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Scoot: Conservatives react to "Archie" shooting

Right wing radio talk show host Bill Frady says that conservatives are criticizing the shooting of comic book star Archie, who took a bullet saving the life of his gay political friend who supports gun control.
Frady hosts the syndicated radio show, “The Lock and Load Radio Show,” and he has a representative pushing interviews of him on the shooting of Archie.
Is anyone really taking time to express outrage over Archie, getting shot while trying to save a gay politician who supports gun control? Yes – a conservative talk show host is!
Supporters of both political parties react hysterically to any thought that their side of the culture war in America is under attack. A pro-gun advocate who is promoting himself as a viable source of information over the shooting of a comic book character is laughable! And yet – there are many who will rally around this call for condemnation of a liberal agenda message in a comic book.
I am not a comic book fan. Even as a kid, I never read comic books. But I cannot imagine any negative effect from a comic book carrying a politically sensitive message. Does Bill Frady, or anyone, really believe that the comic book “Life with Archie” is going to tip the scales in the debate over gun control and gay rights? Condemnation of Archie suggests that “Life with Archie” has the power to sway public opinion. That may sound absurd, but that is exactly what this conservative radio talk show host is promoting.
Who reads “Life with Archie?”  With the diverse selection of hand-held computer-driven entertainment, it would be hard to believe that “Archie” is being used as part of the liberal propaganda machine to brainwash America!
I often talk and write about the hysteria that erupts over many issues. Gun control and gay rights are two of the issues that seem to invite inane panic.

To right wing radio host Bill Frady and anyone else who is concerned about the negative impact of the story about “Archie” getting shot and saving the life of a gay gun control advocate – let me put your fragile minds at ease – IT’S JUST A COMIC BOOK!!!

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07/17/2014 6:47PM
Scoot: Conservatives react to "Archie" shooting
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07/19/2014 3:32PM
Roger V. Tranfaglia
Soo... What would Alfred E. Neuman do???
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