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Scoot: Do you suffer from "political identity disorder?"

Like many Americans, I suffer from P.I.D. - “political identity disorder!”
While it’s easy for some Americans to define themselves as conservative or liberal – there are many Americans who no longer fit into either political category.
Because of my opinions on many issues, I have been called a “liberal” - as if that is a derogatory term. A few have accused me of being a “conservative” – also with negative connotations.
Here’s the problem – I believe in reducing and maintaining a smaller government. I do not support an increase in taxes to fix problems.  I support less government involvement in the lives of individuals and believe in the power of the individual – not government – to make personal decisions. I support gun rights and often talk about how new gun control laws will not stop the violence that threatens citizens across this country daily. I strongly oppose our system that has encouraged and perpetrated a mentality of making a career out of having babies.  And I believe in personal accountability – individuals being held responsible for their behavior without looking for any reason to blame someone or something else for negative behavior. Doesn’t that make me sound like a conservative?
But I also support the legalization of marijuana, immigration reform – including making it easy for illegal immigrants who were brought to this country by their parents and have contributed to this country to become full citizens. I support same-sex marriage and that is based on my belief that individuals should have the power to make decisions that impact and define their personal lives. I am pro-life, but pro-choice because I do not think it is appropriate for me to make decisions concerning a woman’s body.  There are many pro-choice Americans who passionately oppose abortion – but their opposition may waver if the decision involved their teenage daughter.
So, what am I – a conservative – a liberal - or an American suffering from P.I.D. “political identity disorder?”  And what are you?
The convenient term for those Americans who do not define themselves as conservative or liberal is “moderate.” But being called a “moderate” has come to mean someone who “sits on the fence” – “a spineless individual who has not strong convictions on political and social issues.”
Like many Americans, I have a strong conviction about every issue and I am willing to take a stance and defend it – but I am not accepted as a conservative or a liberal because my convictions are not consistent with either political ideology.  I have often described myself as a “radical moderate” – implying that I’m not conservative or liberal – but I am an individual with definite convictions.  I am also willing to vote for the best candidate and I do not judge candidates by the color or their political party – I judge them by the content of their character.
And why shouldn’t other Americans who are “radical moderates” come out of the closet and be proud to admit they are not conservative or liberal?
There should be greater acceptance of the many Americans who suffer from P.I.D. “political identity disorder.”
What are you?

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07/22/2014 6:20PM
Scoot: Do you suffer from "political identity disorder?"
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