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Scoot: Fans and Responsibility - Read The Back of Your Saints Ticket

When you use a ticket to enter most major sporting events, you actually assume responsibility for being injured in the stands.

The Missouri State Supreme Court is expected to decide on whether a legal standard that protects sports teams from being sued by fans injured in the stands during a game, or during any game time activities, applies to a fan hit with a hotdog!

A Kansas City Royals fan, John Coomer, sued the Royals after he was hit in the eye by a foil-wrapped hotdog that was thrown into the crowd by the team’s mascot 4 years ago. Coomer said he had 2 eye surgeries and suffers from permanent damage to his vision. The Royals argue that the team should be protected by the legal standard that fans assume the risk of being hit by a foul ball when they use their ticket to go to a game.  The team believes the legal standard also covers any injuries that result from a game or any activity involving a mascot or team personnel during game-related activities.

We have all been to games when mascots, cheerleaders or team personnel have thrown or launched items into the stands, and usually fans are on their feet waving and shouting and trying to get the attention of whoever is offering the freebees, hoping something will be thrown in their direction. I don’t know specifically what is printed on the back of a ticket to a Kansas City Royals baseball game, but most, if not all, tickets to professional games have a disclosure explaining that any fans using the tickets assume risk in the event a baseball, hockey puck, football, basketball or anything from the court or the field of play flies into the stands and strikes a fan.

In the case before the Missouri State Supreme Court, the Kansas City Royals are arguing that due to a disclaimer on the ticket used by the fan, the team is not responsible for any injuries resulting from the actions of a mascot or any team personnel.

Did you know that when you go to a Saints game, you assume risk if an injury results from an incident generated from the field of play? Here is the legal standard printed on the back of every Saints ticket: Ticket holder assumes all risks incident to the game or related events, including the risk of lost, stolen or damaged property or personal injury.

It is not uncommon for fans to sue sports teams after being hit by foul balls or hockey pucks, even though there is a presumed understanding that a ball, a hockey puck or an object from a game could fly into the stands while attending the game. Should there be more publicity about this assumed risk that many fans are not aware of? And would awareness of the risk of injury while watching a sporting event discourage you from going to a game?

Disclaimers are an interesting part of our litigious society. Disclaimers protect businesses from lawsuits, but are you paying attention to the disclaimers that you are accepting by using a ticket to enter a game?

The most absurd legal disclaimers presented to consumers are the disclaimers that appear on TV commercials for car deals and for financial institutions.  I’m sure you have noticed that the actual disclaimers that qualify what the announcer is promoting are displayed in font that is too small to read and even if you could read the words, they are usually too long for even a speed reader to read given the brief time the disclaimers appear on the screen. Yet, these small, blurred disclaimers protect companies from lawsuits. So why have detailed disclaimers if they can’t be read by the consumer?

The need for disclaimers, in general, seems to be the result of a collective failure to use common sense. In the case of a sporting event or a NASCAR race, any fan attending should know enough about the event to understand that an object could fly into the stands.  Common sense dictates that is reality, but as we know, common sense is nearly extinct in our society.

In fairness to fans everywhere, there should be an attempt to draw attention to the disclaimers that appear on the back of tickets to sporting events.  However, I don’t believe any fans would decide not to attend a game because they do assume a risk.  And that raises the other issue – if you are aware that there is a disclaimer printed on the back of your ticket and you are willing to use your ticket, then don’t you essentially forfeit your right to sue should you suffer an injury from a game or a game-related activity?

We know that accepting risk will not prevent some people from suing over an injury sustained at a game.  The diminishing respect for common sense and personal accountability continue to contribute to a society that is unwilling to accept responsibility, but more than willing to fault even those they agreed not to hold accountable.

Let’s be honest – none of us like to take the time to read the fine print – but if we don’t - aren’t we to blame for not reading it and understanding our responsibility in society?

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11/04/2013 9:54AM
Scoot: Fans and Responsibility - Read The Back of Your Saints Ticket
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11/04/2013 10:12AM
The arrogant clown Obama WILL eventually LEARN to FEAR
the people rather than treat them as mere chattel. This little pùnk needs to be put in his place. He is a petulant, spoiled, brat that has never had to accept responsibility for soiling his diaper. The stench is always there but the ignorant, Obama Zombies love the smell. Yea, Scoot NEVER read the fine print on WHO Obama really is ... he is a Zombie like all the other Democrat human débris.
11/04/2013 11:08AM
Serial Poster
I really hope the people in the white jackets are coming to take you away.
11/04/2013 11:31AM
LOL ... poor Scoot still fainting over Obama and groveling ....
If Scoot did not have critics, he would be completely irrelevant ... LOL ...
11/04/2013 11:32AM
Perhaps Seal Team Sxi will arrest the ásshole Obama lock this nut case up in
a psych ward ...
11/04/2013 11:44AM
Scoot is a serial poster ... oh, my!
Scoot needs support. Hopefully others will come and post here so he can feel important and not spend so much time in Angela’s lap needing a hug.
11/04/2013 11:45AM
Hey Serial Poster
Pot meet kettle.
11/04/2013 11:46AM
fans responsibility
disclamer on doubloons and mardis gras beads...
11/04/2013 12:40PM
Obama insults, abuses and trashes people daily ...
great to see the good citizens of this country following the great example of our fuhrer Barrack.
11/04/2013 1:13PM
It should not surprise folks that Obama and other politicians today are so
severely mocked and hated. Talk show hosts will get on their soap box and try to appear righteous and say folks should get in line and respect these people. However, when you really look at the kinds of disgusting people who hold office today, there is nothing to respect. Obama has no honor or integrity. He barely is qualified to be a community organizer. Obama and others like him are users and abusers. They behave like human debris and thus, it is no shock that they would be mocked and hated and deserve it.
11/04/2013 1:25PM
Political Correctness has created a climate where most white people fear being
honest about a person of color and thus, often they do not hold blacks to the same standards of excellence as whites. Sports used to be a place where performance matters most, but even there things are changing. You a rip a white quarterback a new one if he has a bad game or season, but commentators hesitate and speak more kindly when discussing failed black quarterback. Liberalism robs people of respect based on truth and of course it robs them of much more as well. The election of Obama was based on race, not competence, and a desire to make history. In the end, the American people are and will suffer the consequences of fear—too afraid or ignorant to hold those seeking office to a high standard.
11/04/2013 1:38PM
Blacks call each other níggers and are given a pass by leftists. Sadly,
blacks do not even realize they are being disrespected when allowed to trash each other by white liberals. Blacks have long been the play toys of the left to be used and abused.
11/04/2013 2:15PM
Hey Serial Poster....are you the former Rev. Grant Storms?
Your anti-gay, anti-liberal, anti postings sound exactly like Grant Storms when he was railing on the radio against gays. Methinks you do protest too much....just like Storms:
11/04/2013 8:53PM
Sounds like Scoot is a serial masturbator.
poor guy.
11/04/2013 8:55PM
Scoot your anti-Christian, anti-conservative hate speech is out of control ... get help.
seems you are a real kook.
11/04/2013 8:57PM
Poor Scoot is dishes out hate and insults and then runs to Angela for a hug ...
LOL .. you make us laugh ...
11/04/2013 9:05PM
I thought Scoot was some big deal on the radio—world famous and all the big
commentators repeat his insights ... and yet, we have succeeded in proving he is just a small time guy filling a slot when sports is not on who worries too much has time to engage folks making him think he matters ... this was too easy ... Scoot, you arenot the sharpest knife in the drawer. LOL ...Enjoy your ObamaCare and political correctness. You are a fill-in. Glad you could find work ... BYE!
11/05/2013 12:53AM
Scoot, if you are ashamed of being gay, you are the one with the problem.
11/05/2013 8:25AM
One would assume Scoot is gay. His rage and anger and stereotyping of
groups he thinks want to prevent him from having sex with men comes out in his blog postings. Gays tend to be single issue voters and always have a chip on their shoulder especially towards Christians who do not accept their lifestyle choices. Privately many liberals and Democrats mock the gay lifestyle and some do it openly in movies and comedy acts, but Democrats throw gays a bone by supporting gay marriage so gays support liberals as single issue voters—nothing else a leftist politician does or says matters. Gays like to portrays themselves as victims when often they are the ones demanding everyone endorse their choices. Being gays is not a big deal, but others do not have to agree with one’s choice to be gay.
11/05/2013 9:15AM
The pending economic crisis due to US debt, anti-growth policies, and the eventual collaspe of
ObamaCare is certainly a much bigger concern than the fact that some radio host is gay.
11/05/2013 12:27PM
seems Obama and liberals like Scoot are the kooks, racists and whackos. The Tea Party looks very intelligent and right on the issues of debt, taxes, small business, health care and economic growth and energy production. Scoot is a clown like Grant Storms.
11/05/2013 3:06PM
What color is the sky on your planet?
Tea Party intelligent and right? Those rose colored glasses are impairing your vision.
11/05/2013 6:12PM
... and Scooter worships the clown Obama ... the incompetent liar ... but then
Obama approves of Scoot having þutt sex at clubs ...
11/05/2013 6:49PM
Scoot is a joke, just another wwl liberal hack that repeats Obama talking points.
Did not know he was also gay. Explains a lot.
11/05/2013 6:56PM
Interesting that the Tea Party has been right all along on the issues. They
are simply hated by the ignorant Obama Zombies who want to continue to feed off the few productive citizens left. The real nut jobs are Obama and his radical crowd. Scoot should stick to music and festivals. He is not very smart about serious issues.
11/05/2013 7:00PM
Speaking of rose-colored glasses ...
Obama wears a pair, but then he cannot find his rear end with both hands and help from Joe Biden.
11/05/2013 7:05PM
In the end, real evil is always exposed. Obama is a fraud and a liar that
had no business getting elected president. He has done great damage to the country that will take years to repair. Too bad the first black president had to be such a corrupt, abusive person with no executive or leadership skills and Marxist on top of allthat.
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