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Scoot Blog: Why has ''unacceptable behavior'' become ''acceptable?''

Two teenagers were arrested by the NOPD today in connection with the brutal beating of a man recently in The Marigny. One of the teens has been identified as 16-year-old Brian Ellis. Police are still searching for a third teen.
The attack was captured on surveillance video at 4:45 am Sunday, March 10, 2013.  A man was attacked and beaten with a bottle as he appeared to be walking home from a Saturday night out in the Marigny. And robbery was apparently not the motive.  Click HERE to view the video of the brutal beating.  (WARNING - graphic images.)

I am part of a growing list of people who have been attacked and robbed in and around the CBD in the past few weeks. Police have told me that these types of attacks seem to come in waves and right now, for whatever reasons, there has been a rash of attacks.

 In the case of those of us who have been attacked and robbed, you have to ask yourself if this is actually a profitable career for some young people. But in the case of someone who is beaten and robbery was not the apparent motive, bigger questions loom.

Earlier today, when I saw the video of 2 young females on a beach near San Diego, CA harassing and abusing a mother seal and her pups on the beach, I thought about the desire that lives in some humans to injure others or to injure animals. Life must be so empty and meaningless for some young people today that the only way to make themselves feel better is by hurting some other living creature. Are some young people so insignificant and powerless that the only way they become significant and gain power is through injuring or robbing others?

I don’t think you have to be a psychiatrist to figure out that several generations of young people have grown into an existence so meaningless that their only chance at accomplishment comes from seeking victims.

It is a biological fact that children do not ask to be brought into this world, so to a great degree anti-social and criminal behavior is not entirely the fault of children. But even in the cases where parents have been a complete failure, we would like to think that some degree of innate human goodness and society’s examples would lead all young people down the right path. But that is obviously not the case.

There are too many people to thank for the liter of anti-social and criminal youths roaming among us. First, let’s thank the two individuals who had a moment of animalistic, meaningless and selfish sex that produced a child neither had any intention of caring for or about. And then, let’s thank the government and a society that created and supported a system that awards individuals for the children they produce through their meaningless and selfish sexual acts. Generations have continued to breed in a society that rewards one of life’s most reprehensible acts – submitting to the simplistic urge to have sex and not being responsible for the precious result – a child. This is behavior that has NOT been condemned as totally unacceptable in a civilized world.

As I have said, I will not allowed those who attacked and robbed me to change my opinion of New Orleans, but I do resent that it has forced me to change my behavior. I no longer walk the streets as freely as I once did and I find myself even more cautious than before the incident. I may not be mad at my city, but I am mad at the adults that created this problem and until we rise up and point fingers in the right direction and no longer accept behavior that should be unacceptable, this problem will grow. The sad reality is that even if we define the problem immediately, it will take generations to solve it.

Again – thanks to the adults and the government that created this problem – you know who you are!

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03/21/2013 7:11PM
Scoot Blog: Why has ''unacceptable behavior'' become ''acceptable?''
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03/22/2013 10:19AM
Lucky they didn't kill or cause permanent injury
Saw the video about the Marigny beating, and who can say what drives that kind of malign behavior, but they should be locked up before they kill somebody.
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