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Scoot: Is Santa Claus a liberal or a conservative?

Any hope that conservatives and liberals would unite after the presidential election quickly disappeared as the debate over ideology grew even more territorial.  Many Americans call themselves “liberal” or “conservative,” but in reality they are not strictly one or the other.  

Owning a political label seems to be a necessity for some Americans.  Many of those who define themselves as “liberal” or “conservative” may not actually know what it really means to be either.  

To help us define what it is to be “liberal” or “conservative,” let’s try to figure out if Santa is a “liberal” or a “conservative!”

What do we know about Santa Claus?  He is male and since he’s married to Mrs. Claus – we assume Santa is straight.  Santa has a strong work ethic and while this may be his busiest time of year – he does appear to work throughout the year.

The story of “Twas the Night Before Christmas” gives us a clue that Santa Claus is a drinker: “His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!”  And since he had “a little round belly that shook when he laughed like a bowl full of jelly,” it does appear that Santa was not in the best physical shape and, therefore, may have a high cholesterol level as is at risk of having diabetes or heart problems.  We don’t know if Santa is lazy and doesn’t exercise or if his metabolism is a bit slow.

Santa creates jobs!  Santa is a big employer of numerous elves and arguably represents big business.  He owns reindeer and appears to be an animal lover since there are no known complaints against Santa from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.  But in “Twas the Night Before Christmas” we are told that he was “dressed in fur” and that would not win him favor with PETA!

We know Santa is a very generous person, but he doesn’t give to everyone.  His generous nature might lead you to think that Santa is a Democrat, but he only gives to those who have earned gifts by being good throughout the year.

By giving gifts to boys and girls all over the world – Santa thinks globally and demonstrates a non-judgmental attitude that is accepting of many different cultures.  However, he does focus on Christian cultures.

It could be said that Santa Claus has little respect for the right to privacy, since he boldly enters the homes of individuals while they are sleeping.  But is his blatant disregard for privacy balanced by the idea that he leaves presents under the tree?

Does Santa encourage an “entitlement mentality?”  Many children grow up believing they are entitled to wake up Christmas morning to presents under the tree, but they also understand that they must live by a strict moral code of behavior in order to earn the right to receive gifts.

There have been controversies over Santa and the 2nd Amendment.  In one city, there was a billboard with Santa holding an assault rifle and numerous gun ranges and gun shops promoting kids taking a picture with Santa and their guns, which has led to widespread speculation that Santa Claus is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment.  And it’s important to acknowledge that Santa is a very responsible gun owner, since there are no known incidents of the misuse of a firearm on Santa’s record.

Santa wears a red suit – the color designating conservative states.  

There are many reasons to believe that Santa is a Republican, but there are also many reasons to support the idea that Santa is a Democrat.

I guess it is fair to say that Santa Claus – like most Americans – is not all conservative or all liberal!  And maybe that’s another good lesson we can learn from Santa this time of year?

Merry Christmas! 

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12/21/2016 12:37PM
Scoot: Is Santa Claus a liberal or a conservative?
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