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Scoot: Catholic League says marriage "not about love"

During an interview with CNN following the veto of the bill that became known as the “religious freedom” bill, Catholic League President Bill Donahue said that “Marriage is about family, it’s not about love.”  Donahue also said, “Marriage has always been based historically on duty and commitment.”  But what about love?

Regardless of your religion, haven’t you always been under the impression that marriage was about love?  Why did you or will you get married?  There is a legal bond to marriage, but isn’t it love that first leads us to that legal bond?

I am shocked that the President of the Catholic League would dismiss the importance of love in marriage at a time when the Catholic Church is fighting against the legal recognition of same-sex marriage.
Love is an intangible feeling that is difficult to define because it is different for each individual.  Love could simply be defined as an attraction between two individuals that is based on an emotional and physical bond. 

The Catholic Church argues that same-sex marriage is wrong in the eyes of God because the emotional and physical relationship between two people of the same sex is unnatural.  But if marriage is based solely on “duty” and “commitment” and is a legal structure for maintaining a family without love as a factor – then where is the argument that same-sex marriage is wrong because of the physical bond of two people of the same sex?

For a top spokesman of the Catholic Church to denounce love as the primary reason people come together for the sacramental blessing of God in the marriage ceremony seems reckless and contrary to what the Church promotes about marriage.

Furthermore, if marriage is about the business of family, then why would couples who do not plan to have children or who are not biologically blessed with the ability to have children even get married? 
And would the Catholic Church then approve of the love that brings two people together and the physical relationship that follows without the bond of marriage?

Catholic League President Bill Donahue has presented extreme, hard-core beliefs on behalf of the Church throughout his term as president, but this idea that love has nothing to do with marriage now ranks as one of the most outrageous statements he has presented.

Do you agree that marriage is not about love, but is about “duty” and “commitment?” And should other church official denounce the statement from the President of the Catholic League?
The disagreement that many will have over this new definition of marriage further demonstrates that you can be a Catholic and enjoy going to church without agreeing with all of the beliefs of those representing the Catholic Church.

Being a Catholic, a Christian or a member of any religion does not require that you believe everything those representing your religion espouse and those who have been quick to criticize many of us who have expressed disagreements over issues, should think about how they might disagree with Bill Donahue’s statement that “Marriage is about family, it’s not about love.”
If you believe that marriage is about love – then you disagree with Donahue, who represents the Catholic Church.  Can you now recognize that sometimes mortal men make mistakes in representing your religion?

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02/27/2014 6:49PM
Scoot: Catholic League says marriage "not about love"
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02/27/2014 8:26PM
I don't believe in any of that.
Marriage isn't about love nor family. Marriage is an economic contract. Men have an access amount of labor and a lack of reproduction power. Women have a shortage of labor and a surplus of reproductive power. A man trades his labor for access to reproduction and the right to sire children. Sorry Scoot, I don't believe in "love." What "Romantic love" really is, is a chemical high, dopamines, oxytocins, serotonin. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coolidge_effect Read that.
02/27/2014 8:30PM
scooter boy
You should be the Martin Luther king of the gay movement. You could be known as grandpa bibber gay boy scooter
02/27/2014 8:49PM
bill Donahue a great catholic man
Marriage is a sacrament in the Catholic Church. Love means sacrifice,giving of yourself to your souse to procreate. Same sex marriage is a abomination which will lead to hell
02/27/2014 8:54PM
love is a commitment to cherish
Love is a commitment to cherish the relationship and the partner. It generates many wonderful feelings but those feelings are not love
02/27/2014 9:10PM
Marriage is also about medical safety, isn't it?
Well if the Catholic Church won't ask. Then maybe Scoot can. Why not have a public dialog on the medical safety of Sodomy, gay and straight, and ask these two simple medical questions? That is, Doesn't the medical community recommend that you, "Wash your hands after you go to the bathroom."? Yet, now there are some in the medical community that now say it's OK to "Sleep with the waste that gets flushed down in the toilet?" and that it's possible to live a perfectly normal life. Twitter Handle: AhContraire
02/28/2014 12:13PM
Marriage about Love?
"Love is Love" is the irrational phrase used by homosexuals to justify homosexual marriage. What complete nonsense. If love is the sole reason, than there is no true argument against a child marrying an adult, an aunt marrying her nephew or five people who say they "love" each other. Only the depraved could defend this idiocy.
03/03/2014 6:25PM
You don't seem to know what the Catholic League is...
You say "for a top spokesman of the Catholic Church...". The Catholic League is an anti-defamation group founded in the US in the 70's. It is not a spokesman for anything but itself. If you are going to comment on the issue, at least get the facts straight on whom you are talking about.
03/04/2014 8:14PM
i am shocked that homosexuals belive that using another mans small intestine as a sex organ is love. sounds more like an a depraved act of violence to me.
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