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Scoot: How to talk to your kids about Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber was arrested early this morning in Miami Beach and charged with drunken driving, resisting arrest, and driving without a valid license.  Recently, Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies executed a felony search warrant on Justin Bieber’s mansion in the L.A. while investigating a felony vandalism complaint.  Deputies also investigated reports that Bieber was speeding in his expensive sports car on the streets of his exclusive neighborhood.  Police have investigated another complaint from a neighbor that Bieber spit on him, and there was yet another investigation into Bieber allegedly attacking a photographer for taking his picture in the parking lot of a shopping center; but this morning was the first time 19-year-old Justin Bieber has actually been arrested.

Bieber’s mug shot looks more like a publicity photo than a photo taken following an arrest.  Bieber appeared in an orange jail jumpsuit with the sleeves rolled up, perhaps to show off his tattoos, when he appeared in a video link to the courtroom for a hearing this morning.  He was released on $2,500 bond – which I’m sure was covered with his spare change.

I realize that when you are a young star like Justin Bieber, every aspect of your life is followed and scrutinized, but it almost seems as if Bieber has been going out of his way to get arrested.

Miami Beach police say that Justin Bieber was drag racing in a yellow Lamborghini against 19-year-old Def Jam recording artist Khalil Sharieff, who was driving a Ferrari.  Sharieff was also arrested on a DUI charge.

According to police, Bieber and Sharieff were racing down a residential street in Miami Beach.  The street had been blocked off by two black SUVs, apparently part of Bieber’s entourage.  Jeremy Bieber, Justin’s 38-year-old father, was reportedly with one of the SUVs and helped set up the blocked street for the drag race.

Police report that Bieber made comments about drinking, smoking pot and taking prescription meds and initially was not cooperative with police – saying at one point, “What the f*** is this about?”   Bieber failed the field sobriety test.

On “The Scoot Show” on WWL, I have defended young stars like Miley Cyrus, who have a right to go through the natural process of growing out of their child star images.  Becoming aware of one’s sexuality as an older teen is normal and acting on that awareness with fashion and actions that challenge the pure child star image are part of a natural process, but it is difficult to defend a 19-year-old who has been displaying behavior that might be a forecast future destructive behavior. 

There is nothing to celebrate about a 19-year-old who has suddenly become a young superstar with a seemingly endless supply of money who is charged with drinking and driving, resisting arrest and drag racing down a residential street. And adding to the situation is a father who was a partner-in-crime.

Justin Bieber is a very talented young man, who essentially made himself a star by posting his performances on YouTube.  He was quickly discovered and became an overnight sensation.  I can only image the impact that sudden change in status has on a teenager.  Talented young athletes often deal with similar scenarios. 

The only hope for anyone who quickly gains the status of stardom and all the money that goes with it is to have parents and real friends who are dedicated to keeping that new star grounded. The question that now comes to the minds of many is – what should parents tell their teenagers who worship Justin Bieber about the behavior that led to his arrest?

It is natural for teens and adults to blindly support their idols and not focus on their digressions, but in the case of Justin Bieber, parents should be honest about the reckless behavior that led to his arrest that could have easily led to death or serious injury.  Just a few months ago in California, “Fast and Furious” actor Paul Walker was killed in an expensive high-performance sports car while apparently drag racing. Stardom and money will never make humans invincible. 

And if parents are to tell their teenagers not to totally excuse negative behavior of those they idolize, then adults cannot be hypocritical and fail to accept and not excuse the behavior of those they admire.  In the hearts and minds of many Americans, George W. Bush could do no wrong in the same way that Bill Clinton could do no wrong.  Young rock stars are condemned for their actions that lead to death, but Mickey Mantle is revered even though he drank himself to death.  Don’t be a hypocritical adult!

Whatever parents should be telling their teenagers about the arrest of Justin Bieber is exactly what we should all be telling ourselves.  The status and the tangible things you can acquire that will give you a boost of incredible confidence in life, should never change who you are inside.  Celebrity history is littered with tragedies that resulted from the money and status that accompanies stardom. And the feelings of being invincible are not reserved for only young, rock stars. The big stars of the business world can also be victims of status and money. 

Justin Bieber should be criticized, but not condemned, for his behavior and because of who he is and the resources at hand, he will get through this just fine and that will pose another problem.  How do you convince young people not to believe that if you have money and you are a star – you can get away with it!

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01/23/2014 4:57PM
Scoot: How to talk to your kids about Justin Bieber
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01/23/2014 7:37PM
Skittle scoot
Scoot with your two earrings you remind me of a drag queen
01/23/2014 9:18PM
Grandpa scoot of the bieb
Hi scoot I now can say the bieber is a chip off your shoulder
01/23/2014 9:43PM
Grow Up
If the most important thing you have to say is another stupid slur on Scoot's appearance, you're just as immature as Bieber.
01/23/2014 11:20PM
Silly Parents
First of all if you are a parent and let your children idolize these kids cause they can sing, you have other problems you need to deal with.
01/25/2014 1:53PM
more advice from scoot on how to raise kids, lol.
01/25/2014 11:50PM
Remix who are you?
Will the real Remix stand up. Are you the same person as Skittle scoot and Grandpa scoot of the Bieb? I guess we are going to get a repeat performance from 2013.
01/28/2014 8:05PM
Tell the kids the truth. "You Booze, You Lose." Just like the school teacher that everyone was trying to make a hero out of. Bottom line, she was to drunk to drive. Again. You Booze, You Lose. But people won't tell the truth, because the truth hurts.
01/29/2014 7:10PM
Bieb scoots dream boy
Scoot noted bike era talented. He is talented in smoking weed, being rude and aggressive and also at being a brat perfect combo for championship wrestling
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