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Scoot: Community tips are more important than more cops

More community involvement is more important than more police on the street.
NOPD Chief Ronal Serpas announced today that two arrests have been made in the shooting Sunday that left 2 dead and 5 injured – including a 2 and a 4-year-old.
Blair Taylor, 21, the alleged killer and 25-year-old Jeffery Rivers, the alleged driver of the car in the drive-by shooting were both arrested for shooting onto a front porch full of people.
Within a matter of days NOPD made the arrests and more are expected. Chief Serpas credits numerous tips from the community for the arrests. 
Since the number of NOPD officers on the street is down, the instinct of the public is to blame the fact that there are not enough police to protect our communities.  But police officers cannot be everywhere and while it may be easy to point the finger at too few officers on the street – it is simply unrealistic to expect police officers to stop shootings like the drive-by last Sunday.
Feuds, drug turf wars, guns and retaliation are not going to be stopped by more police on the street.  Every community’s first line of defense against the crime occurring in their neighborhood is the people that live there. 
Though attitudes in New Orleans seem to be changing, criminals and common thugs have sought safe haven in the communities in which they live – and often commit their crimes there. 
It is understandable that many people have been reluctant to reveal information about the individuals they know are involved in criminal activity and even specific crimes beacause they fear retaliation.  But it is the community that ultimately protects the individuals that are posing a threat to the community.
As a society, we seek simple answers to big problems and the idea of more police on the street – at a time when the ranks of the NOPD have dwindled – seems to be a logical and tangible solution.  But it is not realistic to expect police officers to be everywhere there are violent disputes between individuals or groups. 
The individuals that are part of any community can do a better job than police at reducing crime.  The members of the communities that have come forward with information that has led to the arrests of suspects should be proud of what they have done in and effort to reduce crime and, hopefully, they will set an example for others.
If communities continue to turn over vital information about crimes and criminals – eventually – the criminals will have no where to hide.

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08/14/2014 7:28PM
Scoot: Community tips are more important than more cops
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