understand that the more inclusive “Happy Holidays” relates to more consumers this time of year.  The motivation behind “Happy Holidays” may be rooted more in consumerism than in secularism.
The phrase war on Christmas is promoted when there is a news story about a public school banning religious-oriented Christmas songs, or when there is public objection to a Christmas tree or a nativity scene on public property.  An atheist organization put up a giant “A” and posted an anti-Christmas banner in Chicago to protest a nativity scene on city property.

I can argue that atheists and non-Christians should not be offended by any public acknowledgment of Christmas.  Both sides of the Christmas controversy should learn to be more accepting of opposing views on the holiday, since the celebration and recognition of Christmas is usually void of attempts to convert non-believers.  It’s just a celebration and not a recruiting opportunity.

As you hear the stories that are linked to the alleged war on Christmas this holiday season, ask yourself if and how the government or retail outlets have actually taken Christmas away from you and your family.  Have you lost your ability to celebrate Christmas in the traditional way that reflects your faith?

Before you join the crusade to fight a war that really may not be a war at all, think about your personal appreciation of this sacred holiday.  Even in the few cases where neighborhoods have asked homeowners to remove Christmas decorations because they violate community rules, has that robbed anyone of celebrating Christmas?

All of the examples used to justify the alleged war on Christmas involve items and activities that are tangible, commercial and arguably for show.  The real meaning of Christmas lives in our hearts and our minds and I do not believe the government or anyone can take that away from you and your family.  The real war on Christmas is being waged by those who have become paranoid and hysterical that the celebration of Christmas is in jeopardy.

If the removal of Christmas decorations from anywhere in society or the singing of religious-oriented Christmas songs in schools takes away your Christmas spirit – I suggest that maybe your Christmas spirit was not very strong to begin with!

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12/05/2013 10:42AM
Scoot: Is There Really a War on Christmas?
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12/05/2013 2:10PM
Love It!
Good blog Scoot. The war on Christmas is actually another manipulation - people from groups like the AFA know what gets their target audience motivated to give them money - many non profits do this if they're ideologically driven, or in the case of commercial media, for ratings. Fear and angst sells - that's why there's a "war on Christmas" and you can give to the AFA or watch Fox to join in the "fight" - and the same reason gun sales skyrocket and the NRA solicits your money to "stand and fight" even when people's guns aren't being taken. It's a manipulation of human psychology. If only more of us would be strong enough in our own minds, faith and lifestyles to resist the games!
12/05/2013 5:56PM
Once again Scooter is out of the loop ... LOL ... The piece of SH!T Obama is
waging a more serious war on the middle class and the US economy .... Obama currently owns your áss, Scooter, he now controls your health care unless something is done. ... but Scooter loves Obama because he supports þutt sex ... LOL.
12/05/2013 6:00PM
Scoot takes the opportunity often to trash Christians and conservatives.
Nothing new to see here.
12/05/2013 6:09PM
There has always been a war on Jesus and Christianity.
Certainly one can continue to believe in spite of the hatred of the modern left. Scoot is just using this topic to mock anyone reports or talks about stories where organizations and individuals attack Christianity either verbally and/or using the legal system. It happens all the time but most time those trying to sue God out of the public square lose, but they do win a few. The day will come perhaps when the Christian God is removed from our society. It is politically correct to trash Christians and mock them. Scoot would fear a Muslin would blow up his car if he trashed them ... LOL ... that would be funny.
12/05/2013 6:14PM
Well, the Obama Zombies may have a treat with the Chris Matthews Obama interview ...
perhaps Chris will actually get on his knees and sùck Obama’s pénis, well, he wishes he could. He has such a man crush on the Marxist Bam Boy. LOL ... now the Obama Cult member will really be stirred up ... could be another long night of dancing and chanting to their Lord Obama pleading for more food stamps and unlimited unemployment benefits. LOL
12/05/2013 6:25PM
Glad to see the left-nuts were not able to further exploit the deaths of children
anymore than Obama already did. http://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20131204/river-north/sandy-hook-benefit-concert-canceled-due-low-ticket-sales
12/05/2013 6:49PM
Please go to a doctor. You suffer from a severe case of word salad vomiting. You throw everything against the wall, hoping it sticks, but you don't actually prove or support any of your rants. And I don't fear being blown up by a "Muslin" - a fabric doesn't have much power over my life. Have a great evening, and try a rectal-cranial extraction!
12/05/2013 6:51PM
Conservatives Exploit Fetuses
To raise money and then fail to support anything practical that helps children and families in poverty. Never heard a bunch ghetto-bash and hate on teachers, food stamps and student loans more than the pro life, pro death penalty Republicans. Love the fetus, hate the child.
12/05/2013 8:08PM
Funny how liberals are always saying Republicans are waging wars on women,
children, blacks, illegal aliens, dogs and cats, the environment, and most everything else ... guess, Scooter Boy will now say all those wars he accuses others of are nonsense. Thanks for coming clean Scooter.
12/05/2013 9:27PM
You're really gonna hate it when the demographics make white people the minority aren't ya?
12/05/2013 10:10PM
Obama has been spewing so much SH!T lately that the
Secret Service is having to carry pooper scoopers. LOL...
12/05/2013 10:20PM
After Weeks of Hate Speech from Media & Obama, Cruz Receives Death Threat ..
Demorats love hate speech and we should all follow the lead of the Lord and Savior Obama ..... http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Journalism/2013/10/19/media-hate-speech-cruz-death-threat
12/05/2013 10:35PM
They Shouldn't Kill Ted Cruz
He owes the US 24 billion dollars in lost economic growth thanks to his self-pleasuring narcissistic shutdown!
12/05/2013 11:34PM
Mandela, a communist is dead.
12/05/2013 11:53PM
And Conservatives Wonder
Why they struggle to get the non-white vote. The above - perfect example why.
12/06/2013 10:10AM
Well, Scoot will be happy over this ... he and Obama are making progress ...
Gay bar broadcasts hardcore P0RN onto street... http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20131206/hells-kitchen-clinton/noisy-gay-bar-screens-p0rn-visible-from-sidewalk-neighbors-say
12/06/2013 10:12AM
In Detroit bankruptcy, retirees will share the pain...
Congrats to liberalism and Democrats ... job well done. Perhaps in time you will completely crash the entire US economy. You ássholes have already set the dollar up to be complete devalued and replaced.
12/06/2013 10:40PM
California recovering. Minnesota #5 in job creation, under a Democrat. Wisconsin's vaunted Scott Walker can't create jobs, stuck at #36 in the nation and he thinks he'll be president. HAH! Besides since when do Republicans care about retirees - you're the ones that always press for pension cuts and destruction of unions.
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