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Scoot: Conservatives becoming desperate at same-sex marriage reality

As courts across the country – even in red states – continue to rule that a ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, those still fighting the battle to ban marriage equality are growing desperate.

Sixty-three conservative Texas Republicans have signed a court brief saying that marriage equality could lead to legal incest, pedophilia and polygamy. Since the group of Republicans admits that their fears are not necessarily a “logical next step” in marriage equality, one can only conclude that this is another scare tactic being used to instill panic in America over same-sex marriage.

It is truly amazing that so many people make the argument that legal same-sex marriage could lead to incest and pedophilia.  Same-sex marriage is a decision made by two consenting adults – incest and pedophilia are actions with young innocent victims. Since polygamy is a decision made by consenting adults, it is hard to argue that it should not be an option.  But to link incest, pedophilia or the even more sophomoric concern about people marrying their dogs to same-sex is beyond common sense logic.

When animals are wounded they will often become more vicious.  The crusade to stop the legal recognition of same-sex marriage is essentially now a wounded animal that is becoming more and more desperate and vicious.

Recent attempts across the country to invoke religious freedom as a reason to refuse service to gays and lesbians is another example of desperation by those still clinging to the idea that they have a right to control the decisions of others.

The day will come – and I will still be on the radio talking about it – when America will look back and wonder why there was such a controversy over same-sex marriage.  Same-sex marriage will be legal in America - and those who are predicting the demise of our society as a result will be proven completely wrong.

During the late 1950s and into the 1960s, America’s self-proclaimed Moral Majority led a crusade to ban birth control pills fearing that legalizing a birth control pill would cause promiscuity to rage out of control.  The Supreme Court ruled that a ban on birth control pills was unconstitutional. Most Americans find it hard to believe that the attempt to ban birth control pills reached the Supreme Court.  It is also hard to believe that the races were segregated and that whites and blacks could not marry. 

This country has evolved and will continue to evolve driven by the growing awareness of being human.  “The-sky-is-falling” predictions are rarely fulfilled and yet – those who so boldly make the ridiculous predictions never seem to admit they were wrong.

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08/06/2014 6:57PM
Scoot: Conservatives becoming desperate at same-sex marriage reality
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