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Scoot Blog: Valentine?s Day: Bi-partisan love!

Can two people who do not share the same political views fall in love?

Of course two people with differing political ideologies can fall in love, but could those two people maintain a successful relationship over time? Democratic political strategist James Carville and republican political strategist Mary Matalin are married and arguably one of the most interesting couples in America. So, it is possible to be with someone you don’t agree with politically, but would it work for you? Could you be with someone who did not share your political ideology?

If we, as human, have a passion for love, we also have a passion for politics. Many Americans define themselves through their political ideology. Since our political views are an integral part of who we are as people, how likely is the success of a long-term relationship if two people are defined by a different foundation of beliefs?

I grew up in a household with a dominant father who had strong political convictions. My mother always agreed with my dad and while I never went into the voting booth with her, I am certain she voted the way my father voted and wanted her to vote. Perhaps she really did believe what my father believed about candidates and issues, but I never thought my mother would have her own independent political views. I can’t image my parents disagreeing when it came to politics. I dearly loved my mother and this is my observation and not criticism of her.

How important is political ideology when it comes to relationships? Political views guide our decisions about who we vote for, how we raise our children and what we choose as entertainment. Our politics is at the core of our inner self. So, could you be with someone who does not share your political views?

Since people do change throughout their lives, it is possible that you could fall in love with someone who shared your political beliefs, but over time either of you could change. Would that be a reason to end the relationship?

I was married to someone who did not share my political views on almost everything and we both, in our own ways, contributed to raising a child who we are both extremely proud of today. But I have changed and if we were together today we would share the same basic political ideology. I can also think of many occasions when the person I loved agreed with me on some issues and disagreed with me on other issues and that lead to lively debates and me usually sleeping on the sofa! (Actually, we always worked through it!)

If you have used politics as a criteria for selecting a husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner, perhaps you should consider that love can, and should, exist when there is no common political bond. We have become a nation divided along political battle lines, but politics should not define us as couples. Love should supersede the politics that divide us.

If we want the president and congress to work together – then shouldn’t we set the example by promoting bi-partisan love among all Americans?

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02/14/2013 9:54AM
Scoot Blog: Valentine’s Day: Bi-partisan love!
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