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Scoot Blog: What Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman can teach us

It shouldn’t take a tragedy to teach us things we should already know, but the shooting death of Trayvon Martin and the trial of George Zimmerman offer many great lessons in life.   

Here’s what we have learned or will learn from this tragedy: 

•    If you are part of a neighborhood watch group – then ‘watch’ – don’t shoot.

•    If a 911 dispatcher recommends that you stay in your vehicle – then stay in your vehicle.

•    Do not own a gun so you have confidence to be in situations you might not be in without a gun.

•    Do not judge young, black teens wearing hoodies just because they fit a stereotype.

•    If you wannabe a cop but can’t – do not try to become on in real life.

•    If someone appears to be following you at night – keep walking and do not approach the person.

•    Do not brag about fighting on social media.

•    If you feel as if someone is a threat to you because they are following you – do not confront them – call the police.

•    If you are walking home from the store – then walk home from the store.

Regardless of the verdict in the Zimmerman trial, there are things both Zimmerman and Martin could have done to prevent a death and a second-degree murder trial.  The instinct to confront another person can easily lead to a tragedy.  Sometimes the right thing, walking away, is the hardest thing to do.

A lesson I hope and pray we learn from this trial is that we can disagree with the outcome of a verdict in a passion-filled trial, but we can accept the verdict without resorting to a violent protest.  I applaud Trayvon Martin’s parents who asked for the man who killed their 17-year-old son to stand trial.  They did not demand a verdict, but wanted justice rendered by a jury.  And that is exactly what has happened.

I also applaud Al Sharpton, who has built a career on racial tension, for saying on his MSNBC show, “No matter what their (the jury’s) decision, there’ll be no winners in this case.  If the defense wins, Mr. Zimmerman will have to still bear the burden of the accusations and will be known for this throughout his life.  If the prosecution wins, the family of Trayvon Martin will not get their child back, their brother back.”  Sharpton went on to say, “So therefore, whatever the outcome there should be no gloating and should be no violence.”

Some of those who are predicting violence if George Zimmerman is found ‘not guilty’ almost seem to want that to happen so they can say, “See, ‘those people’ are racists and never wanted justice – they wanted Zimmerman to be found guilty.”  It’s as if some actually want a violent reaction to support their preconceived opinions of blacks in America.  The voices calling for calm are there to be heard – but only by those who are willing to listen.

The sad thing about violence and riots as a form of protesting is that a spark becomes a wildfire because many people join in with no understanding of what is being protested.  During the riots following the ‘not guilty’ verdict in the Rodney King trial, a teen participating in the rioting was asked by a reporter about Rodney King – the teen responded that he didn’t really follow sports! That teen represented those who simply joined the violence to vent their rage against the world.

It’s wrong to assume there will be violence if George Zimmerman is found ‘not guilty.’  If there is any violence to protest of the verdict, let’s judge that because it happened – not because we ‘think’ it will happen or because it may have happened in the past.

To predict, or expect, rioting after a ‘not guilty’ verdict in the Zimmerman trial is profiling – and isn’t that something that George Zimmerman may have done the night he killed an unarmed 17-year-old?  

George Zimmerman has said that he wouldn’t do anything differently that night, but that’s what he has to say for the sake of his defense.  As I see him sitting in court every day, all day, I can’t help but think that George Zimmerman would do everything differently that night.

There are important lessons to be learned from that night in Sanford, Florida – shame on those who ignore those lessons!

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07/11/2013 5:32PM
Scoot Blog: What Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman can teach us
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07/11/2013 7:12PM
Here's a few "lesson" you missed:
- Just because someone calls something "racism" doesn't mean it's true. - Don't attack the pudgy little guy who looks like a pushover; he might be armed. - Don't believe anything Al Sharpton says. - Cops and District Attorneys are better judges of probable cause and whether a prosecutor can meet a burden of proof than angry mobs. - The prosecution should have cross-examined the foam mannequin. Then, at least, they can say they had ONE witness who didn't say anything that helped the defense.
07/11/2013 7:33PM
Here's What I Learned
That there are still a lot of blacks, whites, Hispanics, etc. that are prejudiced. While this trial isn't about race, many of the comments made during this trial by people who have nothing to do with the trial has been racist and appalling.
07/11/2013 7:51PM
George Zimmerman
Any way you look at this tragedy, it's extremely sad. Nobody wins. Both families are destroyed.
07/11/2013 7:58PM
Learning that neighborhood watch will get by with murder.
07/11/2013 8:05PM
You applaud a thug, racist like Sharpton ... enough said ....
Looking forward to seeing you on television rioting ... LOL ... this case IS about revenge, politics and race. Get over it. Your self-righteous act does not play well.
07/11/2013 8:10PM
Don't be in the wrong place at the wrong time
You shouldnt fight with someone with a gun, surely one will get shot. George Zimmerman needs to be tried for manslaughter, sentenced suspended.
07/11/2013 8:27PM
Lets be civil
If both parties involved had only been civil then they both would be home enjoying their families now, I personally think they both made bad choices that led tragedy I agree with your blog scoot
07/12/2013 12:08AM
A Depraved Heart Made of Stone.
Let’s accept Zimmerman’s version that Martin was a troublemaker, that he was up to no good when he spotted him, that Martin got into fights, that he had marijuana in his system, and that he was a 6.2 aggressive teen -- not a twelve year old helpless boy. This still leaves us with the burden of explaining those heart retching screams -- loud enough to be captured on the neighbor’s 911 call. Zimmerman said elsewhere that the screams are from him because he was being pummeled by the unexpectedly aggressive Martin. The jury certainly has sufficient evidence of Martin’s aggressiveness, even though Zimmerman did not testify or give us an opportunity to probe further. Yet, this being the case that we have, we ought to look further at what is reasonable -- how likely is that things happened the way Zimmerman says they did? Is it likely for a man to cry for help when he is on the ground with someone sitting on him and punching repeatedly? Might he be too busy dealing with this to have an opportunity to cry for help -- in that way that we hear it on the 911 call? Yet, he could have done just that afterwards, or in between bouts. The 911 recording we have, however, only captures the tail end of the fight. What we hear are not the ordinary screams of a man getting punched, pummeled or pounded. Rather, they are the pleas for help by someone who is not only in grave danger, but a danger that he knows and appreciates. Indeed, the cries are of such desperation that they pierce the coldest of hearts. Zimmerman says that it was he who was screaming and we want to believe him. We should give him the benefit of all reasonable doubt because our system of justice prefers that ten guilty men go free rather than one innocent be found guilty. Moreover, Zimmerman’s version is plausible if Martin was prying the gun away from him. Indeed, let’s assume that Martin had grabbed the gun and was about to shoot Zimmerman. Does this fit with what we hear on the recorded 911 call? Does it fit with the lack of any physical evidence of Martin’s DNA on Zimmerman’s gun? There should have been some, even if Martin had just touched it, let alone grabbed it, or struggled for it. Indeed, we might expect that a struggle for control would have left a heavier DNA imprint. Yet, it left none. Still, let’s disregard this lack of Martin’s physical evidence on the gun and again give Zimmerman, the benefit of reasonable doubt -- the kind we give to our most important affairs. Is there anything else that get’s in the way with Zimmerman’s version of what happened? What about silence, the dead silence that we hear after the shot? Does it tell us anything? If Zimmerman was the one crying for help that eerie silence is odd. We might expect the cries to be interrupted by the struggle of the fight, or for the gun. Yet, they are steady and relentless all the way to the end when the shot is heard. Such a steady tempo does not indicate a struggle or a pounding on the pavement. Those repeating howls are more from someone who is being held at gun point; someone who has felt the hard steel of a gun in his side; someone who is told in no uncertain terms that he is about to die -- and believes it. If this is how things happened, then the person who fired the gun had a depraved heart because he heard the pleas for mercy by another human being but ignored them. A conviction for murder is thus in order. And we can arrive at this conclusion by giving Zimmerman all the benefit of the doubt -- except what is not supported by the physical evidence and by common sense.
07/12/2013 6:47AM
This case was brought to trial by race and politics nothing else. There wasn't enough evidence to charge Zimmerman with anything. If this would have been a white man and a white man or black man and black man there would be no issue. Why doesn't the black community get just as angry when it's there young black sons are killing each other every day?
07/12/2013 9:50AM
Your an idiot and I hope George is found "not guilty."
07/12/2013 1:39PM
Judge Nelson has to deliver for Obama ...
This is a show trial. Tragic shootings happen everyday in gang and drug wars. Blacks kill each other like animals. Very sad, but Obama and the race industry cannot raise money off their deaths. The six women WILL been to the pressure from the left. Obama contaminated any jury before this trial started. The media will make the lives of the judge and the jury hell if they do not lynch Zimmerman. The judge already bent over and spread them for Obama. The jury will follow.
07/12/2013 1:40PM
Good people have NOTHING to learn from this trial ...
other than liberals are generally racist.
07/12/2013 9:47PM
Here is MY take.
Zimmerman followed Trayvon because he thought he was one of the guys that was breaking into the homes. HE was going to be the HERO for taking him down. He approached him and when Trayvon turned to leave he grabbed him and they struggled. Zimmerman WAS on the bottom , Trayvon was punching him back and forth. Trayvon is RIGHT handed not LEFT- he would not have thrown a punch with just his LEFT unless he was boxing back and forth. The blood on Zimmerman ran down his ears to his chin-- ZIMMERMAn was on the bottom. Trayvon was screaming - Zimmerman covered his face and nose . Trayvon gets up and then he was shot. Zimmerman thought he was going to be the HERO of the day
07/12/2013 9:57PM
Here is MY take..
My mistake...Zimmerman WAS on the top of Trayvon, no matter WHAT the witness thought they saw in the dark. I am a 55yr old Professional female.. and I am wondering what our country has come to when a person cannot walk home from purchasing candy at 7pm without being killed. Listen to the tape with the screaming. ... last words from woman.. OH MY GOD, WHAT DID HE DO TO THAT POOR BOY. It was truncated by the media after the first day. '' Zimmerman says it all when he tells his wife "I GOT THE GUY" YEAH.. BIG HERO
07/13/2013 4:15AM
If this had been two black guys or two white guys; it would never have gone to trial.
07/13/2013 11:16AM
I truly hate to say it but "Zimmerman" is a dead man in are out of jail. Its not a racist comment just a real one... carry on
07/13/2013 4:29PM
Check out Judical Watch . org for info on the department of justice's community relations service. Conflict of intrest included organizing, advising and paying expenses for police escort to Sanford.
07/14/2013 7:09AM
Martin got himself killed and would have died sooner than later living the thug lfe.
Martin got himself killed and would have died sooner than later living the thug lfe.
07/14/2013 7:11AM
The Race Industry will continue to PROFIT from this case.
The Race Industry will continue to PROFIT from this case.
07/14/2013 8:07AM
If you are 17 and in a neighborhood where you are not readily recognized, and asked a question by a resident such as "What are you doing here?", simply having enough respect to answer the question may leep you alive.
07/14/2013 3:38PM
Black vs Hispanic
Black white = Black (Obama) Hispanic White = Hispanic (except George Zimmerman)
07/14/2013 8:08PM
Black are more races
Trayvon attack George Zimmerman Black say no because Trayvon was black
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