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Scoot Blog: Zimmerman & Martin: Who was the aggressor?

As testimony continues in the murder trial of George Zimmerman, one thing has become obvious – this is a trial about whether or not George Zimmerman was the aggressor.

It is difficult for an ‘aggressor’ to claim self-defense.  The jury will decide: Was Zimmerman was the aggressor as soon as he got out of his vehicle?  No matter what side of this argument you take in this debate, one thing remains clear: Had Zimmerman remained in his vehicle as the police dispatcher recommended, Trayvon Martin would not be dead, and Zimmerman would not be in court facing second-degree murder charges.

There is a growing feeling among many Americans that the best way to fight crime is for everyone to be armed.  However, the case of George Zimmerman should prove that being armed is not always the right answer.  I am not convicting George Zimmerman, and I respect that the jury is in a better position than I am to render a verdict in this case since they are in the courtroom and will be given instructions as to how to apply the law.  But the burning question is: Did George Zimmerman possess the mentality of an armed vigilante who aggressively approached Trayvon Martin that night?

There are aspects of this trial that anger me.  Today, there was testimony about Trayvon Martin’s size – his height and weight – as if that matters.  There was surveillance video showing Trayvon Martin at a nearby 7-11 and questions about whether he looked the same in the video as he did when he was shot by Zimmerman  - as if that matters.  The prosecutor even asked one witness if it was illegal to wear a hoodie at night – as if that matters.  Much of the trial is mundane, but it’s a trial and not a made-for-TV movie (which, I am certain will follow.)

This trial should not be about race – it’s a trial about the motives of those individuals who may own guns for the purpose of acting as law enforcement. Years ago, the Guardian Angels patrolled streets in some American cities as visual vigilantes.  They were not armed and they were on a mission to report, not act on, suspicious behavior.  George Zimmerman proclaimed himself a neighborhood ‘watch’ volunteer, but he did more than ‘watch’ and that’s what this trial is really about.

I support the Second Amendment and gun ownership.  The right to protect yourself and your family is one of the foundations of our society, and our Constitution.  However, I do not support owning guns if the motivation is to pump up misplaced confidence that allows an individual to place himself, or herself, in a situation that is not defined as a direct threat to one’s own life and property.  Remember, it’s difficult for an aggressor to claim self-defense.

Many have already decided whether George Zimmerman is guilty or innocent, but that’s up to the jury to decide.  For those who have concluded that Zimmerman is innocent, or even a hero, I ask you to close your eyes and image that it was your 17-year-old son, and not a young black male wearing a hoodie at night, who went to a convenience store near your home and was shot and killed by a citizen with a gun.

And if you were going to buy a gun for the purpose of patrolling – not just watching – your neighborhood, what advice do you think George Zimmerman would give you right now?


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07/02/2013 7:59PM
Scoot Blog: Zimmerman & Martin: Who was the aggressor?
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07/02/2013 8:38PM
911 revisited
For the curious minded. I took the infamous 911 call (media provided by Sanford Police Dept) to the studio. It OBVIOUSLY would not be court admissible (they barely allowed the real ones), but this is a unique and somewhat legitimate way at taking a look at the call in question. I compressed it so the lows came up a bit, limited it so you can hear other low sounds without your ears bleeding when the shots ring out. I then (thanks to the wonders of digital, couldn't do this with tape) slowed it down to just over half speed but PITCHED it back up to 100%. In other words.. you can hear the call without it hurting your ears, at a speed that is easier to digest and get a sense of. The pitch however is true to source. And there has been no EQ or altering ANY of the tonalities, although there are inherent nuanced swirly artifacts from slowing anything down that radically. Anyway, make of it what you will.. if you want to actually HEAR (what you can) the call, I wouldn't discount taking a listen to this version. The way I have done it is almost akin to the audio version of slowing down a video tape. Zimmerman Martin Altercation. http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=11548279
07/03/2013 12:40AM
he is innocent. period.
he is innocent. that "innocent" thug gangsta had no business in the neighborhood alleyways. he attacked zimmerman. he lost. all this talk about race is hilarious. zimmerman is not white but they are doing their best to paint him that way to prove that, since he is "white", it was a racist attack. absolute bullshit.
07/03/2013 2:18AM
The prosecution is inexperienced in this sort of case, because rational government attorneys do not typically charge a victim who was almost mudered. Putting together the transcript of Zimmerman’s call, the eyewitness account and a map of the area, one can conclude a number of things. Zimmerman lost sight of Martin for a few minutes. Martin’s temporary residence was about 100’ away. If Martin wanted to flee, he could have gone home without further contact. Instead, Martin confronted Zimmerman while Zimmerman was returning to his vehicle. Martin led with a ‘king hit’ to the face, which broke Zimmerman’s nose and knocked him to the ground. Martin then straddled Zimmerman, repeatedly striking him and slamming Zimmerman’s head on the concrete walkway for up to a minute. Zimmerman showed remarkable restraint in waiting that long before drawing his pistol and only firing one shot. A law officer in that position would have used his weapon much sooner and would likely have emptied his magazine into his or her attacker. And it makes no difference that the attacker is ‘unarmed’. Head trauma can kill. It seems likely that Zimmerman was so disoriented by the sudden attack that he forgot he was armed. No premeditation, no evil intent - rather it was justifiable self defense.
07/03/2013 3:26AM
Indeed, huh!
"But the burning question is: Did George Zimmerman possess the mentality of an armed vigilante who aggressively approached Trayvon Martin that night?" I you have been watching the trial, it is already crystal clear that Trayvon Martin aggressively approached Zimmerman. This case should not have been brought.
07/03/2013 3:30AM
This point is not correct.
"Had Zimmerman remained in his vehicle as the police dispatcher recommended" The dispatcher did not recommend that Zimmerman remain in his vehicle. You are incorrect on your facts. After Zimmerman exited his vehicle and was walking across the top of the T sidewalk to the other side, the dispatcher asked if he was following, His answer was yes. The dispatcher then said we don't need you to do that. The dispatcher never requested Zimmerman stay in his vehicle.
07/03/2013 3:33AM
George would most probably be dead or seriously injured if he was not armed.
"However, the case of George Zimmerman should prove that being armed is not always the right answer." Actually, the evidence is clear that George Zimmerman being armed was the right answer. He was brutally attacked. He hollered for help repeatedly, but no-one responded to his aid.
07/03/2013 3:40AM
Closing my eyes
"I ask you to close your eyes and image that it was your 17-year-old son, and not a young black male wearing a hoodie at night, who went to a convenience store near your home and was shot and killed by a citizen with a gun." 1) My child would not be smoking dope. 2) My child would not be posting using names like "nolimit n****" 3) My child would not have been expelled from school for fighting. 4) My child would not be stealing from people. 5) My child would not be wandering around a neighborhood, in the rain, looking into homes. 6) My child would have called the police. 7) My child would have gone home and gone instead instead of returning to pick a fight. 8) My child would have talked to the man instead of cold cocking him. 9) Actually, my child would still be sitting inside the house playing video games because I would have plenty of snacks and drinks in the fridge.
07/03/2013 3:45AM
Why do questions about T.M's size and weight matter?
Perhaps you have an anger problem. Martin's size matters. The media made a huge deal over Martin being a child instead of a full sized male adult. The jury needs to know his size and weight. They also need to know his history for getting into fights. These are all pertinent facts.
07/03/2013 6:16AM
if zimmerman shot him because he was beating his head on side walk martian was on top of him sitting on him right why was there no blood on zimmerman he should have been covered init
07/03/2013 6:54AM
There is so much factually wrong with this article it's hard to know where to begin. Scooti Poo you really screwed the pooch on this one. Your uninformed left wing bias is really showing through.
07/03/2013 7:47AM
Nothing that happened before the first punch was thrown is germane to who was the aggressor. Following someone and talking to them is not a crime. Punching someone is. Unless they can disprove Zimmerman's version somehow, and most of the evidence and eyewitnesses back him up, he should be acquitted.
07/03/2013 12:28PM
Zimmerman is innocent
Zimmerman is obviously innocent. He was attacked and nearly killed. Leaving a vehicle does not make you an aggressor, hitting someone does. The prosecution should never have brought this to trial.
07/05/2013 9:13AM
Zimmerman American Hero
The media gets their cake and eat it too---- gets everyone riled up (ratings) then when not guilty verdict (ratings)..
07/05/2013 5:40PM
Zimmerman guilty
I just have a question when ever in history is the man with the gun screaming for help!! Never all of you guys are idiots if u say that Zimmerman screaming he caused this whole this he needs to be dead or in jail!!
07/09/2013 12:10AM
If you check the race of the posters ....
If you check the race of the posters you will see this case is black against white and liberal against conservative. Obama made it about race and Eric Holder and the liberal press formed a verbal lynch mob. Martin was a thug headed to an early grave and Zimmerman was not qualified to play cop. This case should have NEVER been brought—VERY WEAK. You fear offending the Black Community and bow to PC.
07/09/2013 12:45AM
Blacks can slaughter blacks ... happens daily in gang and drug wars ...
Will Obama say all the dead black youths killed in drug wars by other blacks are his children too? NO. There is no money to be raised off their deaths by the race industry, and Obama. Dead white kids make better props for Obama’s agenda (Sandy Hook) The Black Community has NO credibility.
07/14/2013 7:22AM
The liberal media got their sorry rear ends handed to them ... GOOD!
The liberal media got their sorry rear ends handed to them ... GOOD!
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