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Scoot Blog: ''The Government is Knocking''

Thursday, May 31, 2012 -  As government continues its ‘feel-good’ efforts to protect us from ourselves, we are witnessing the continuing erosion of personal accountability in America.

BREAKING NEWS: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is now proposing another ban designed to curb unhealthy behavior. Bloomberg has promoted some of the nation’s most aggressive smoking bans and has supported bans on trans-fats. Now, Bloomberg is promoting a ban on the sales of drinks over 16 ounces.  The goal is to reduce calories and sugar intake.

It’s wonderful that politicians care about the citizens of their city, state and country, but the support of ‘feel-good’ laws is only a superficial attempt to protect citizens. The deeper and more serious problem lies in the message these types of laws have for America.  Citizens are being conditioned to think that if something is not ‘banned’, then it must be okay.  That circumvents the idea that individuals are ultimately responsible for their behavior and decisions.

There are many laws that do help protect people, but when politicians create laws that infringe on our personal freedoms, which include the freedom to choose something unhealthy, whether smoking or drinking a 20 oz. drink, you should take notice that the government is knocking. Are you going to open the door, again???

I’m no math whiz, but if I want something larger than a 16 ounc beverage, and there’s a ban on the sale of anything larger than 16 oz. beverages… why couldn’t I just buy two 16 oz. beverages?  How are you going to stop that, Mayor Bloomberg?

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05/31/2012 7:01PM
Scoot Blog: ''The Government is Knocking''
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06/01/2012 4:53AM
Government, etc.
yeah Scoot, I get you. But here's the deal, if we have the right to eat til I bloat, get diabetes and cancer, etc. is that fair to people who try to stay healthy and still have higher insurance premiums due to making up the slack of unhealthy folks? I say, yeah. You eat, smoke, have sex with camels, I don't care. But you sign an agreemement limiting your health benefits. Lots of unhealthy folks block up ERs everywhere.
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