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Scoot: HATE ? a right in America

8.7.12 - The instinct to “hate” is part of human nature.  Recognizing that “hate” is innate to humans is the first step toward dealing with that instinct.

How often do we say we “hate” something?  You hate the driver, who is driving slowly in the left lane on the interstate.  You hate your noisy neighbors.  Saints fans hate the Falcons!  Those are the innocent daily examples of expressions of hate in America.

There is, however, more serious hate in the world.  The Sunday shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin was allegedly the action of a man who participated in white supremacy hate groups. Every time there is a tragedy, we look to quickly find blame and then begin talking about ways to change the rules in hopes of preventing future tragedies.

The revelations that the alleged gunman in Wisconsin subscribed to the philosophies of white supremacy groups has led to some suggesting that we ban hate groups in America.  If it has been demonstrated time after time that morality cannot be legislated, then it makes sense to admit legislation will not eliminate hate.

As much as I “hate” hate groups and will never comprehend the pure hatred that thrives within many Americans, I have to argue that Americans have a right to hate and a ban on hate groups would be unconstitutional.  As long as hate is not manifested in violence, it is protected by the First Amendment and that is the cornerstone to freedom in America.

A light shines on the things we like about America, but the light casts a shadow.  The shadow is what we don’t like about America. In order to get rid of the shadow we would have to get rid of the light.

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08/07/2012 6:12PM
Scoot: HATE – a right in America
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08/19/2012 6:01PM
I Agree
Hate is the single most self-destructive factor of the human race and not much can be done to force humans to find some reason to not hate each other. Most of the fighting around the world can be attributed to hate, which is especially evident in the Middle East. I believe the only way to combat this powerful yet harmful emotion is through education. Until people realize that we are all Humans and that no one race, religion, gender, ethnicity or any other class by which we define ourselves is any better than any other, hate will continue to prevail.
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