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Scoot Blog: We Are Pawns in a Political Game of Chicken?

The fog of hate stemming from the government shutdown and the continuing debate over Obamacare is so thick in Washington that a car trying to get through a gate at the White House and the subsequent police chase and shooting led to immediate conclusions that a citizen was venting frustration over the political atmosphere in Washington.  The woman driving the car was killed in the shootout with police and her motive remains unknown.  It has been reported that she suffered from mental issues.

The blame game is intensifying between President Obama and the Democrats and House Speaker John Boehner and the Republicans as the government shutdown continues with no end in sight.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) said, “I will not negotiate.”  Republican Congressman Steve Scalise (R) said to Reid, “Stop holding people hostage.”  Republican Congressman Marlin Stutzman said, “We’re not going to be disrespected.  We have to get something out of this. And I don’t know what that even is.”

If it was not obvious up to this point, it should be blatantly obvious now – both parties are using the American people as pawns in a high-profile game of ‘political chicken.’  In the meantime, over 800,000 federal workers are currently off the job without pay and no guarantee of back-pay, while members of Congress continue to receive their $174,000 annual salaries.  The website Moveon.org has a petition with over 170,000 names demanding that members of Congress receive no pay until the political showdown is settled.

The problem is that our elected officials in Washington mirror the contempt Americans now express toward each other.  Both sides, in Washington and across America, are harshly blaming the other side for the government shutdown and proudly defending their party.  Some reasonable compromise is needed to end the shutdown.  If the elected officials represent the American people, then how can we criticize the officials for representing the attitude of the people?
Since we elect politicians to represent us, the desire to change the tense atmosphere need not come from the top down – it can come from the bottom up.  

We are all constantly hearing citizens on the news describing politicians in Washington as adults who are ‘acting like children,’ and yet, these are the same citizens who continue to send the same ‘children’ back to Washington.  It’s always easier to blame someone else, but the American people should take personal accountability and accept much of the blame for the political landscape that has become so hateful.

The Republican Party was adversely affected by the influence of the Tea Party last year during the campaign and one of the leaders in the legislation that shut down the government is Tea Party darling Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), who sustained a 21-hour marathon on the Senate floor denouncing Obamacare.  As both parties begin to position themselves for the mid-term elections next year and the presidential election in 2016, the Republicans will have a very difficult time winning back the voters they obviously lost in the presidential election last year unless the party gets a divorce from the Tea Party.

Former Mississippi Governor and Republican consultant Haley Barbour said after the election that as long as the Republican Party is driven by a far-right ideology and continues to be out-of-touch with mainstream America, Republicans will not gain seats in 2014 and will not win the White House in 2016.  LA Governor Bobby Jindal told a crowd at a republican retreat, “We need to stop being the stupid party!”  Republican strategy guru Karl Rove has recently spoken out against the far-right directing the party’s agenda.

While both sides in the debate over Obamacare and the government shutdown should be criticized for their childlike, inflammatory behavior, the Republican Party continues to battle national image issues that must be resolved if the anticipated gains in Congress next year are to be realized.

Before the election last year and right now, the top spokesperson for the Republican Party is House Speaker John Boehner.  Boehner has lacked the charisma of a Newt Gingrich and has not been a positive image-maker for the party.  How long will it take the party to realize that?

To further demonstrate that politically-driven rhetoric is dominating this current debate, Republican Congressman Randy Neugebauer (TX) was caught on video from a citizen in Washington confronting a park ranger at the World War II Memorial.  The ranger was just doing her job when Rep. Neugebauer said that park rangers like her “should be ashamed of themselves” for causing the government shutdown.  To which she replied, “I’m not ashamed.”

If we expect both parties to work together to make this a better nation, then we must start uniting as Americans.
 (Photo by Scott Taylor)

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10/03/2013 8:56PM
Scoot Blog: We Are Pawns in a Political Game of Chicken?
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10/04/2013 11:28AM
Scoot you are a leftist clown!
Hary Reid has NOT passed a budget in over five years and rejected all appropriations bills sent to him BEFORE he shut down the government. You hero Dirty Harry is NOT doing his basic duties and yet you as typical Obama aye-hole trash the House. Does Harry Reid change your diaper daily? Likely so. You can take your ObamaCare ans shove it up your liberal ASSHÖLE. The House members were elected and won too! Obama is NOT a king. They control the purse and frankly we need someone to do that. Your Lord and Savior Obama is certainly spending us into ruin. Over 30 million will still be uninsured with ObamaCare and the idea that you support the government forcing people to buy something tells us you are mere government chattel. We have transferred over six trillion dollars in the past 50 years from producers to NON-producers. At what point is it enough. IT NEVER IS. Obama could round up all the people making $100,000.00 a year and above (some doing this with both spouses working), kill them, seize their assets, and give all the money to the black caucus and whatever other pity party group and it would still not be enough. Liberalism does NOT work because liberals pay people NOT to work.
10/04/2013 11:36AM
Why would be unite with folks like YOU stuck on STUPID ... you merely
repeat the Obama propaganda. No, YOU and Obama and the clowns Harry Reid and Pelosi must be defeated. Democrats spew hate everyday and trash us. They get a pass and act all self-righteous when their NASTY SH!T is thrown back at them. At some point being nice ends and frankly, if Harry Reid drops dead of a heart attack it would be cause for celebration. Freedom loving folks have always celebrated the deaths of tyrants. ENJOY! YOU DEMS LOVE HATE speech.
10/04/2013 11:48AM
The media will parade the results of Liberalism during the shut down ...
they will trot out people trapped in government dependency who are paid to continue to fail and remain stuck on the Democrat Plantation. Why do Democrats want people looking for a few pennies from Washington as their only hope in life? Do Democrats HATE people that much? Apparently their leaders do. Liberalism leads only to shared misery. We want as many people as will at least try to realize they are better than the life Obama has planned for them. We need another million millionaires NOT Obama trashing success and targeting achievers with higher taxes to PUNISH their efforts. We are paying higher gas prices, taxes, food prices and accumulating massive debt by choice of Leftist politicians. We have the capability of being a great, prosperous nation, but Obama and his crowd ON PURPOSE want to turn American (can already has) into a FAILED socialist state. Years after ObamaCare, if not repealed, the same sad-sack groups will still be screaming for more tax dollars to take care of them. Liberals want a country of pathetic losers who achiever little, demand everything from the few who do make an effort, and merely whine and trash the productive folks when they object to giving them more.
10/04/2013 11:50AM
No, Scooter only 3% of Americans are excited about Obama supporting þutt sex ...
you are out of touch with the mainstream.
10/04/2013 11:55AM
Scoot loves to act self-righteous while he trashes those he hates ... LOL ...
Scoot your are petulant pûnk. You are easily led by the nose by the liberal propaganda. You are a clown filling time on the radio when sports talk is not on. You make us laugh.
10/04/2013 12:03PM
The Dems are becoming really WHACKO ... funny to watch them crack up ....
at some point when you LIE for a living as Obama and Harry Reid do, it gets old. Sure the lap dog, left-nut media repeats their lies as news, but folks outside the beltway see the lies as lies. Obama has seized 1/6 of the economy under his absolute control if ObamaCare is left as is. This bill was NEVER about health care. It is about soaking the folks for even more money and controlling their behavior even further. 30 million will still be uninsured with ObamaCare. So why are we doing this SH!T again? Those who love freedom, achievement and personal responsibility should fight stop this tyranny by whatever means is possible under existing laws. Scooter, sadly, joins the chorus of folks demanding that Obama be treated as a King and we behave like his slaves. The government should fear the people not the other way around.
10/04/2013 12:08PM
Obama is always making speeches about himself and expanding government ..
you never hear him champion private sector achievemnet. Of course he views the private sector with contempt and hatred. He never succeeded in the private sector so it explains a lot.
10/04/2013 12:19PM
Scoot, get a clue ...
ObamaCare is NOT popular like some new product thus, folks are going to the websites to buy it .... THEY HAVE NO CHOICE. The American people are being forced to do this and yet, even with that large numbers will not. The lies the media tries to push ... it is amazing how stupid people are to believe the daily load of feces dumped on us by Obama and his crew of thugs.
10/04/2013 12:52PM
They're Just Getting What They Voted For
With so many spineless Republicans infesting the District of Criminals lately, the ones that do have backbones are just doing what their constituents sent them there to do: stop Obama's socialist healthcare Ponzi scheme. It shouldn't be that hard for even leftist hacks to understand and grasp, eh Scooter?
10/04/2013 12:57PM
Scoot ... Businesses do NOT exist to provide jobs, healthcare or welfare.
Businesses exist to make a profit. Profit earned honestly via hard work and creativity is GREAT! You see PROFIT allows people who work harder and smarter than you to create jobs and attract good employees by offering various benefits and salaries. The best government can do is create shared misery for the folks, while enriching the ruling class. You, like so many today, are so ignorant about business and how wealth and prosperity is created. You, Democrat politicians and the many in the media teach people to HATE business and achievement. Funny these same people soil themselves over celebrities who often make millions. Even more funny, you hear people calling into sports talk shows worried that Drew Brees will not get paid while they are making a mere $25,000 a year. The same sports talk caller will trash achievers-business owners on shows like yours and others. The left-nut government schools have done a great jobs of creating massive ignorance and thus, more poverty. Off topic, but that is why Democrats fight so hard to DENY poor blacks a private education. They fear them hearing the truth about success.
10/04/2013 1:09PM
AP-Students Suspended For Decorating School With American Flags...
Welcome to Obamaville.
10/04/2013 1:11PM
Obama sees himself as a DìCK-tator ...
he as to be removed. There is no talking with this assholé. He will have to be fought tooth and nail until his term ends and hopefully he leaves.
10/04/2013 1:16PM
RANGER: 'We've been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It's disgust
10/04/2013 1:17PM
Obama caught in another BIG LIE about the debt ceiling ....
10/04/2013 1:20PM
The House has FULLY FUNDED the governnent ... Obama shutdown
the government to protect exempting the ruling class from ObamaCare. Obama wants to creates as much pain as he can for the folks for his OWN SELFISH agenda and HATE!!!!!!!
10/04/2013 1:23PM
If the Republicans stand firm they will win for the American people. The media
propaganda machine is not working as well this time around. Obama is already spewing feces (lies) about the debt ceiling. We can pay are interest on debt if there is a freeze. Obama and the left and Scoot are liars. Scar tactics and hate are all Obama and clowns like Scoot have.
10/04/2013 1:26PM
Harry Reid knows ObamaCare is bad for this country. That is why he and Obama
exempted big business and unions and the Washington elite from it. They are lawless thugs. People better wake up.
10/04/2013 1:31PM
A CR is the definition of piece meal. The budget has always been done in
many parts. The problem is Harry Reid and Obama a failed to pass a budget in five years while trashing the House who has done it duty. Scoot chooses to believe the lies and trash good people.
10/04/2013 1:35PM
Cher suggest KILLING Tea Party Politicians ... Scoot would be proud ...
Cher style: Deranged diva suggests killing off Tea Party politicians ==> http://twitchy.com/2013/10/04/liberal-civility-cher-style-deranged-diva-suggests-killing-off-tea-party-politicians/
10/04/2013 1:44PM
Where are all the Dems out shouting about the glories of ObamaCare?
Reality Americans are leaning the truth about the Dems and their lies about this healthcare bill. It is ALL based on lies. Liberalism is a lie. Liberals have to lie to survive. They only offer shared misery and bullying. They are just pünks who cover uptheir insecurities and fears by issuing threats and ultimatums. Obama has never had to work with people. He has no executive skills. He has a tyrant mentality--he is petulant child.
10/04/2013 1:49PM
Fear enables bullies. Obama needs to be punched in the nose by the
people standing up against his bullying. Republicans just need to be steady and calm and let Obama self-destruct. The government has been funded by the House. Obama is the petulant child and the bully. Obama is the one that wants to create misery for hisselfish agenda and his obsession with his own image and ego.
10/04/2013 2:27PM
While ensuring that Gay Pride Days continue during the shutdown and gays
are allowed to scréw each others þutts is important work for the US government, the NBA, and Obama, perhaps there are more pressing matters. Then again, as long as Obama supports abortion paid for by ObamaCare, þutt sex, and higher taxes on conservatives and IRS audits on Tea Party groups, the left is and Scoot are satisfied.
10/04/2013 2:30PM
On a more serious note, Obama funded one of his propagnada machines during
the shutdown in PBS (Public Broadcasting Station), but refused to fund cancer hospitals and research for children with cancer. Continuing his propaganda was deemed more essential.
10/04/2013 3:02PM
Too many American spend their time watching Politicial PÔRN on CNN,
10/04/2013 3:06PM
Yea, MSNBC was voted the number one rated Obama PÖRN Site by a
Democrat Party/NNY Times Poll ... LOL.
10/04/2013 5:21PM
AP-Crowd chants '43' as W Bush attends President's Cup... 'Boy do we miss you!&
with a petulant child in Obama any ADULT would be better.
10/05/2013 8:10PM
Republicans will have a very difficult time winning back the voters they obviously lost in the presi
Scoot, the reason the Republican won at all was because of the Tea Party. YOU are the MOST STUPID person on radio .... GO fuçk your Obama Blow-up Doll B!TCH!!! You are a gay hippie, and clueless.
10/05/2013 8:14PM
Scoot is a leftist Democrat so naturally he will trash the Republicans and
conservatives. Nothing new. Scoot is a joke.
10/05/2013 8:18PM
Harry Reid and Obama have not passed a budget in five years. They do not
even do their basic jobs and YOU, Scooter-Boy, trash the Tea Party. You just a Democrat B!TCH AYE-HOLE. GO TO HELL B!TCH!!!
10/05/2013 8:28PM
The only “Pawns” are the Obama Ignorant Base that gladly accept the role as
government chattel. Obama passed ObamaCare then then exempted himself and the Washington establishment from it. That is all you need to know. Scoot supports Unfairness and the American people being treated like cattle.
10/05/2013 8:44PM
Scoot, I am sorry Obama is black and you feel sorry for him, but ALL the chaos,
hateful tone, and failure in the economy is on Obama and is total lack of leadership. Obama is mean-spirited and only knows how to campaign and trash his opponents. The buck stops with him, but you will lie and suggest otherwise because you fear being called a racist and buy into all of his propaganda.
10/05/2013 8:55PM
Obama’s goal was always to tear this country apart. He wanted to create as much
chaos and crisis as possible. He believes that gives him and his gang the best opportunity to conquer and turn America into a socialist, or better yet Marxist state. Obama at heart is a Marxist, but knows he cannot force this on America without a fight. Obama is like Hitler. He creates problems/crisis and them blames it on (in his case) the Tea Party in an effort to discredit them. Hitler blamed the Jews for everything. Obama has abused his power to punish those he deems his enemies. Obama is NOT a nice guy. He is determined to destroy capitalism and free enterprise and make the US into a total Nanny state where chronic high employment, high taxes, little or no economic growth is common. He wants America to be a dependent nation. He hates America as founded.
10/05/2013 10:18PM
You do not compromise with EVIL (Obama). You have to defeat it.
Obama seeks to enslave Americans into government dependence and control. We desire to be free of tyrants like Obama. There is NO compromise.
10/05/2013 11:53PM
Scoot NEVER complain again about elected officials. You are a hypocrite.
We finally elected some men and women of integrity that went to Washington had did what we elected them to do. They have shown courage to challenge the corrupt establishment in Washington. Yet YOU just pìss on them and trash them while the people YOU support lie, steal, cheat, and abuse the American people. Scoot YOU ARE SH!T.
10/05/2013 11:55PM
We have a corrupt, tyrant in the White House. He must be stopped and his
agenda DEFEATED!
10/06/2013 12:05AM
Ted Cruz in the real man and a leader. Scoot is a pîss ant.
Ted Cruz in the real man and a leader. Scoot is a pîss ant.
10/06/2013 10:37AM
Scoot has genuine lúst in his heart for Harry Reid.
LOL ....
10/06/2013 12:08PM
Obama is HATEFUL and ABUSIVE ...
We can only hope he keeps smoking ... he will reap the hatred he as sown.
10/06/2013 1:01PM
Scoot your self-righteous act is not playing well. You write a blog trashing
those you disagree with and then claim to be above the fray. You are a liberal that has to pretend to appeal to a conservative audience. You lie like all liberals. You are fooling only fools.
10/06/2013 5:05PM
We are losing are health care because of Obama Care. The premiums are
too expensive and we are left paying a fine that we get nothing for. The Democrats lied about what was in the bill to get it passed. Why are people not appalled by this deceit?
10/06/2013 10:03PM
Most folks do not hate Obama because he is black-skinned. He is half white and
and has increased black unemployment and poverty to records levels. He is no friend of the black man. People hate Obama because Obama first hated America as founded and has set out to dismantle a prosperous, superpower. Obama is full of resentment with revenge in his heart. His rage knows no end. He is a pathetic figure and America has become a nation in his image—pathetic.
10/07/2013 8:37AM
The thug Obama is at it again. When will people wake up?
Obama is the MOST MEAN-spirited man to ever hold the White House in the modern era and his wife is a B!TCH. http://www.ktnv.com/news/local/Lake-Mead-Property-Owners-Forced-Out-Until-Gov-Shutdown-Ends-226557661.html
10/07/2013 8:40AM
The more you know about the aye-hole Obama, the more you are amazed that
blacks especially poor ones support this EVIL B!TCH.
10/07/2013 8:44AM
Sad Obama’s parents did not have the good sense to abort Obama—flush
his sorry àss down a sink.
10/07/2013 8:46AM
The crowds chanted and fainted over Hitler and Obama and both
crowds were proven to be fools.
10/07/2013 9:23AM
Book Banning: DOJ moves to block 'Fast and Furious' tell-all
People forget that Obama’s corruption gets people killed .. Obama spent more time promoting þutt sex with NBA’s Jason Collins than he did trying to save his ambassador in Benghazi.
10/07/2013 9:27AM
If Obama refuses to pay the interest on the debt (we collect over 2 trillion a year
in taxes and fees) then IT IS ON HIM. HE is the president that defaulted. Would not be surprised if the little arrogant B!TCH did it.
10/07/2013 9:35AM
Obama is a BULLY. It is time to stand up to this ásshole.
Obama has already broken the economy. Debt ceiling deal or not. The terror he has waged against the American people must be stopped so this country can be re-built.
10/07/2013 10:02AM
Liberalism is a DEADLY cancer that has destroyed the black community ...
White liberals use their black zookeepers to maintain and control blacks. Those who dare to leave the plantation are trashed and slandered. http://www.yourblackworld.net/2013/01/black-news/ben-jealous-black-americans-are-doing-far-worse-under-obama-admin/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Race_and_crime_in_the_United_States http://www.blackgenocide.org/black.html
10/07/2013 11:18AM
Democrats have run states like California for many years ... now we learn that
the poor are getting even poorer in California and the middle class is disappearing in that state. Sad that people flat on their backs and trapped in a failing state economy run by leftists remain stuck on stupid supporting their own economic destruction. They DESERVE all the poverty and suffering that goes with supporting liberals.
10/07/2013 11:21AM
Obama will trash achievers while enriching his buddies via Green Energy Scams ...
Obama is the KING of crony capitalism, which gives genuine small business entrepreneurs a bad name. Obama is personally corrupt.
10/07/2013 11:41AM
Obama and the left aided by the corrupt press are trying to bait conservatives
and independents into political violence. Obama would love it if some people had a violent encounter over his policies. He desires chaos. Obama is radical and violence is a tool of the left. Hitler created violence and then blamed the Jews. Obama wants to do that to the Tea Party. Other than mocking Obama and laughing at his petulant arrogance, conservatives have shown great restraint with the tyrant wanna-be Obama.
10/07/2013 5:04PM
Scoot sees himself as a helpless pawn, but he has always been a slave on
the Democrat Plantation. Thankfully many others are not going to take Obama’s SH!T anymore and are getting involved. Scoot is a common coward more worried about whether the Obamas have enough money for vacations and whether Obama supports þutt sex. http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2013/10/07/truckers-for-the-constitution-plan-to-slow-dc-beltway-arrest-congressmen
10/07/2013 5:09PM
When people worship politicians as celebrities that create tyrants as in Obama ....
Obama is supposed to be a public servant not think of himself as a rock star or a god. Jesus said the servant is the greatest of them all not the king or the rock star. Obama is a totally self-absorbed, petulant, little PÙNK.
10/07/2013 5:31PM
The shutdown is not working out the way Obama and clowns like Scooter hoped ....
the lies and deceit are not working. It is time for a real hopefully peaceful revolution. The country is in REAL trouble and the tyrants Obama and Harry Reid MUST BE stopped.
10/07/2013 7:54PM
Well, perhaps, Scoot will get everyone to unite around the þutt sex issue ...
10/07/2013 7:58PM
What scoot really mean is just do what Obama wants.
scoot thinks Obama is King of America.
10/08/2013 10:25AM
If Obama gets his way all cities will end up like Detroit and Scoot worships Obama .. and grovels to be loved by his leftist media buddies and the abortion and gay lobby ... LOL
10/08/2013 12:20PM
Well, the àsshole O-Bûtt Face will be out lying again today ...
spewing his feces all over the media and the American people.
10/08/2013 1:15PM
Obama lost the little respect he may have had long ago. Perhaps one can
respect the office when he is no longer in it. Obama lies at such a rate that his intentional deceit cannot be excused.
10/08/2013 1:18PM
PREZ TO SPEAKER: I won't negotiate... well, then Obama, FÚCK YOU B!TCH!
Obama is a tyrant.
10/08/2013 1:25PM
Compromise to Scooter simply mean giving Obama whatever he wants.
Scooter has to appeal to New Orleans Bottom-Feeder Obama Base.
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