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Scoot Blog: The ridiculous attack on Easter!

I celebrate America’s diversity and I appreciate our individual freedoms, but our respect for religious diversity is robbing us of some traditions.

The Heritage Elementary School in Madison, Alabama has removed the word “Easter” from all Easter-related activities. Easter eggs are now just eggs. The Easter Bunny is now just the bunny. The school’s principal, Lydia Davenport, instructed her staff to no longer use the word “Easter” because it might be insensitive to others.

Davenport said, “Kids love the bunny and we just make sure we don’t say ‘the Easter Bunny’ so that we don’t infringe on the rights of others because people relate the Easter Bunny to religion. A bunny is a bunny and a rabbit is a rabbit!” Re-read that last sentence and I’m sure you will have the same thought I had – how did she get to be a principal???

The attacks on celebrating Christmas and Halloween have been present for years, but the attack on Easter is a reminder that attempts to make America more sensitive are actually creating a soulless America.

Easter and Christmas have both religious and pagan roots, but until some people pointed that out, it seems most of us distinguished between the religious and pagan aspects. Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Christ, has the tree, which is a pagan symbol. Easter, the celebration of the resurrection of Christ, has the bunny and the eggs. I always allowed the blending of religious and pagan meanings, while also distinguishing between the two.

Halloween, on the other hand, was always pagan until a few religious zealots decided to add a Satanic meaning to the innocent celebration. Until that happened, children did not view Halloween as anything evil. So congrats to the adults who scared children with the real Satan, when they were just trying to have fun.

Acceptance of diversity in America should not mean that we dismiss the traditions that are part of the fabric of American society. Celebrating Christmas or Easter does not take away any individual’s right to celebrate their religious beliefs. If others were denied that right as a result of some religious-based celebrations, then that would be wrong.

I am a Christian and I love Easter and this time of year! Easter celebrates the joyous resurrection of Christ at a time when flowers, trees and life around us is resurrected from the winter.

Crawfish boils are a traditional Easter celebration in this part of the country. Since crawfish are enjoyed by many during Easter weekend, I wonder if we should make a connection between religion and eating crawfish. There have been many times I have made the connection when I have tasted a great batch of crawfish and said, “God, these are good!”

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03/28/2013 6:42PM
Scoot Blog: The ridiculous attack on Easter!
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03/29/2013 7:59AM
Load of Malarky
There's no "War" on Easter, nothing stops anyone from celebrating it, even if the very DAY as well as the reckoning used to determine the day stems directly from Pagan sources.(Look it up, rival religion holy days are on the exact same day and time). The only thing I've gotten from this blog is that certain "Christians" are so intolerant of others that to refuse to place "Christian" beliefs above others is to issue a declaration of WAR, How Petty.
03/29/2013 11:02AM
Rich M
I agree with Scoot. You can't celebrate diversity without giving credit to the ones supplying the traditions. The next step would be to insist on the term "holiday candelabra" instead of "menorah".
03/29/2013 2:37PM
Like Complaining about Immigrants to Native Americans
So, if I get the gist of this argument. The complaint is based on the fact that symbols, stolen from other celebrations and repatriated as "Easter" are now being used in a context other than Easter? Or did you really think that Eggs and Bunnies had something to do with a crucifixion?
04/01/2013 10:33AM
Scoot's Blog
Rich M has hit the nail on the head. Where do we stop with 'sensitivity' and political correctness?
04/01/2013 7:31PM
Scoot's blog
I bet that Ms Davenport didn't think Easter was bothering any religion 5 years ago or when she was a teen and pre teen
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