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Scoot: Crosby, Stills & Nash, OneRepublic in town this week

This week I have an opportunity to experience a group that is part of rock music royalty, and also a newer young band that could be on their way to achieving that same status. Saturday night, I will see the legendary Crosby, Stills and Nash at the Saenger.  CS&N are rock icons who represent the music of the 60's and 70's that has stood the test of time.  The CS&N concert at the Saenger sold out in one day – a tribute to their talent and what their music meant to a young generation that has now grown into the Establishment.

Thursday night, I was at the OneRepublic concert at the UNO Lakefront Arena and while I appreciate and respect the music of my generation – I am highly impressed by the talent of many younger performers today.  

I have talked about how the music trends that define every decade do not become obvious until the 3rd and 4th year of each decade.  The early rock and roll that defined the 1950s was becoming popular in 1954.  The 1960s were defined by the music of the British Invasion with The Beatles taking off in America in 1964.  The end of the Vietnam War in 1973 and the subsequent political atmosphere of the country inspired much of the music that defined that decade.  The re-election of Ronald Reagan in 1984 solidified a positive tone in America and the music of the 80s had young generations dancing to uplifting music. And the sound of the 1990s was defined by the grunge-alternative movement that was accepted by mainstream youth in 1993-94.  In 2000, boy bands and performers like Britney Spears were popular, but it was the “emo” sound that became prominent by 2004 that defined that decade.

It is now 2014, and the popular new music you are hearing today is the music that will define this decade, and bands like OneRepublic are setting the trend.  Younger generations have embraced 80's music to the point where new bands are writing and producing music that is reminiscent of the sound of the 1980's.  There is a younger generation writing and producing songs with positive messages and the popular music today reflects the idea that a young generation wants to dance, escape and seems to have a positive view of the future.

OneRepublic is a group of extremely talented musicians:

•    Ryan Tedder – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, keyboard, bass guitar, 
•    Zach Filkins – lead guitar, viola, acoustic guitar, tambourine, backing vocals 
•    Drew Brown – rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboard, glockenspiel, marimba, bass guitar, piano, tambourine, percussion, drums
•    Eddie Fisher – drums, percussion, African drum, cajón, guitar, glockenspiel 
•    Brent Kutzle – bass guitar, cello, acoustic guitar, keyboard, piano, lead guitar, backing vocals 

I had a chance to briefly talk to the band before their show at the Lakefront Arena, and I told them that I have been featuring their music on my talk show and talking about how I think they are among the groups defining music today.

Music is the soundtrack of our lives and I realize that many people find comfort and security in the music that reminds them of their past.  Today, the music of bands like OneRepublic will be the music that today’s younger generations find comfort and security in as they mature.  

For those who dismiss “today’s music” as being superficial pop that will not stand the test of time – I suggest listening to bands like OneRepublic with the open mind that you listened to the music that defined your past.

And remember – I’m writing about OneRepublic – NOT One Direction!

There is something special about having the opportunity to experience a group defining music today and a legendary group that defined music in the past in the same week in New Orleans!

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08/22/2014 12:47PM
Scoot: Crosby, Stills & Nash, One Republic in town this week
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