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Scoot Blog: Teens Gone Wild at Ex-NFL Player?s House

Once in a while there is a moment that defines ‘what’s wrong with America.’   The recent drunken teen bash at ex-New England Patriot player Brian Holloway’s empty house in upstate New York is one of those moments. 

While at his home in Florida over the Labor Day Weekend, Brian Holloway was shocked to see pictures posted on social media of a teen drunk fest taking place at his empty house in New York.  Holloway is now on a mission to identify the teens that participated in the party and has posted pictures from the party on his website.  From the social media postings, the names of as many as 100 of the 300 teens who broke into his house to drink and party have been turned over to local police, who are now investigating. 

Holloway says that the teens caused over $20,000 worth of damage to his house – there were broken windows, spray-painted graffiti, urine-soaked carpets, wood floors scratched by beer kegs being dragged across them and piles of trash left behind.  The teens involved were invited to come to his house to clean it up as he was getting the house ready for a party he had planned.  About 50 teens showed up at the house to help clean, but only 1 teen was actually at the party.

Through his website, “Help Me Save 300,” Brian Holloway is hoping to turn this unfortunate incident into a learning experience by focusing on “accountability and reconciliation” and ultimately saving lives.  But after posting the pictures of some of the teens gone wild on his website, it’s reported that some of the teens’ parents are threatening to sue Brian Holloway for positing their teens’ pictures without permission.  “Parents are upset with me when their child was in my house…taking drugs, using roofies and drinking, and they’re going to be upset with me?” Holloway told CNN.

Should parents be upset with Brian Holloway for posting some of the pictures teens took of each other throwing a wild party in his empty house?  One of the problems with many teens today is actually a problem with their parents.  This may be another example of parents defending their kids when their kids have done something that should not be defended.  Often we hear about the parent that marches to school to criticize the school for disciplining their child, rather than hold their child accountable for negative behavior at school.  It should be the instinct of every parent to defend their child, but not when their child is guilty of misdeeds.  Too many parents are in disbelief that their child could do wrong and the guaranteed and unconditional defense of parents can encourage a child to learn that negative behavior in life has few consequences.

In the case of any parents who would complain about or even consider taking action against a homeowner who retrieved pictures of their teen from social media posts and posting them on a website for the purpose of identifying the guilty teen culprits, is a parent who is embarrassed that their teen got caught in the act.  As far as I know, Brian Holloway did not photo shop any of the pictures. These were pictures that were taken by teens at the drunk-fest who were bragging about the party they had created.

In rich neighborhoods and poor neighborhoods, many teenagers in America have grown up with little or no fear of consequences for unruly behavior.  The parents of the teenagers gone wild at an empty house in upstate New York should be embarrassed, but they should also be mad at themselves for failing to teach their own children that such behavior is unacceptable.

Through every socio-economic group there are parents who have been abject failures at teaching their children the basic concept necessary to maintain a civilized society – the concept of consequences for negative behavior.  And this is a lesson that must be taught from the beginning of their children’s lives – not when they reach the rowdy teen years.

Recently in New Orleans, a video that went viral showed an NOPD officer standing and ignoring two women who were fighting in public on Canal Street.  The fear of consequences for negative behavior also extends, at times, to law enforcement.

If you are part of the miracle that brings a new life into this world, you have the absolute responsibility of teaching your child right from wrong and that there are definite consequences for failing to adhere to a moral code.  Breaking into an empty house and participating in a display of destruction and debauchery is a violation of a moral code in any society.

Before you blame someone else for your child’s behavior – look in the mirror and make sure you are not to blame first!

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09/23/2013 6:36PM
Scoot Blog: Teens Gone Wild at Ex-NFL Player’s House
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09/24/2013 2:18PM
The aye-hole Obame will blame Ted Cruz ...
Relax Scoot liberals love young thugs .. they are only behaving the way liberals raise them to ...
09/24/2013 2:19PM
No good liberal would ever judge another’s behavior ... we must try
to understand them better and learn from their acting out ...
09/24/2013 2:21PM
Scoot, you said you were against discipline and standards so celebrate ...
you are getting the results you voted for.
09/24/2013 2:23PM
Perhaps the Pope will being to embrace bad behavior among young people
and get with the times as we move into the fifth year of Obamaville. Gee, Scoot the Pope and Obama endorse þutt sex so be happy.
09/24/2013 2:26PM
This is great! Liberalism works! We need more young blacks killing blacks,
youth crime and chaos, abortion, poor education and no standards in the church .. Obama has brought us hell on earth ... the Liberal Dream is coming to pass ... Harry Reid probably wet his pants in excitement after learning of this.
09/24/2013 2:30PM
Obama sees the the lazy and irresponsible as the modern heroes today ...
get with the times Scoot .. Obama IS God you know.
09/24/2013 2:34PM
Obama encoruages folks to steal the labors and wealth of others ... he does
it all the time .. greed and hate is the Liberal way.
09/24/2013 2:39PM
Standards, personal responsibility? Naw that is old stuff. The Obama way
is the new lifestyle ... folks can fuçk anything that moves, lie, cheat, murder and steal especially if one harms a member of the Tea Party ... there are no rule ... print all the money you need, abuse others at will and laugh the night away ... liberalism is great!
09/24/2013 2:48PM
Warms one's heart reading that we now have so many irresponsible parents
and bad behaving kids. The Liberal Utopia has come ... heil Obama, praise be Mohamed Morsi!!!
09/24/2013 2:53PM
Time to round up the Christians and burn them at the stake ... if they had not
opposed þutt sex all these years this would not be happening.
09/24/2013 2:57PM
Yea, young people today are suffering from a lack of þutt sex ... there needs
to be mandatory þutt sex training in the schools ... oh, yea, there already is in most of them ... well, Obama needs to get up of his lazy þutt and do something about that ... the economy be damned ..
09/24/2013 3:00PM
Yea, Obama, himself, has said that if there were more þutt sex and higher taxes
the economy would soar ...
09/24/2013 3:02PM
Time for a Million Man March on Washington for þutt sex ... Jesse Jackson and
Jason Collins can lead the march ...
09/24/2013 3:15PM
Frankly, if there were just more þutt sex, there would be peace in the Middle East ....
Obama tried to tell us ...
09/24/2013 3:20PM
In a sane world Obama, Reid and Pelosi would all be in prison for acts of
economic terrorism.
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