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Scoot Blog: Tattoos...Yet another excuse to judge people

We are living in a world that has turned judging others into an art form.  On the whole, as a nation, we still judge skin color and perceived sexual orientation.  Judging a person as ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’ has been elevated to an actual putdown – rather than an American institution of political freedom.  We judge people who make a decision to live in the city or those who choose to live in the suburbs.  

It seems that we are actively looking for new excuses to judge others.  And, today, the continued judgment of those with visible tattoos serves as yet another reminder that we are quick to make judgments based on outwardly signs, rather than the content of a person’s character.

The acceptability of tattoos in mainstream America continues to be controversial.  I wrote about this topic last November when there was criticism of Colin Kaepernick’s tattoo-covered arms when he was named starting QB for the San Francisco 49ers.  Sportswriter David Whitley of Sporting News wrote, “The NFL quarterback is the ultimate position of influence and responsibility.  He is the CEO of a high-profile organization, and you don’t want your CEO to look like he just got paroled.”

The generation that is now the Establishment grew up with a definite stereotypical image of those who had tattoos.  However, the group with tattoos today represents such a diverse segment of society that there really is no longer a stereotype – but the judgment continues.

No one can, or should, rob anyone of their freedom to have an opinion about tattoos, but anyone who still passes initial judgment on those with tattoos might want to stop and challenge their judgment.  Since I have a few tattoos and work in the media, Angela Hill asked me to be on her show today on WWL Radio to talk about tattoos and mainstream America.  During the show a caller said that if he goes to any restaurant and a waiter or waitress comes to his table to wait on him – he will immediately ask for another waiter or waitress and if a tattoo-free person is not available he will leave the establishment.  While this man has a right to his feelings, I am wondering why he would be so offended if a waiter or waitress had tattoos.  Is it cleanliness?  Tattoos don’t reflect personal hygiene.

So, it must come down to style.  Would the same man refuse to be served by a person with a haircut he doesn’t like or by a wait staff member who was overweight?  My question is – what does a tattoo, a haircut or weight have to do with the ability to professionally wait on a customer?  Nothing!

I suggest that the judgment of a waiter or waitress or anyone with tattoos is part of the bigger issue of some people trying to tell other people how to lead their lives. There is a growing sense that if “I disapprove” of the way you lead your life then I must pass judgment to make my statement.  This tendency is also seen regularly on the city streets.  A pedestrian walks when he or she isn’t supposed to walk or a car pulls out – but both the pedestrian and the car are completely clear of obstructing a motorist or even causing the motorist to change lanes or slow down.

And yet, quite often, the motorist feels the need to blare an angry horn at the alleged offender, even though they weren’t actually affected in any way.

And so it is with many of the controversial debates we have in America today.  It’s a ‘stand your ground’ mentality.

There are those who will go out of their way to be critical of someone with tattoos - not because they are actually affected by the tattoos – but it is their way of ‘standing their ground’ on what they think is right. The same can be said of many who are critical of same-sex marriage.  Those who are, in no way, actually affected by what happens in the privacy of someone’s home are ‘standing their ground’ and condemning based only on what they think is right.
I am a ‘hostile witness to the Baby Boomer Generation’ because I grew up with a generation that promoted equality and being non-judgmental and now I see much of that generation failing to recognize equality while practicing the art of judging others – on style rather than character.

It has been discussed on “The Scoot Show” that the idea of getting a tattoo for a young person may be a subconscious way of searching for something that will be permanent as they live in today’s ever-changing world.
The New Orleans Police Department is working on implementing new regulations for tattoos.  The new rules apply to all new recruits – no tattoos below the elbow, below the knee or above the neck.  The Army is also proposing similar regulations with all new recruits.  The question is not whether a government agency or a business has the right to make regulations about tattoos – the question is - why is there judgment of those with tattoos since we can honestly say that tattoos do not reflect a person’s character?

If tattoos are indeed a reflection of one’s character, then the question should not be “do you have any visible tattoos” – the question should be “do you have any tattoos?”

There is also a subtle, but growing sense of losing influence.  The Baby Boomers have been a self-centered generation and because of the percentage of the population they have accounted for, they have demanded, and gotten, attention. And continue to get attention in many ways.  Maybe this is the case with every generation that becomes the Establishment – if we didn’t do it then it’s not good!

For those in today’s Establishment who will argue that these young people will regret their tattoos – only time will tell - but understand that every generation defines the era they occupy.

CEO’s, doctors and maybe even presidents may one day have visible tattoos and they will not be judged because tattoos will be something that is an accepted part of their generation.

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10/08/2013 8:19PM
Scoot Blog: Tattoos...Yet another excuse to judge people
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10/08/2013 8:31PM
Scoot you can get all the tattos you want and have all the þutt sex you want ...
ENJOY! But this issue is not much of a priority for those of us not obsessed with these matters as you seem to be. The country is in real trouble. Perhaps you are hoping ObamaCare will cover tattoo and condoms. Sadly, it likely does.
10/08/2013 8:36PM
Scooter is funny to watch. No matter what is going on in the world it always comes
back to the issue of þutt sex for him. Relax Scoot, your Lord and Savior Obama supports you and Jason Collins. You guys can sçrew anything that moves with his blessing and ObamaCare will pay for whatever sexually transmitted disease you may get. It is all good Scoot. Calm down. We would never judge you.
10/08/2013 8:47PM
Gee, Obama trashes and slanders those he hates daily. Perhaps if your
hero Obama set a better example we would all be a self-righteous as you, Scoot.
10/08/2013 8:54PM
Funny how Scoot judges and slanders conservatives and then writes about
judging people ... too funny ... LOL ... Liberals are always tying to prove they are better than others rather than just be comfortable in their own skins. Most of them voted for Obama twice just so some black guy who could likely care less would not think they were racist. Liberals always divide people according race, sex, economic status, sexual orientation and any other nonsense they can divide people about.
10/08/2013 9:16PM
Hey, maybe Harry Reid will amend ObamaCare to include a mandate that
everyone has to get a tattoo and try þutt sex at least once or face a fine, possible audit, and eventual arrest by the IRS if one does not comply.
10/08/2013 9:23PM
Jimmy Carter is SO excited! He just said today that the economy is worst than
when he was president. Carter loves Obama.
10/08/2013 9:24PM
Hey, Obama if there was some reason to respect you we could consider it, but
there is no reason to do so.
10/08/2013 9:30PM
Tattoos ARE a concertn
Scoot, tattoos (not to mention excessive amounts of piercings) are a Hepatitis concern, so I agree with the guy about not letting someone wait on him that has tattoos. Get informed dude.
10/08/2013 9:42PM
Well, according to Obama, Reid, and Scoot ... if we would just add another
17 trillion to the debt, allow another three million illegals to vote, mandate tattoo sensitivity training to all who oppose ObamaCare and just all have more þutt sex, then we would have utopia in America. Gee, who knew ...
10/08/2013 9:49PM
The Nazis tattooed prisoners. Perhaps Scoot, the tyrant, Obama willl tattoo
his enemies when he rounds them up. He will have his praetorian guard put a tattoo of his ugly face on their arm. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Identification_in_Nazi_camps
10/08/2013 10:07PM
welfare recipents
Don't have income to support themselves or their multiple children; but they have money to get tats
10/08/2013 10:12PM
The one thing Obama has led on is ruthlessness .. He is the most nasty president
in his utter contempt for those he disagrees with and actually hates. Obama is SO arrogant that you become his enemy if you do not bow to his every wish.
10/08/2013 10:28PM
Well, sounds like we are headed for a nice little civil war .... perhaps some bloodshed
is in our future. With tyrants like Obama continuing to abuse half the country and spewing hate daily, you just never know what might happen even in our modern so-called sophisticated country ... We do suffer from a total lack of moral leadership. Even people who support Obama know he lacks integrity. They just root for his lies to hurt his opponents. WE ARE AT WAR right now. Have been for a while. There is no shooting or forming armies yet, but American is as divided as ever and the hatred is peaking. I do believe we will see violence at polling stations in 2014 and especially 2016. There will be some riots and stories of fighting and physical violence over politics. We have reached a point where there is no compromise. You have socialist/Marxist vs. Capitalist free markets. Democrats desire a king and Republicans do not.
10/08/2013 10:57PM
Scoot condemns daily based on what he thinks is right ... oh, my!
Scoot your self-righteous, “I am better than you” act is getting embarrassing.
10/08/2013 11:12PM
21 People Given Citations For Entering Grand Canyon; Mandatory Order To Appear In Federal Court...
10/08/2013 11:22PM
Obama is an EVIL TYRANT and must be stopped. He is trashing
this country and abusing half of its citizens. OBAMA IS SH!T!!!!! GO TO HELL YOU B!TCHES, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the AYE-HOLE OBAMA!!!!!!! Hope you clowns keep thinking you are winning ... WE WILL term limit you assholés in 2014 and 2016.
10/08/2013 11:45PM
Dan Pfeiffer, a senior adviser to President Obama tweeted the word “nìgger” ...
LOL ... says a lot about these clowns. http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2013/10/dan-pfeiffer-tweet-n-word-bigger.html
10/09/2013 7:39AM
OBAMA APPROVE DROPS TO 37% ... well, the little tyrant B!TCH is finally
reaping the hatred he has sown ... LOL.
10/09/2013 7:45AM
Obama was not elected on the basis of his character and competence.
He was elected because he had black skin and the media wanted to make history. Obama is a total fraud. His whole life is based on lies. He is seldom the smartest person in any room. He is incompetent and dangerous and has the country on the brink of collapse.
10/09/2013 7:46AM
The media and clowns like Scoot are willing to trash the country just to protect
the ego of a black man who supports þutt sex.
10/09/2013 8:21AM
Kentucky high schools told no more postgame handshakes ..
Obama’s thug behavior as president has turned Americans into a much meaner, angry people. Just short of the fact that most do not want to go to jail, many Americans are angry enough at Washington and each other to engage in physical violence. Obama has fostered a climate of hate and ruthlessness never seen before form an American president. Obama uses THUG words in speeches and constantly trashes and threatened his opponents. Obama has NO class and has turned America into a joke around the world. They cheered and worshiped Hitler and he destroyed Germany. They cheered and fainted over Obama and he is destroying America.
10/09/2013 8:29AM
Obama does NOT give a SH!T about this country, if he did he could have easily
already had a booming economy, Obama is intentionally harming this country preventing us from using our natural resources and running up debt like a welfare queen with s stolen credit card. Obama is a wicked man and history will remember him as the worstpresident in the modern era.
10/09/2013 8:42AM
Obama is trying hard to provoke his opponents to violence so he can discredit
them. It is a technique that Hitler used and Obama is no better.
10/09/2013 8:44AM
Obama is a radical and chaos and violence are things he prays for daily ,,
they provide tyrants like him an opportunity to seize more power and an excuse to punish those he hates.
10/09/2013 9:59AM
Take care of your tattoo-be proud
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10/09/2013 12:08PM
The liberal press pounded Bush for six years to get him to 37% approval ..
most of the press has sucked Obama’s dìck for the past five years and Obama still reach 37% approval. The press is corrupt, but most people are NOT stupid.
10/09/2013 12:10PM
Yes, we WILL celebrate the fall of the EVIL TYRANT Obama!!!
Democrats can ALL BURN IN HELL!!!!
02/25/2014 9:52AM
I thought blog was about tattoos. Wow.
Tattoos are a personal choice. I will never convince anybody to look at their self. That ability is a function of upbringing, education, personal potential, etc. Educated people seem to not blame as often and look for solutions. We are in this economic problem together. Tattoos and President Obama is a loose association.
04/21/2014 6:01PM
All Talk, Zero Actions
If Actions speak louder than words, wouldn't Actions speak louder than tattoos? Hence, Tattoos are just Colorful Talk, zero actions.
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