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Scoot: Ego-driven politicians are not helping Louisiana

As the 2014 Louisiana legislative session gets underway in Baton Rouge, this is an excellent time to remind ourselves that many politicians seem to be more driven by their self-serving egos than by a desire to make the world a better place.

A proposed bill by Republican Representative Thomas Carmody from Shreveport to make the Bible the official state book serves as a perfect example of what drives many politicians.  I am not trying to single out Representative Carmody, because there will be numerous examples of other politicians doing the same things during this legislative session that will prove the point, but Carmody’s bill to make the Bible the official state book is one of the early legislative suggestions that demonstrates a politician’s desire to appear to be solving a problem, when in reality, the bill does nothing of the sort.

Since there is more than one Bible – which Bible would be selected to be the official state book?  Carmody is specifically recommending the Holy Bible published by Johannes Prevel, which is the oldest Bible in the state.  But any single Bible will not speak to the diversity even within the Christian faith.  And if the Bible were to become the state book, what would that say about Louisiana and the religious diversity that is part of our past?

In my previous post  “Should the Bible be Louisiana’s official state book?” (still trending on WWL.com,) I argue that since any legislation to declare Christianity the official state faith would be rejected, an attempt to declare the Bible the official state book may be a backdoor attempt to elevate Christianity to a state-supported status. That would be unconstitutional.

In the opinion poll on “The Scoot Show” last night the question was: “Are you for or against the State of Louisiana declaring the Bible as the official state book?”  At the end of the show at midnight, 61% were for the state declaring the Bible the official state book and 39% were against it.  However, not one person calling or texting the show could offer any specific suggestion as to how making the Bible the official state book would actually benefit the state.

Politicians campaign on the promise to make their state, city or country a better place and they are always looking for ways to show their voters that they did something positive while in office.  After all, the only goal after being elected is to get re-elected.  The problem is politicians, both locally and nationally, address concerns and propose legislation that only makes it appear as if they are actually contributing to making the world a better place, and sadly, the voters are not aware that they are actually being swindled by these politicians.

The proposed legislation that would declare the Bible the official state book of Louisiana will serve no real benefit to our state and yet, just the proposal is making some voters applaud the attempt to instill morals in the state government.  There is enough legal precedent to expose an attempt to make the Bible the state book as a mindless waste of time.

There has even been talk about trying to bring back Louisiana’s sodomy law in this legislative session!  The U.S. Supreme Court clearly ruled that laws banning sodomy are unconstitutional in the 2003 case of Lawrence v. the State of Texas. There will be those who are quick to say that I am not a Christian and I am promoting sodomy, when I am simply pointing out the obvious.  An individual’s right to privacy (which is what the Lawrence case was built upon) supersedes any activity that takes place in private setting, whether you agree with it or not.

When the legislature opens its session, it is like the regular season for political-watchers in the state and in many states across the country.  Local politicians, like state representatives, often act more from a grandstanding position than an informed about what is constitutional and fair to citizens.

Since Louisiana is seeking more and more ways to cut spending from the budget at the expense of important state services, why should voters tolerate politicians that are willing to put on a floor show in the legislature that will certainly put legislation on a collision course with the courts at great expense to the taxpayers?

As we venture on this journey through the 2014 Louisiana legislative session, and as we track some of the meaningless legislation proposed in other states, it is important to recognize those politicians who are not acting in the best interest of their voters - those politicians who are driven more by their self-serving egos than a desire to serve the community.

And those politicians who support meaningless, “feel-good” legislation should be acknowledged by the public and held accountable when the next election comes around.

We allow politicians to get away with stupidity.  Is it their fault – or ours?

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03/11/2014 12:35PM
Scoot: Ego-driven politicans are not helping Louisiana
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03/11/2014 12:55PM
Politicians need to focus on debt and taxes. Waste of time to legislate a book. Save your worship for church and personal time.
03/11/2014 1:17PM
This bill is a complete waste of time and completely self-serving for Carmody
This is not a Christian only state or a Christian only country. Why not have Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" as our official state book? Oops...that would make too much sense.
03/11/2014 6:28PM
Self Serving Scoot
You are certainly entitttled to believe what you want, including that sure God won't turn His back on those who chose to serve only theirself. I do warn you though, if you are wrong and God is right, the eternal flames of hell are real, they do burn. You appear to believe that you are innocent from wrong doing. In fact you see nothing wrong about what you are doing, but I tell you if you truly believe in God then you would be so very happy to serve God in any way possible. The least you could do as an intelligent person is simply suggest a vote of the people of Louisiana and leave it there.
03/11/2014 7:12PM
Sodom scoot
Go ahead and live your carnival lifestyle.you spew of gay rights and same sex marriage. Wow to you and your sinful ways
03/11/2014 9:23PM
Good beneficial laws for all of society
It's horrible that Louisiana politicians don't spend their time passing beneficial laws such as those that champion and seek to normalize the sexual habits of 5% of the population. Good thing we have some politicians that want to take up legalizing marijuana because that will only benefit society.
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