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Scoot Blog: Thank You!

Since I was attacked and robbed by four males as I walked to the radio station last Wednesday morning, the outpouring of concern for my safety by listeners has touched me deeply.  I am very appreciative that the robbery did not have a more serious ending.  The many calls, emails, text messages, and comments on Facebook (both WWL Radio and Scoot on the Air), as well as people coming up to me in public all remind me how blessed I feel to be back home and on the air in New Orleans!

New Orleans is a very special place for all those who live here or visit, but over the past few days I have been shown that this is a city with an unbelievable ability to care about people. I started my radio career as a young and very inexperienced disc jockey and from that point up to today; I have worked hard to do the best shows I could with no ambition to gain public notoriety. I love what I do and there is no doubt that this is what God wants me to do with my life.

Over the years, I have been constantly told, “New Orleans loves you, Scoot!” and “Everybody knows Scoot!” I constantly receive comments from people who have memories of growing up listening to me, whether in the car, on the school bus or at home getting ready for work. That has always been received by me as the ultimate compliment.

It was never my goal to be in this business to be famous or to be popular in this city; however, that has been the end result of my commitment to my career and this city.  My goal was always to do the best job I could to entertain and inform audiences, while always highlighting the best about our city and this part of the country without being blind to the things that should change.

Not everyone likes me and not everyone agrees with my opinions on some controversial issues and I have always accepted that as part of the job. In reality, no one is liked by everyone and no professional, regardless of their career, can make everyone like and agree with them. And that’s okay. If I tried to please everyone I would please no one.

Following the highly publicized physical attack on me last Wednesday, I have also been touched by the personal stories many of you have shared with me about how you were attacked and we all shared the indescribable fear of those moments when the outcome was yet to be determined.

The positive attitude I have had on the air about my life and this city has been tested, but has not changed. Only some things about where I go and how I get there have been changed as recognition of a reality we should all be aware of.

I have had the great pleasure of growing up and developing a great career here in New Orleans, but I have also been blessed with the opportunity to live around the country. When I moved back to New Orleans a few years ago, there was never any doubt in my mind that I had made the right decision to come back home. The unfortunate event last week has reminded me how fortunate I am to be home in New Orleans and to be back home on the air on WWL!

I have greatly enjoyed filling in for Tommy Tucker on the morning show and enjoy when I fill in for Garland or Spud. If you have been a daytime listener of WWL, I invite you to join me on “The Scoot Show” Monday – Friday 8:00 pm to Midnight (unless we are carrying a sports event and the show follows the event). I also love doing the night show and we like to say, “We push boundaries” at night as we cover 38 states across the country. Being back home and back on WWL I can honestly say that this is the most fun I have had in my career.  Wherever you are in your life, I am living proof that it can just get better all the time.

Again, I say – “Thank You!” I am honored to have such an incredibly loving and caring audience. As I say at the close of every show, “Love you New Orleans!”

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03/10/2013 10:56PM
Scoot Blog: Thank You!
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03/11/2013 10:23AM
Scoot daytime ~
Scoot, really enjoyed your morning show during my commute while Tommy was away. Always enjoy listening to you.
03/11/2013 1:25PM
dat yo real name
dude, you not famous.
03/11/2013 10:38PM
dat: you got a problem wit Scoot?
famous not you, dude.
03/12/2013 6:16PM
Diane B.
Hi Scoot, I'm so sorry that you were attacked !You have many fans out here. I am one who have listened to you since 1979. I have memories of listening when I was getting ready for school. I was so happy to hear your voice again when you came back to N.O.! Stay Safe !! we luv you !!
03/12/2013 11:25PM
Suzy M
Scoot I am so sorry! I was missing you terribly. The guy who took your place was talking about the NO Saints. We have enough of that at 4pm. I love your subjects. There is no one like you on WWL. You got me through Hurrican Isaac because all I had was my radio. You are a voice of comfort and security to me and I just admire you so much. God Bless You, I am so glad you are safe.
03/13/2013 12:58PM
Justice for Scoot
I hope they catch them and bring them to justice.
03/13/2013 3:55PM
I hate it when you are not on at night. I live in Temple TX area and am 80 years old. Don't substitute for Tommy any more and take care of yourself
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